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For a start. Somebody stole the original thread, which was a homage to Hollywood's most loathsome creeps. Frank Thring, Bruce Dern, David Patrick Kelly et al.


Anyway, my new favorite slimy creep is Billy Bob Thornton. I saw the movie 'Bad Santa' on a rival network yesterday. After I had calmed down and stopped (curiously) hurling abuse at the TV set, I finally realised what a good (but painful to watch) movie this was. Billy Bob Thornton was superb, he had me hating his guts from the get go


This movie is not just an antidote to Christmas movies, it's an antidote to common decency and good taste. A true classic.


Will this movie be a new Christmas tradition ? Will some network run it 24 hours on Christmas day ?



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I know what you mean. I saw that one to. I have an In-law like the Billy Bob Thornton character. He is a constant test of my good will towards men, and my resistance to the temptation to empty a Smith and Wesson into his head.


Merry Christmas (in June)

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Hey now, this is a movie web site, not a political one. However;


I can't stand Politicians of any persuasion. I can't even be in the same room as a politician without that creepy feeling that I'm being manipulated.


I have been thrown out of both parties for not subscribing to the full package of either ("I've been thrown out of better places than this !").


Mrs. Railton-Bell: "Are you on the side of Mr. Malcolm and his defense of vice, or are you on the side of the Christian virtues -- like Mr. Fowler and myself?".


John Malcolm: " Never in my life have I heard a question so disgracefully begged. You should be in politics, Mrs. Railton-Bell".


Mr. Fowler: "The trouble about being on the side of right, as one sees it, is that one often finds oneself in the company of such very questionable allies"


. Terence Rattigan


Fred will be along later with a view from the right.



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Metry Road,


"Slime"--one of my favorite topics.


Slimiest performance--

Tie between Paul Smith as Hamidou in "Midnight Express" (he was the prison warden) and Micheal Gambon as Albert Spica in "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover". Albert Spica was, ahem...yuck.


Slimiest performer (career)--

Gene Lockhart. The studio era (RKO, MGM, WB) slime man. Looking at Lockhart's IMDB filmography, I count more than fifteen films I remember Mr. Lockhart as a slimy character.


Metry Road--I will never rent "Bad Santa", but Billy Bob Thornton is one of the better actors working today. Please write a bit more regarding Thornton's character in "Bad Santa".


Is Thornton's character a slob, or has a miserable attitude, or foul mouthed, or violent, or a combination of slimy "attributes"?




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Anyone who thinks that deep down (behind all the garbage) there is ANY difference between republicans and democrats has no knowledge of politics or America.


Cine.........get over it already.......it got boring long ago. If you want real change to happen in this country......go volunteer at a children's hospital.....or a homeless shelter.

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This will be the end of my political discussion on these threads, hopefully. There is one difference between parties: Republicans have cash in one hand and Jesus' cloak in the other (while He vigorously tries to escape their grasp), and Democrats just have cash in each hand. Great choices, no? Please do volunteer: show that someone in America actually cares about something other than themselves.

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