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Born this day August 11th:


Co-star/support Anna Massey is 69.

Talented actress, born in Britain, in "Peeping Tom", "Bunny Lake Is Missing", "De Sade", Hitchcock's "Frenzy", "A Dolls House", "A Little Romance", "The Little Drummer Girl" w/Diane Keaton, "The McGuffin", "Driftwood", etc.

Maried twice (1 child). Daughter of Raymond Massey, and sister of Daniel Massey. Goddaughter of John Ford. Received a Tony Award nomination at age 18.


Co-star/support Lita Baron is 77.

Attractive starlet, in low budget films including "Club Havana" w/Tom Neal, "Jungle Jim", "Border Incident", "Bomba on Panther Island" w/Johnny Sheffield, "Savage Drums", "Jesse James Woman", "Red Sundown", "The Broken Star" w/Howard Duff, etc.

Once married to Rory Calhoun (3 daughters).


Lead/co-star Arlene Dahl is 78 today.

Beautiful, elegant redhead, in "My Wild Irish Rose", "Ambush", "Three Little Words", "Watch the Birdie", "Jamaica Run", "Sangaree", "Woman's World", "Wicked as They Come", "Journey to the Center of the Earth", etc.

Married 6 times including to Lex Barker and Fernando Lamas. Mother of 3 children including Lorenzo Lamas. Was on the TV soap "One Life to Live". She was the Rheingold Beer girl of 1946 ("My beer is Rheingold the dry beer, think of Rheingold whenever you buy beer....")




Lead/co-star Jean Parker (90) 1915-2005.

Charming actress, in "Lady for a Day" as May Robson's daughter, "Little Women" (1933) as Beth March, "Sequoia", "The Ghost Goes West", "Zenobia" w/Oliver Hardy, "The Flying Deuces" w/Laurel & Hardy, "Dead Man's Eyes", "Bluebeard" good chiller w/John Carradine, "The Gunfighter" w/Peck, "Apache Uprising", etc.

Married 4 times including to actor Robert Lowery (1 son). Has performed on Broadway. She died at the Motion Picture Country Home.


Lead/co-star Lloyd Nolan (83) 1902-1985.

Essential, character actor, in "G Men", "St. Louis Blues", "Johnny Apollo", "Gangs of Chicago", "Blues in the Night" w/Pricilla Lane, "Guadalcanal Diary", "Bataan", "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn", "The House on 92nd. Street" good drama, "Lady in the Lake", "Island in the Sky", "A Hatful of Rain" good role, "Peyton Place", "Portrait in Black", "Hannah and Her Sisters", etc.

Married twice. Played Detective Michael Shayne in a few films. On the TV series "Julia" (Emmy Award nominee), and on "The Untouchables".


Co-star/support Helen Broderick (68) 1891-1959.

Plain spoken, sharply funny character actress, in both "Top Hat" and "Swing Time" as Ginger Rogers' pal, "The Life of the Party", "The Rage of Paris", "Honeymoon in Bali", "No, No Nanette", "Father Takes a Wife", "Virginia", "Her Primitive Man", etc.

Mother of Broderick Crawford. Also performed on Broadway.


In memory of those who died this day August 11th:

Painter Jackson **** (killed in auto accident) in 1956 at age 44, admirable character actor Clem Bevans in 1963 at age 83, lovely blonde starlet Peggy Castle in 1973 at age 45, boy-next-door actor Tom Drake in 1982 at age 64, delightful character actress Anne Ramsey in 1988 at age 58, horror delight Peter Cushing in 1994 at age 81, and music man Phil Harris in 1995 at age 91.




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Born this day August 12th:


Posting early today. Off to SeaWorld in the morning.


Lead/co-star George Hamilton is 67.

Reliable, deep-tanned actor, in "Home from the Hill", "All the Fine Young Cannibals", "Where the Boys Are", "Angel Baby", "Light in the Piazza", "The Victors" exceptional war drama, "Your Cheatin' Heart" good performance, "Evel Knievel", "Once Is Not Enough", "Love at First Bite", "Zorro, the Gay Blade", "The Godfather: Part III", "Doc Hollywood", etc.

