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Barbara Stanwyck, I think?


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Years ago I saw a movie which starred Barbara Stanwyck, I think. She played a deaf wife who was going to surprise her husband with her successful surgery to cure her deafness. Instead she was surprised to overhear his telephone conversation with his lover. They were plotting her murder! Does anyone know the name of this film?

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I think that you are thinking of two different movies: "Sorry, Wrong Number" (1948) with Barbara Stanwyck and "And Now Tomorrow" (1944) with Loretta Young playing a deaf woman who is engaged to Barry Sullivan (who always seemed to play a moral weakling).


Young's character is attempting to cure her deafness through an experimental operation performed in secret by a noble young Dr. Alan Ladd...her sister is played by sultry Susan Hayward...you filled in the blanks on the rest of the plot. This movie does not seem to be available as a video/dvd, but I think I saw it on AMC or TCM a couple of years ago. You can see more details about this movie at the web address below. I hope that helps somewhat.



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Thank you for your help. I remember something about the lady's writing a plea for help on a napkin and something about a car stalling on a railroad track. I will go to the site you mentioned for more information. Thanks Again!

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