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Parisian missing person movie...what is it?

Guest D, Steve

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Guest D, Steve

Hello all, I am seekign the title of a movie I saw a while back. It was a black and white, probably 40's or 50's. The plot line was a young either American or English woman checks into a classy Paris hotel with her brother and wakes up in the morning to find that not only is her brother gone but ther is absolutely no trace of him anywhere and no one at the hotel claims to have seen or known of him. In desperation she seeks out anyone who they were in contact with during the last couple of days that remember him, but before she can talk to them they meet mysterious acidental deaths. Finally she meets a sympathetic Paris police captain who comes to her aid but for lack of evidence cannot do anything for her. Suddeenly by chance she receives a mesage from an American traveling in France who claims to have met her brother several days before. She seeks him out and together they uncover the truth of what happened to her brother......the registry books have been altered, and the room in which he stayed has been mysteriously covered up and made to appear from inside the hotel that there is no room there, just blank wall. In a confrontation between the woman, the owners of the hotel and the police, the secret room and incontrovertible evidence of the fact of the mising brother's existence is revealed to all. At the end, the weeping hotel owners, a husband and wife, are being interrogated by the Police Captain. The woman swears that she will never tell what she knows.....the angry Police captain swearts equally vehemently that if she does not now tell what they have done with the woman's brother that he will throw her in prison and throw away the key. Finally the old man aquiesces and reveals that the missing man became ill with a contagious disease, and was taken to a catholic convent where the nuns are treating him, but they had to cover up the fact that a man with a contagion was staying in their hotel with tourist season about to start, otherwise travelers would avoid their hotel. If anyone knows the name of this movie or the stars in it I would appreciate the information. Thanks

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