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~*~Classic Film 21 Questions II~*~


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Since we can no longer access the old thread, and duffylab was running the latest game, perhaps we could continue with a new thread. Unfortunately, I don't remember all the clues, but, through google cache, I could find these:


Clue # 8. A popular series of newspaper articles.

Clue # 7. A newsreel.

Clue # 6. Football hero.

Clue # 5. A stutterer.

Clue #4. Ineffectual mother


I'll guess Shane (a popular non-guess from years past) to get things rolling again. Next clue (and fill in the others if you can), please;-)

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Thanks, path40a, for recovering this. [i also tried to access the original thread but had no luck either.]


I happen to have all the clues written down:


clue 10: tragedy at school

clue 9: pianist/physician

clue 8: a popular series of newspaper articles

clue 7: newsreel

clue 6: football hero

clue 5: stutterer

clue 4: ineffectual mother

clue 3: square dance

clue 2: waltz

clue 1: a portrait of a state official

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Good work Duffy! At this rate, we might hit 21! I can't even figure out the genre. As a convenient reminder here are the clues thus far:


Clue 15. Boss's affair with henchman's girlfriend.

Clue 14. Boss's affair with secretary.

Clue 13. A law degree.

Clue 12. A shortened vacation.

Clue 11. Rock thrown through a window.

Clue 10: tragedy at school

Clue 9: pianist/physician

Clue 8: a popular series of newspaper articles

Clue 7: newsreel

Clue 6: football hero

Clue 5: stutterer

Clue 4: ineffectual mother

Clue 3: square dance

Clue 2: waltz

Clue 1: a portrait of a state official

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