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"recent film" talk doesn't belong here


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While I don't want this board to go the way of some others, I don't have a problem with an occasional post about recent films. If you want to get picky, every older film that TCM shows is not a "classic" so maybe we shouldn't talk about them either. Besides, I doubt that posts about more recent films make up even 1% of the total posts here so I don't see any harm.


Of course, if you believe the "doom and gloom" crowd on this forum you already know that TCM is going to drop classics, show nothing but edited new films ,in pan & scan versions, and load them with commercials. So it won't really matter after that anyway.


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Hi, cee, it took me a moment to realize your header is in response to another thread that asks about what recent films people have seen. I see your point, but even though the other thread doesn't interest me too much there is nothing wrong with someone recommending a recent film or two. We are here on the board because we love movies, and that doesn't end with films made before 1960. One thread or two certainly is not going to hurt this board.


What I did notice was that you joined the boards only a week ago, so it might come off to some that you saying this thread or that thread doesn't belong here as a bit arrogant. This board welcomes all newcomers with a love of classic films, but not right away saying something doesn't belong.


Also, as Toomanynotes mentioned, there has been other threads about this, and there have been several threads about should recent films be shown on TCM. It is something you can check out in those threads and see the many opinions there. That would be better than rather than starting up the raging debate again here. It's a subject that can never be agreed upon and only leads to acrimony among members.


Just remember, "classic" means many things. Take a look at this thing from TCM itself:



Is it old?

Can it be new?

Often, a classic is the best of its kind.

Sometimes, it?s the worst.

Either way, it stands out.

A classic always stands out.

Classic can mean different things to different people.

You parents idea of classic is probably different than yours.

Your kids idea of classic is probably different, too.

Everybody has a classic.

Sometimes classic means the original,

Or the best-known,

Or the first of its kind.

Sometimes it means one of a kind.

You could argue that classic is extreme:

The saddest of the sad,

The bravest of the brave,

The gosh-darn charmingest of the charming.

Of all the things classic is, the one thing it?s not is one thing.

Classic is too big to be pinned down, too universal to be selfish.

Classic belongs to everybody.

Everybody has a classic.

Is it old? Yes.

Can it be new? Yes.

So, what?s classic?

Turner Classic Movies.


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You know, cee, I am with you one hundred percent. I, personally, don't care for many new films, and I see very few if any. I am on this site to discuss old films. I live in a dream world of days gone by, and I like it like that. I go out into the new, modern world where violence and hate occur everyday. I come home to escape to Garbo's face, or Lamarr's languorous beauty.


But, remember, this is the modern world, and everyone has a right to their opinion. New films will be discussed here every now and then. But, as many have already pointed out they don't add up to much. I just don't read those threads or respond to them. Stick to the ones which inspire you to comment. Then, you won't have to get distracted from your reason for being here.


Now, as to us being a dying breed, it is true. I deal primarily with youth. Most of the young Latinos, Blacks, Asians, and even Whites aren't interested much in seeing old colorless films about a time in which most of them were servants or second class citizens. I am told over and over, "Oh, I don't care about those movies!" And, why should they. They belong to a select group who appreciate them for personal reasons, even if those reasons could be considered far reaching. I believe that in one hundred years the old B&Ws will all be locked up in some library somewhere viewed only by a few vaguely interested parties or confined to the scrutiny of the studious.


But, for now, they are with us and still very much alive. So, eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow they may die.

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In old Hollywood Blacks were MADE to be servants and second-class citizens. Even in that time as today there were Black doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, and working - class folks but back then mainstream didn't want to show that. I understand why some Blacks don't want to watch classic movies because it's hurtful to know that not too long ago publicly making fun of Blacks was entertainment and accepted. I try to tell ones just look at it as a ignorant part of history but just try to enjoy the talents because that's all that counts. Some of you say to Blacks just laugh and get over it but put yourself in their shoes and see if you would laugh and get over it if the tables were turned and whites were the source of degrading and stereotyping and you had to take it. Enjoy what you enjoy but don't dare stick up for wrongdoing against others.


I've been reading upon Garbo, I hear she was quite fond of Blacks. I was reading how she would slip into Black nightclubs and be fascinated with the heart and soul they put into their entertainment and it inspired her.

