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Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Star!

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> > > Hello all, I figrured her eyes to be green.

> >


> O'

> > Hara AND ME !


> Yeah Ken your a real beauty! Didn't you open a thread

> on Maureen O'Hara go use it! :) I got yelled at today

> for not talking about or saying Hedy Lamarr! :(

> Ok...Hedy Lamarr...Hedy Lamarr.....Hedy Lamarr...Hedy

> Lamarr....Hedy Lamarr... Hedy Lamarr.....Hedy

> Lamarr....Hedy Lamarr....Hedy Lamarr....Hedy

> Lamarr... Hedy Lamarr...Hedy Lamarr....Hedy

> Lamarr....Hedy Lamarr...Hedy Lamarr...Hedy Lamarr..

> Hedy Lamarr....Hedy Lamarr...Hedy Lamarr.. I think

> that just about covers all the posts today that I

> didn't mention Hedy Lamarr in case I didn't touch all

> the bases.....HEDY LAMARR !!! That was fun! :)




Hedy Lamarr-------never heard of her.

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I think you forgot one Hedy Lamarr, I only counted 22!!! Ok, TOOMANY! You can go to the head of the class. And, don't feel like your the only one, that was just a GENERAL on-your-toes reminder, that's all.


Ok, moving on to David.

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Yes, David. We did post that picture. But, it doesn't hurt to post it again! We posted just about everything we could find on that ad back on page whatever. I just might go back and check.


And, what happened to CyLor, who is the whole reason we started this discussion.


And, David, I don't know whether you noticed the quotation marks around young?

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Larry, I don't know how you keep pulling these stories out of your hat, but don't stop! Glad you stopped by. I haven't chatted with you in a while. I am so busy lately, plus I have to get up at 5 every morning now (I have a classs that starts at 7), so night chats are definitely out. I will probably take my leave very soon. When are you leaving for Russia?

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If you look really closely at the last picture her eyes almost look blue-grey but they could be like mine,at first instance they look blue but up close they are green.Well, actually they're kind of strange ,they have the outer line dk. blue then light green then the center are somewhat yellow/hazel.She could also have 'kaleidoscope eyes' . Ha!

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You're right!! The song,"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"; was sung by both The Beatles and Elton John.My friends always say that song is about me.


At any rate,I think that Hedy's eyes are blue-green.How about you?


What's with the caricature?'She' looks like the lady on the Bullwinkle cartoon,what is her name? LOL!!!!!

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I love caricatures but I think they made her look too much like Lauren Bacall or Katharine Hepburn here.


Or, as previously mentioned, Natasha, Boris Badenov's moll from The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.


Message was edited by:


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Hey - GarboManiac,

Looks like you've got some competition now.

There's a new member going by the name of Garbo_fan

posting over on the What Movie or Movies are You Still Waiting for a DVD Release? thread.

Let's hope they don't start some myopic thread limiting itself

to the activities, attributes & accomplishments of just one actress.


Just sayin' is all.

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Okay - time to give credit where it's due.


Here's the gallery where I've been finding all those stunning b&w, light and shadow pictures:




It's the website of professional film critic and photographer, T.C. Candler,

who says, "I cannot imagine a more beautiful woman has ever graced the silver screen.

Hedy Lamarr is a legend of cinema, and deservedly so."


There's a quick bio at the bottom of the page mentioning L. B. Mayer,

Corel and her radio guidance invention with some quotes from Hedy.


The page mentions that Hedy turned down leads in both Gaslight and Casablanca.



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Dear Overworked GM,


I don't pull them out of a hat -- I hate hats!!!!!! I vaguely remember them out of the recesses of my cobwebed mind.

I leave for Russia on September 8th. Just got a tetanus shot yesterday (an advanced precaution) and am a bit dizzy today. Or maybe, I'm just normal and all intelligent thoughts from me is abnormal???!!!



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