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Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Star!

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The more I read about this woman the more impressed I am.


"Mandl did not agree with Hedy's career choice and forbade her to act - he even tried to buy up every print of Extase.


Worse still, even though Hedy was Jewish, Mandl sided with the Nazis. After four years of marriage, Hedy drugged her maid, slipped out of the house and fled to London. There, she was signed up with MGM studios and moved to the US and changed her name to Hedy Lamarr.


She went on to become 'the most beautiful woman in films' and appeared in several classic films.


It was during her time with MGM that Hedy's patent for her signaling device came through but the studio hushed it up, believing it would not be good for her image.


Hedy pursued her acting career in Hollywood but became frustrated with only receiving decorative roles. She retired to Florida in the 1980s where she died in 2000."


- http://www.womeninmedia.co.uk/history/hedylamarr.asp

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> Thanks Snarfie,


> Actually, it was you who triggered those memories of

> 50 some years ago. My cobwebbed mind sometimes needs

> the endorphines of a picture to spring to life.

> Seeing her in her buggy brought it all forward.


> So, it's all your fault --- and thanks!!!!!!


> Larry




Those sound like some fabulous memories,

thank you for sharing them with us!!!



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Wow & Gadzooks!!!!!


I go out for lunch and then all this happens. Holy Kirschmokie!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, now let's all close our eyes and dream of Hedy Lamarr in a scene from "Boom Town", where Spencer Tracy visits her and she's reclining on her couch and looking heavenly. She gets up, walks across the room swaying those big feathered sleeves on her negligee and purring out her lines to Tracy.

Now, don't you all feel better and more Hedyfide.......


A picture of her from "Boom Town" would be nice now....... So if anyone has one and knows how to put one up - please do......


I'll be PM'ing several of you.



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Best known to me, of course, as The Wizard of Oz,

with Lamarr, Tracy, Colbert and Gable it's easy to

lose Frank Morgan in the shuffle.

I guess Hedy & Spencer did at least one other movie together, Tortilla Flat?

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Larry you don't mind if I rescue this post from the abyss do you?




Wow, seeing those photos of Hedy in the buggy and that lace dress triggered my memory bank.


These were taken on the last day of ?Copper Canyon? at Paramount. These were pictures done in postproduction. The lace and red velvet one was done in the morning and she had just had a white lipstick line applied to the upper part of her lower lip when I appeared. This is a trick to fool the camera into giving a pouty lip. All glamour girls know this trick.

I went over and kissed her on the end of her nose. She giggled and said, ?You know where not to kiss, don?t you darling!!?


The second picture was taken in the afternoon and apparently she hadn?t had lunch. She called me over and said, ?If you can steal sandwiches for the guards, then you can get me something, even a pickle!? I was always getting food for the gate guards. I always thought I was being sneaky, but I guess I was known??

I got her a roast beef sandwich with mustard and a big pickle. Finishing that, I ran over to her and gave her a great big kiss full smack on the mouth. ?Umm, that was good?, she said. ?What?, says I, ?the sandwich or the kiss?? ?Both, schatzie, both!? Then she had her lips redone and this time the white is further down the lower lip. That?s because the camera is further away. Tricks, folks; lots of tricks.

She also instructed the prop guys not to have a backdrop with too many clouds as she only has a parasol and not an umbrella. ?I don?t want people to think it?s going to rain!?

You?ll notice that she is wearing the same earrings and ring in both pictures.

Yes, I remember that day very well??


I accompanied her and Reginald Gardner to the premier of this awful picture. It got bad reviews and died 2 weeks later in Pookipsie."




Message was composed by:vecchiolarry

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Larry you don't mind if I also rescue this post from the abyss do you?




Looking back at both pictures again, I noticed the fan in the first:

She banged me on the head with it when I kissed her nose!!!!!


Also, we laughed at those ringlets, which she called 'sausage curls' and I told her she looked like my Aunt Lavina (one of my mother's older sisters).

"Lavina!, she cried, "oh what an unusual name!" "I love it!!!".......

My Aunt had rinlets till the day she died. She wore them on the top of her head when she got older but she kept those damn ringlets!!!!!!"




Message was composed by:vecchiolarry

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