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Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Star!

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Maybe she could spend the one or two "Hedy" months indulging in her alternate reality,where Hedy Lamarr is ugly and unknown,an aging hag,instead of the real world where Hedy was,as the guy said in "Ziegfeld Girl", "better-looking all wrapped up than the rest are undressed",or something to that effect :)

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Ok, you guys! You know who is back in the you know what thread! I want you all to promise me you won't go there! Well, too late! TOOMANYNOTES has already crossed over!







Oh! And one more beautiful pic of Hedy being sold on ebay!

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I saw that,and I too am staying out of it. This person is bound and determined to needle people here for some reason. (And she's under the delusion that all women tan,or want to tan-I don't,never have,and neither did my favorite actress Norma Shearer-it was in her contract that only she could use Max Factor Silverstone #1 pancake make-up-the lightest color,with luminous flecks in it-other actresses used to **** because only Norma could use it,and it made the camera pick her up better. Greta Garbo also used it-she and Norma never did any pictures together,so it was OK :) I won't tell you what Joan Crawford said,in anger,because only Norma was allowed in "The Women" to wear that shade!)

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Hi, guys! Sorry I'm late! Man, I missed a lot! Naw, I don't blame you TOOMANYNOTES! I know the tempatation is too hard to resist! Ha!


And, you are right, just stay out of it. I, too, saw it and ran! It just gets to be an unending futile argument with CB&W! I have to admit she pics good discussion topics, but I am not going to play. And, did you read what she wrote over in Five Least Likeable Stars?


Loved the stories about Norma and Greta! Really want to know what Joan said! You can ## or ** some of the letters. We can figure it out!


Great pics! How do you do that?

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GB,to post pictures-here is the HTML-


(img src="address of image"). Replace the parentheses with the greater than/less than symbols. You can either hotlink the images(right-click on the picture at the site where you find it,click "properties",and copy the address),or upload them to your personal web space (most ISPs offer at least a small amount free,for their customers). Some sites won't let you hotlink. Be sure to check the file size of the picture,in order to not post large ones-people on dial-up will have trouble loading the pages here. That's why I stopped posting images for a while.I try not to do it very often now,and try to choose the smallest ones that I like,when I do.


I'll PM you with what Joan Crawford said,and TOOMANYNOTES also,if he likes :)



I saw the other thread too-no comment!

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Ha! And, deservedly so! Even if he was RIGHT! I did like American Gigolo at the time it was released. Don't know what I would think of it, now.


Wow! Cool to have a job where you get to see so many celebs.


And, yeah, perfect timing!

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