Divorced from Alana Stewart (1 son Ashley). Also has a son with a girlfriend. He has dated oodles of famous women.


Co-star/support Olympe Bradna is 86.

French beauty, in "High, Wide and Handsome" w/Irene Dunne, "Souls at Sea" w/Gary Cooper, "Stolen Heaven", "The Night of Nights", "South of Pago Pago" w/Jon Hall, "International Squadron" w/Ronald Reagan, etc.

She performed at the Folies-Bergere. Last on screen in 1941.


Lead/co-star Jane Wyatt is 95 today.

Appealing, petite actress, in "Lost Horizon", "The Kansan", "None But the Lonely Heart", "Boomerang!", "Gentleman's Agreement", "Pitfall", "Task Force", "Our Very Own", "My Blue Heaven", "Criminal Lawyer", "Interlude", "Never Too Late", etc.

Married 65 years (2 Sons). Won 3 Emmy Awards for her role on TVs "Father Knows Best". Last seen on TV in 1996.




Co-star/support Deborah Walley (57) 1943-2001.

Cute, perky starlet, remembered as the 2nd. Gidget in "Gidget Goes Hawaiian". Also in "Bon Voyage", "Summer Magic", "The Young Lovers", "Beach Blanket Bingo", "The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini", "Spinout" w/Elvis, "Tammy and the Millionaire", "Benji", etc.

Maried twice including to the late John Ashley. Mother of 3 children. Appeared on TV programs.


Co-sar/support John Cazale (41) 1935-1978.

Essential Italian-America actor in only 5 films, all nominated for best picture Oscars, "The Godfather" as Fredo, "The Conversation", "The Godfather: Part II", "Dog Day Afternoon" (Golden Globe nominee best support), and "The Deer Hunter".

Was engaged to Meryl Streep at the time of his death. He was dying of cancer while filming "The Deer Hunter". Close friend and frequent co-star, Al Pacino, referred to Cazale as his "acting partner", the guy he could've acted with his entire life.


Lead/co-star John Derek (71) 1926-1998.

Handsome, dark-haired actor, in "Knock on Any Door" w/Bogart, "All the Kings Men", "Saturday's Hero", "The Outcast", "The Annapolis Story", "Prince of Players", "Run for Cover" w/Cagney, "The Ten Commandments" as Joshua, "Exodus", "Once Before I Die" (also directed), etc.

Married 4 times including to Ursula Andress, Linda Evans, and Bo Derek (his widow). Father of 2 children.


Co-star/support Marjorie Reynolds (79) 1917-1997.

Charming, vavacious actress, in "Gone With the Wind", "Holiday Inn" singing 'White Christmas' at the piano with Bing Crosby, "Dixie", "Ministry of Fear", "Duffy's Tavern" w/all-star Paramount cast, "The Time of Their Lives" w/Abbott & Costello, "Monsieur Beaucaire", "That Midnight Kiss", "His Kind of Woman", etc.

Maried twice (1 daughter). Co-starred with many top western stars. On the TV series "The Life of Riley" w/William Bendix.


Lead/co-star Cantinflas (81) 1911-1993.

Prolific Mexican comedy star (with odd mustach), in "Around the World in 80 Days", "Pepe", "The Great Sex War" w/George Raft, etc.

Was married 30 years. Made numerous films in Mexico. Received a special Golden Globe Award for comedy. Charlie Chaplin described him as the world's greatest comedian. He was born Mario Moreno Reyes.


Co-star/support Joe Besser (80) 1907-1988.

Short, chubby comic actor, in "Africa Screams", "Woman in Hiding", "I, the Jury", "Sins of Jezebel", "Lets Make Love", "The Errend Boy", "Which Way to the Front", etc.

Married 55 years. Became one of the 3 Stooges in their comedy shorts. Played 'Stinky' the mean widdle kid, on TVs "Abbott & Costello" show.

He is said to have "ruined" "The Three Stooges"' comic timing by refusing to allow Moe Howard, the Stooge-in-Chief as it were, to slap him.