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Everyone knows (well ones who aren't blind and bias)Blacks took the hardest blows in Hollywood. You can pretend and cover up past mistakes and guilt by saying "Oh other "ethnic" groups were stereotyped too" but it's not working, it don't make it right.

I have read responses were MANY have said "laugh and get over it" and "Blacks shouldn't be so sensitive." Are you saying I'm lying? Say what you feel but I know what I've read.

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Who has a chip on their shoulder? You sound like you do more then I do. I'm just telling the truth so don't try to make it look like I got a chip on my shoulder when you and others may have the chip when it comes to these types of topics.


That is another thing I hear "take the chip off your shoulder" when Blacks in early films are discussed. I just be telling the truth, no anger towards anyone here, and no one wants to hear it so they brush it off with take the chip off your shoulder to skate around the issue. Were just discussing the past, everyone put in their two cents, no personal attacks, so where did this chip stuff come from? You wouldn't be so non-caring and fancy-free and "chipless" if the table was turned.

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Ok, Ok! This is obviously too hot a topic to discuss without starting to cry, "Racism!" We are supposed to be discussing whether or not new film discussions belong on this forum, or not!!


But, CB&W, I just wanted to comment on one thing more before we calmly go back to discussing the topic at hand. Wow! I didn't know that about Garbo. But, she was very internal and tremendously sensitive, not only to her own feelings, but the feelings of others. Well, I don't know if I am saying this the way I want it to come across. Cause I know she didn't give a hang about anyone else! What I am trying to say is, she was sensitive to other's suffering, mistreatment, loss, etc. And, because of that, it did lend to her ability to portray empathetic characters.


Thanks for the Garbo plug!

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Well, personally, I have always been bothered by the fact that about the only caucasian to appear in "Flower Drum Song" is a robber. How much longer must we caucasians be portrayed so?! And how many more movies must we portrayed as lawyers and doctors? My patience is running thin. Come on, Hollywood, enough is enough.

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I was only responding to what you said about Blacks not caring much about classic movies and I just explained why what happen not too long ago too Blacks in films angers some. There are a growing number of young Blacks becoming interested in classic films as they are starting to understand history and themselves and others and plus many are sick of the filth in movies today so classic movies are a better choice of entertainment. No ones crying racism, just simply stating the facts, so please don't maniuplate the discussion by saying I'm crying racism or playing the race card to cover up your guilt and mistakes by saying people are for fun crying racism. Many say now many are playing race card or crying racism to ignore the facts. I think we know from history who played the race card more. As someone else said the more we learn about the past the better we can become and not make the same mistakes but that sounds more like a pretty speech because no one has learned anything just putting on their rose-colored glasses when it comes to the past especially when it comes to classic Hollywood. During Black movie month some have said their so different from past people but since Black movie month is over those very same people haven't discussed any actor/actress of color (just the same folks they've been talking about) their not of importance anymore. No one has practice what they've preach, your actions speak louder then your words.


I don't think Garbo had pity for the poor colored folks but she thought they were artistic, fascinating people and she favored them for that but she didn't favor them like other whites because she felt sorry for the poor, helpless coloreds who she felt needed her white pity and patronizing. I love Garbo for being that way.


Toomanynotes, it's not about me being right, whatever I say can be proved right just research history if you don't believe me.

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Oh would you rather for caucasians to be portrayed as pimps, gangsters, whores, fat maids, dumb can't understand servants? If so, there should have been more of ones like you back then who were willing to trade places. Sarcasm doesn't fit everyone.

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but since Black movie month is over those very same people haven't discussed any actor/actress of color (just the same folks they've been talking about) their not of importance anymore. >>


Summer is traditionally a slow time on internet boards as people are away from their computers more due to family vacations, longer days and the whole idea of being outside enjoying the summer.


If you want to discuss actors and actresses of color or different ethnicities, start a thread. Stop waiting for someone else to do it. People will join the discussion. Just because someone hasn't started a thread doesn't make anyone a racist. People come to this forum to discuss many things about classic movies and even talk about recent films.


Just because they don't post about subjects you think they should be posting about doesn't make anyone less compassionate nor does it mean that anyone condones the sterotypes portrayed throughout film history.


If talking about the subject of race on film means that much to you, on the main forum page to the right is "Make Suggestions for more Boards" link. Suggest this topic have its own board where this subject can be addressed by all.

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