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We can't live that long!


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In noticing that you have a little over 3.7% I believe of your library available on DVD,I can only speculate with HORROR....HOW LONG do we baby boomers have to wait for the bulk of the timeless classics to be released?

WILL WE BE ALIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE THEM???????????? Where is Jeanette MacDonald,Nelson Eddy,the EARLY sound classics??

Even if TCM released about half of their CLASSIC film library in the next 10 years,how many of the buying public would TRULY appreciate their value if they were born after 1970??? The quality ratio of masterpieces goes WAY WAY down after that year, with less notables...

CRIMINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's leave our children ENOUGH of our video heritage that they may have a chance to regain some of the wonder that their parents' knew and

their children are missing out on in masses!

I'm NOT a prude,or close-minded..but as I get older,I find some more lost vision of

wonder,dreams and spirit is not old hat,but more IMPORTANT NOW THAN EVER!!!

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