Co-star/support Oskar Homolka (79) 1898-1978.

Essential character actor, Oscar nominated best support for "I Remember Mama" as Uncle Chris. Also in "Sabotage", "Comrade X", "Ball of Fire", "Anna Lucasta", "The Seven Year Itch", "Prisoner of War", "War and Peace", "A Farewell to Arms", "Boys Night Out", "The Long Ships", "The Tamarind Seed", etc.

Married 4 times (2 sons).


Producer/director Cecil B. DeMille (77) 1881-1959.

Master moviemaker, won Oscar best picture for the circus epic "The Greatest Show on Earth" (won Golden Globe Award best director). Also helmed "King of Kings", "The Sign of the Cross", "Cleopatra", "The Crusades", "Union Pacific", "Reap the Wild Wind", "Unconquered", "Samson and Delilah", "The Ten Commandments" (Oscar nominated best picture), etc.

Married 56 years (4 children of which 3 were adopted). Had long-term affairs with two other women. Appeared in the movie "Sunset Blvd." Was Anthony Quinn's father-in-law through his adopted daughter actress Katherine DeMille.


In memory of those who died this day August 12th:

Promising actor Phillips Holmes (plane crash) in 1942 at age 35, lovely starlet Lynne Carver in 1955 at age 45, James Bond writer Ian Fleming in 1964 at age 56, essential movie star Henry Fonda in 1982 at age 77, reliable supporting actor Ross Elliott in 1999 at age 82, and beautiful movie star Loretta Young in 2000 at age 87.




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> Goodness! How old is she?


Jane Wyatt (Father Knows Best ) 95 ! Jane Wyman 92 ( ? ) For people that are interested in such things, Jane Wyatt was born a Catholic, Jane Wyman converted to Catholicism !!


When " Father Knows Best " was on TV , that was the ONLY TV program the Nuns URGED us to watch !! Father Robert Young switched from Catholicism to Christian Science ! I wonder if the Sisters knew that !

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Jane Wyatt

Her birthday is today. She is 95 years old.


Ms.Wyatt suffered a stroke some years ago but has recovered remarkably well. Among her avocations are travel to remote locations, bird-watching, and gardening.

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For me, Oskar Homolka will always be the jovial and Rumpole like 'Colonel Stok' in 'Funeral in Berlin'. A great character. Whenever I hear the Soviet national anthem, I always see Colonel Stok with tears in his eyes.


Thanks for the post Mongo, you always remind me of movies I've forgotten about. Now where the hell can I get a copy of 'Funeral in Berlin' ?, I doubt Blockbuster will have it.



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Born this day August 13th:


Co-star/support Quinn Cummings is 39.

Adorable former child actress, Oscar nominated best support as Lucy in "The Goodbye Girl" (also won a Golden Globe nomination).

On the TV series "Family" as Annie, she was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Her daughter (from live-in mate) inspired the HipHugger, a sling-type device for carrying a baby, which was very successful.


Co-star/support Pat Harrington Jr. is 77 today.

Dependable character actor, in "Stage Struck", "The Wheeler Dealers", "Move Over, Darling", "The President's Analyst", "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes", "Every Little Nook and Nanny", "The Candidate", etc.

Divorced after 30 years (4 children). Was handyman Duane Schneider on TVs "One Day at a Time" (he won Emmy Award). Also a hoot as his character **** Panzini on various TV talk shows. He is the voice of Inspector Deaux Deaux on the 'Pink Panther' cartoon series.




Co-star/support Neville Brand (71) 1920-1992.

Craggy-faced character actor, usually a bad guy, in "D.O.A.", "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" w/Cagney, "The Mob", "Stalag 17", "Riot in Cell Block 11" good role, "The Prodigal", "Love Me Tender", "The Tin Star", "Cry Terror", "Five Gates to Hell", "The Last Sunset", "The George Raft Story", "Birdman of Alcatraz" as the sympathetic guard, etc.

Was married with 3 children. Served in WWII. Has appeared on Broadway.


