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Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Star!

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> Call me Monty and I do agree GarboM. Bottled Blondes

> is my preference and I am sticking to it but I

> appreciate the two cents jdb. As a matter of fact, I

> am going to put them in this bottle right here ...

> ??clink?? ??doink??... that was the sound of 2

> pennies hitting the head of Sarah Michelle Gellar.


> Well, I am pretty good natured so rib away. I do

> turn into a spitfire when cornered but from some of

> the things I?ve read on these threads over the last

> two weeks, me-thinks-me-not-the-only-one.


Graciously said.


I'm going to make a contribution to the Clairol Foundation in your name. Will 2 cents be enough, do you think?

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Hedy's slipping down into the deep end of the thread........

I'll bring her back up by giving you a little spark from movie trivia.


The interview with Angela Lansbury last night reminded me that dear Angela played Hedy's older sister in "Samson and Delilah"...

Remember Semadar needed to be married before Delilah because she was the oldest, which was common practice even up till this century amoung many tribes and groups.



But, poor Semadar came to a bad end.........

BTW, that's how I first met Angela -- speared to the wall on that set. I was introduced to her by her mother, who said, "Here's my daughter, Angela, who's just hanging around Hollywood these days!!".......

She pulled back all that blonde hair and smiled at me...




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I think this was probably a good Hedy Lamarr introductory movie for me.

I was anxious to hear what her voice sounded like and I wasn't

disappointed, it's quite pleasant.

If her career was in decline at this point she still had the goods.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of her other/ better movies on the 28th.

Of August, that is.


I am glad you enjoyed it, Snarfie. I have seen it one too many times, and it is my least (well, almost) favorite. Yes, I love her voice, but her accent gets in the way of the natural flow of the lines, sometimes. She is Austrian, you know. Just like mumble-mouthed Arnold. He has the same trouble. But, no matter! She is the emboiment of the historically fabled "Austrian Beauty." They don't come along that often (one other was the Empress "Sissi", who was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world in her day), but when they do, they are somethin'!


So, yes, watch the others on Aug. 28. I have just gotten to the point where I don't watch her act. I just watch her BE. That is enough for me! At least, with Hedy.


A note on Empress Elizabeth of Austria (Bavaria), from the website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empress_Elisabeth "She was a slave to her beauty and had a twenty-inch waist. Her hairdresser knew that the Empress would have a fit if even one strand of hair fell out, so she would hide the hair under the hem of her apron. She was once considered the most beautiful woman in the world. She was five foot seven and a half inches. She was taller than the emperor although portraits made him look taller."

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Yes! She was born in Vienna! The true Viennese Beauty!!! When she was at Max Rheinhardt's school, she was given the opportunity to "star" in a film. It was Czech. She agreed eagerly not knowing the secret plans of the director. When she was told she had to appear nude, she refused. But, the director promised to photograph her from FFFFAAAAARRRR away. So, she agreed. Little did she know about the telescopic lens!

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Hi GM,


Yes, I did see Angela often over the years and her husband, Peter.

I knew her mother more though as Moyna was more a party girl and a hoot. And, I did meet Hedy on that set too but not Victor Mature. This was the scene where Hedy vows to have revenge on Samson, so I guess Victor had vamoosed already!


Hedy does come from Vienna, Austria.


The Empress Elisabeth of Austria was actually a Bavarian princess, a Wittlesbach, who married the Austrian Emperor, Franz Joseph.... Although they were all inter-related, the Hapsburgs and the Wittlesbachs, and their blood was intermingled. They were all nuts!!



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Thank you for correcting my spelllling, Larry. That is the SECOND time I have misspelled the name of an Empress! The first time was Empress KathArine Hepburn. Well, now I know it was EliSabeth! And, LET'S HEAR IT FOR NUTS!

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Hi again GM,


Wow, that's kind of a busy dress for our Hedy but still chic, I guess...


Yes, the nuts in history really make it stand out and interesting. I could tell you about one poor Spanish king who was a lulu or is that looloo.......


Actually, about 6 of the posters on here have PM'ed or E-Mailed me asking me about various royals from Russia and Italy, etc.

And, I've thought about starting a separate thread about Royalty if anyone's interested, even though it has nothing to do with classic movies.

The only justification would be that many movies have been about royalty -eg- "The Private Life of Henry VIII"......

So, if anybody wants it, then I'll start one......

Let me know.



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Oh, yes, Larry!!! You could title it something like Royalty in Film, and start of with Christina, or Henry. You know everyone will get sidetracked, and that will open up a myriad of chances for your stories. And, then you could pull everyone back on track with Elisabeth (Ava Gardner) in Mayerling. You know, something like that!


But, put it in Favorites or Hot Topics. It will just get lost in General Discussions. If I hadn't fought as hard as I have, Hedy would be 10 pages away by now!

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