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Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Star!


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Whoa! WHEN did this board suddenly turn into a version of Television Without Pity without the Gestapo moderators?


Suddenly there are POSTERS here who think they wield the power of God over what is written and who writes it?


TOOMANYNOTES, don't go anywhere. It's not 'many' who resent this thread, it's those who have a God complex. Ignore them.


Any of you who don't like what is written, skip over the threads. There, did that take the use of too much grey matter to figure out?


Give me a break. This is a message board, it skips into personal stuff. How many freaking times can a poster write I love Charlie Chaplin and ONLY I love Charlie Chaplin? If the topic veers off into whatever, so freaking what?


Lighten up, people, it's the Internet. And it's an unmoderated board, so kindly don't be telling people to take it to the private message forum. If a person wants to share the fact that their toenail is ingrown on this board, then so what. If you don't like that, don't read it.


TOOMANYNOTES, ignore them and please don't go away. I can't imagine what you and your wife are going through. However, the fact that you come here to share your trials with us is a testament to this board and to we who welcome you. Those who don't like what is written can go become a moderator on Television Without Pity, they will fit right in.


Please don't go away.

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Hey now, don't take it like that.

I think this thread is just experiencing some growing pains.

Our hearts go out to you and your situation.

I have a friend who's wife passed away of cancer last year at age 36.


Your humour always brightens our day.

I know I can speak for all when I say that you're always welcome here.


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TooMany, I am sorry about your wife. I didn't know anything about that, as I am sure many here didn't. I don't recall you ever writing anything along those lines. I don't want you feeling that asking for a cutting back of the "partying" that you are not welcome. How were we to know about your wife's condition and the reason for you trying to have a release?


I saw that you edited it to say farewell, and I know under the circumstances you feel bad, but you don't need to leave.

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Stoneyburke, no one was trying to play God. I just mentioned that the thread about Lamaar was just turning into day and night long parties of any and every thought that seemed to come out of drinking parties. Others have thought the same thing, obviously. It was not a case of just ignoring it and skipping by the thread, because whenever I would come into the board, there was the thread at the top, and messages not relating to TCM, Lamarr, or anything like that. It was just "party, party." It was becoming something more along the lines of Instant Messaging. Now you will ask, "What's wrong with that?" Nothing, if it was IMing. But it didn't seem right for here.


And do you think if anyone here knew of his wife's condition, we would have said anything??? None of us knew. Obviously, you didn't know. I didn't know. No one here seems to have known. I feel badly for TMN. I think we all have lost someone close enough to us that we feel pain and regret for him. How could we know that his playful messages were a way of easing his pain?


That being the case, please don't make anyone here the bad guy or God. My mother left me when I was 6 and I lost my Dad when I was 20. A coworker of mine died of a heart attack at an early age a couple of years ago and I bawled like a baby at his funeral. No one here is a callous, unfeeling human being. What had been written was done based on just what was being seen here. That's all. Sorry if this seems angry but for you to portray anyone (me or anyone else) who tries to point something out that would be benficial to the threads as Gestapo or Gods, is something I do resent.

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What does Hedy Lamar have to do with George Bush? I?m not wasting time to read this entire thread to see where the conversation went awry. However, in response to the last entry, I would imagine the majority of people who support classic movies are Democrats. Republicans don?t tend to support cultural agendas - y?all be too busy conquering the world by killing-off those who don?t conform to the American way of life. LOL

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