Co-star/support Claudia McNeil (76) 1917-1993.

Enduring, heafty-framed African-American actress, remembered for her powerful performance as Poitier's mama in "A Raisin in the Sun" (Golden Globe nominee best actress). Also in "The Last Angry Man" w/Muni, "There Was a Crooked Man", "Blackgirl".

Married twice (her only son was killed in the Korean War). Her mother was an Apache Indian. On Broadway, she was nominated for a Tony Award. Was a former librarian.


Co-star/support Gloria Dickson (28) 1916-1945.

Brassy blonde actress, in "They Won't Forget", "Racket Busters", "The Made Me a Criminal" w/Garfield, "Waterfront", "I Want a Divorce", "The Big Boss", "Mercy Island", "Lady of Burlesque" w/Stanwyck, "Rationing" w/Marjorie Main, etc.

Married 3 times including to make-up artist Perc Westmore. Also appeared on the stage.

Sadly, she perished in a house fire.


Co-star/support Kurt Kasznar (65) 1913-1979.

Reliable, robust actor from Vienna, in "Lovely to Look at", "The Happy Time" (Golden Globe nominee best support), "Lili", "All the Brothers Were Valiant", "Kiss Me Kate", "Anything Goes", "A Farewell to Arms", "Legend of the Lost", "The Journey", "For the First Time" w/Lanza, "Casino Royale", etc.

Married twice. Also a stage actor, he was nominated for a Tony Award.


Co-star/support Rita Johnson (52) 1913-1965.

Attractive blonde actress, usually 'the other woman', in "Honolulu", "Congo Maisie", "Edison the Man", "The Major and the Minor" tangles with Ginger Rogers, "My Friend Flicka", "Sleep My Love", "The Big Clock", "Family Honeymoon" tangles with Colbert, "Susan Slept Here", "All Mine to Give", etc.

Married twice. In 1948 a hair dryer fell on her head, causing severe injury which curbed her career.


Lead/co-star Gene Raymond (89) 1908-1998.

Husky, handsome blond-haired actor, in "Red Dust", "Flying Down to Rio", "Sadie McKee" w/Crawford, "The Woman in Red", "Hooray for Love", "The Bride Walks Out", "Stolen Heaven", "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", "Smilin' Through", "The Locket", "Hit the Deck", "The Best Man", etc.

Married twice including to Jeanette MacDonald.

On Jeanette MacDonald and their marriage (1972): "We had 28 glorious years. Jeanette and I respected and loved each other, very deeply. We put one another before anyone or anything. I am blessed to have known her, loved her and been loved by her - absolutely, an incredible lady!

She said of him in 1947, "Gene, is the most wonderful man I've ever known. He's warm, sensitive, loving, funny and very handsome. Being Mrs. Gene Raymond, I admit I'm biased!" It was the mutual admiration society.


Lead/co-star Charles 'Buddy' Rogers (94) 1904-1999.

Energentic, affable star, in "Wings", "My Best Girl", "Halfway to Heaven", "Working Girls", "The Reckless Age", "Let's Make a Night of It", "Golden Hoofs", "An Innocent Affair", etc.

Married twice including to Mary Pickford for 42 years. Received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 1986. He was a genuine gent.


Co-star/support Chubby Johnson (71) 1903-1974.

Grizzled character actor, in "Westward the Women", "The Scarf", "Bend of the River", "High Noon", "Gunsmoke", "Calamity Jane" as Rattlesnake, "The Human Jungle", "The Far Country", etc.

Appeared on TVs "Bonanza" among other western series. This gruff western comedy sidekick was a jack-of-all-trades in real life -- at different times of his life was a reporter, columnist, journalist, radio announcer and even a butcher.

He was born Charles Rutledge Johnson.


Director Alfred Hitchcock (80) 1899-1980.

The Master of Suspense was Oscar nominated best director for "Rebecca", "Lifeboat", "Spellbound" Rear Window", and "Psycho". Also helmed "Suspicion", "Saboteur", "Shadow of a Doubt", "Notorious", "Rope", "Strangers on a Train", "The Wrong Man", "Vertigo", "North by Northwest", "Frenzy", etc.

