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The New Color Scheme

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While I appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing, I have to let you know that the new color scheme for the forum boards is way too harsh and makes reading the boards very difficult. I much prefered the previous pastel colors.


Is there some way to make the previous colors an option in our control panels for those of us who are having eye difficulty with the new color schemes?


Thank You

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Hey Lynn,


Here, here -- I second that suggestion.

I like blue; I don't like brown. And, blue is a very fashionable colour, so I hear for this season. So, let's get with it...... And, get hip!!!

Brown has never been fashionable; it's depressing.....



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Harsh is only part of it. I think the new colors are nauseating. They are colors I would never chose for any purpose in real life. This yellowish background is very bad for the eyes - even white would be preferable. This reddish-brown/oxblood color for the underlined text is very difficult to see against the yellow.


Surely you can do better, TCM! These are not happy colors.

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The color choices don't make the site seem finished! It looks like it is in some sort of transitional state, which I hope passes quickly. I am with all of you on these colors, they make me nauseous and dizzy. I much prefer solid, substantial colors like a darker blue with a lighter blue, red (maybe a burgundy) with gray, brick with gold. Whatever, just stronger. These colors are weak and sickly.

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I'm sorta warming up to the new color scheme (still prefer the blue, though). Stare at the new colors long enough and when you look away, everything has a nice sepia tint.


Maybe the colors could be keyed to place or time of day, just like silent film tints -- red for interiors or blue for night. Or the color scheme could reflect the type of the film that's currently showing. See a sudden flash of pink, and you know a Doris Day or Sandra Dee movie is about to start. If the scheme goes black and red, be prepared for a film noir or horror movie, depending on the intensity of the colors.




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