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Favorite Actors/Actresses


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I'm new to this, so I don't know how recently you've had someone bring up their favorites. Doesn't matter, classic or characters in the now. My favorites are Judy Garland, Debbie Reynolds, Jimmy Stewart, Gene Kelly, and others. I also like Tom Hanks and Keira Knightley.



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My list is always changing and evolving but here's the current:


Favorite Actors & Actresses


1. Anne Francis http://annefrancis.net/


2. Louise Brooks -Silent Film http://pandorasbox.com/


3. Anita Louise -Thirties


4. Ginger Rogers


5. Betty Grable


6. Caroline Dhavernas - Wonderfalls


7. Jane Powell


8. Red Skelton


9. Fred Astaire


10. Jack Benny


11. Sid Caesar


12. Maureen O'Sullivan


13. Jane Wyman


14. Carole Lombard


15. Lucille Knoch -Red Skelton Show


16. Erin Sanders - Zoey 101 http://www.erinsanders.com/


17. Madeline Kahn


18. Buster Keaton


19. Bruce Lee


20. Roscoe ?Fatty? Arbuckle


21. Betty Hutton


22. Rose Hobart 30?s


23. Reese Witherspoon


24. Gretchen Corbett -Rockford Files


25. Gale Storm -My Little Margie http://www.galestorm.tv/


26. Jackie Gleason


27. Errol Flynn


28. Joan Crawford


29. Lindsay Lohan http://www.llrocks.com/


30. Don Ameche


31. Jay Underwood


32. Elisabeth Harnois


33. Don Rickles


34. Virginia Mayo


35. Mel Blanc


36. Don Knotts


37. Jerome ?Curly? Howard

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My favorite actresses are


Nina Mae McKinney

Dorothy Van Engle

Francine Everett

Fredi Washington

Mildred Washington

Theresa Harris

Ethel Moses

Anita Page

Joan Blondell

Myrna Loy

Kay Francis

Nancy Carroll

Dorothy Jordan

Clara Bow

Marsha Hunt

Ann Sothern

Mary Nolan

Maureen O'Sullivan

Alice White

Constance Bennett

Patsy Kelly

Marion Davies

Pert Kelton

Ann Sheridan

Billie Dove

Barbara Stanwyck

Leila Hyams

Ona Munson

Laura La Plante

Constance Cummings

Lila Lee

Marie Provst

Marian Nixon

Sally Eilers

Peggy Shannon


Favorite Actors

Dick Powell

James Cagney

Monte Hawley

Alfred Grant

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Short answer first-from this era-None(OK,MAYBE Kate Winslett,but it's still under consideration).


Silent and classic era(in no particular order,except for the first one)-


Norma Shearer! in anything! she was in a class by herself.




Mary Pickford(all-around great actress,I believe she could have played a wider range of roles had she not felt trapped in her "Little Mary" image,and she was Hollywood's first,and still the best,businesswoman)


Lillian Gish(what an artist! she almost froze to death doing the scene on the ice floes in "Way Down East")


Alice Joyce(especially for "Our Dancing Mothers")


Agnes Ayres(she was great in "The Sheik")


Robert Montgomery


Clark Gable


Glenn Ford(for "Gilda",if nothing else)


Rita Hayworth


Hedy Lamarr


Phyllis Thaxter(Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo)


John Wayne(She Wore A Yellow Ribbon,Rooster Cogburn,The Shootist,The Quiet Man)


Maureen O'Hara


Joan Crawford(only in her flapper period)


Constance Bennett(in pre-Codes)


Gloria Swanson(in silents-loved her in "Male And Female")


Richard Dix(great in "Broken Blossoms" and "Cimarron")


Fred Astaire-what elegance! no one was so debonair


Ginger Rogers(mainly in her Fred Astaire pictures)


Humphrey Bogart(perfect in "Casablanca")


Paul Lukas-I'm enjoying everything that I see him in,especially "Watch On The Rhine")


Greta Garbo,in anything except her last film.


Rudolph Valentino


I'll stop here,but I know that I missed a few more that I love.

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I love actors in general, but I tend to favor blondes with unusual voices that are about 5'7''...


My favorites are a) Marlon Brando- the acting! He brought the people of Rome to their knees; B) James Cagney- I will watch an entire movie just to see him tease a girl, and he is a fine actor; c) Bing Crosby- Louis Armstrong said that his voice was like "gold being poured out of a cup," and I can't argue; d) Doris Day- bright in every sense of the word. Like sunshine.

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You know I never mentioned Doris Day before because I just figured that they were looking for more classic actors.I love DD and have quite a collection of her work.Her movies were always light and easy to both the eyes and ears. talk about all- American she would be my choice with Betty Grable coming in a close second.

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