Married 54 years (1 daughter Pat Hitchcock appeared in a few of his films). Made comical cameo appearances in his films. Also had a popular TV series as host of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".


Co-star/support Regis Toomey (93) 1898-1991.

Essential character actor in over 200 films (a few leads), including "The Crowd Roars", "G Men", "Union Pacific", "His Girl Friday", "Meet John Doe", "Phantom Lady", "The Big Sleep", "The Bishop's Wife", "The High and the Mighty", etc.

Married with 2 children. Appeared in 4 TV series including "Petticoat Junction" as Dr. Stuart, and on "Burke's Law".


Co-star/support Bert Lahr (72) 1895-1967.

Talented, likable character actor, remembered for his grand performance as the Cowardly Lion in "The Wizard of Oz" ("If I Were King of the Forest"). Also in "Just Around the Corner", "Zaza", "Love and Hisses", "Ship Ahoy", "Always Leave Them Laughing", "Rose Marie", "The Second Greatest Sex", "The Night They Raided Minsky's", etc.

Married twice (3 children). A veteran of burlesque, vaudeville, and the theatre (won a Tony Award).

Judy Garland heard of Lahr's death as she was about to go on stage in Las Vegas. At her performance that night, she dedicated "Over the Rainbow" to the memory of Lahr, or, as she referred to him on that occasion, "my beloved Cowardly Lion."


Co-star/support Beryl Mercer (56) 1882-1939.

Endearing character actress in silents and talkies, including "All Quiet on the Western Front" as Lew Ayres mother, "The Public Enemy" as Cagney's mom, "The Miracle Woman" w/Stanwyck, "Smilin' Through", "Cavalcade", "The Little Minister", "Night Must Fall", "The Little Princess", "The Story of Alexander Graham Bell", etc.

She appeared older than her years. Died following surgery.


In memory of those who died this day August 13th:

Endearing character actress Adeline De Walt Reynolds (Barry Fitzgerald's mother in "Goin My Way") in 1961 at age 98, superior character actress Jane Darwell in 1967 at age 87, and dependable co-star Helen Mack in 1986 at age 72.

Also baseball great Mickey Mantle in 1995 at age 63.




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> Born this day August 9th:


> ****************************************************

> Lead/co-star Charles Farrell (88) 1901-1990.

> Handsome, dapper leading man, in silents and talkies.

> In "The Ten Commandments", "The Golden Bed", "The

> Freshman", "Seventh Heaven" (in 12 films with Janet

> Gaynor), "Street Angel", "Body and Soul",

> "Heartbreak", "Delicious", "The Spare Room", "Wild

> Girl", "Forbidden Heaven", "Just Around the Corner"

> w/Shirley Temple, etc.

> Married on Valentine's Day 1931. Played Gale Storm's

> dad on the TV series "My Little Margie".

> ****************************************************


Charles Farrell best known to me as Vern Albright, My Little Margie's long-suffering father. I've recently discovered My Little Margie [1952-1955] on DVD and it's quickly become one of my favorites. I caught part of a 1930's movie with him a few weeks back and I didn't recognize him at first - but that voice, that distinctive voice was there alright.


My Little Margie on DVD:








And it looks like the Gale Storm website has finally released it's promised DVD set! 6 discs, with 24 previously unreleased episodes. Autographed by Gale Storm!




Hope I'm not straying too far off topic.

Thanks Mongo!

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That was a great character - the always reminiscing, eccentric former-flapper(?) who'd inspire or help with some of Margie's kooky schemes.

In an episode I watched recently,

Mrs. Odets gives Margie an idea for a plan, and Margie exclaims something like,

"Why that scheme's just wild enough to be something I thought of myself - by golly, I'll do it!"


They had a great supporting cast -

Gertrude Hoffman .... Mrs. Odetts, the nutty neighbor

Clarence Kolb .... George Honeywell, Vern's head-strong boss

Don Hayden .... Freddie Wilson, Margie's helpless boyfriend

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