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Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Star!


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> Hey Ken I didn't ask you about the "BlackHawks" They

> haven't been the same since Esposito retired from

> goalie. This is going to be a "Ranger" and "Yankee" (

> I know you hate them also- 1958 World Series) year.

> Stick to something you know about Maureen O'Hara not

> sports! :)

> Stan Mikita & Glen Hall ( Goalie)! ( Some fan you

> were)

> Oh you mean today sorry! And sorry GarboManiac Hedy

> Lamarr!


> Regards


Just one more post on the Hawks, the NHL will bore most TCM message boarders. I can name the players from back then Sloan, Lindsay, Litzenberger, and Hall, it is today's players that I don't know. I still have my " Hockey News" record books from the early 60's. KEN Mac Kenzie was the founder of that publication and wrote a column called, "Passing The Puck ", his son John is an ABC news correspondent .

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> Hey KEN don't forget Frank Mahovlich coming from

> Montreal his brother Pete stayed with the Canadians.

> Also don't forget Eric Nesteranko another fine player

> for the "Blackhawks!. Do you remember Saturday hockey

> with "Peter Puck" explaining the rules and the game.

> He was a little creep wasn't he ? Hey GarboManiac



Back in the late fifties until the early sixties CBS - TV would broadcast on Saturday afternoons, five of the six teams would appear. Toronto would never appear and Montreal only once a year. Saturday was " Hockey Night in Canada ", and that is the lack of participation by the Canadian teams on CBS. The CBS announcers were "Bud " Palmer and Fred Cusick. On Saturday Nights I would listen to Foster Hewlett, from Toronto, and Danny Gallivan, from Montreal, on the radio in Chicago. Among the between period commentators from Montreal was Elmer Ferguson of the " Montreal Gazette ", who was close to ninety years of age.


Pretty soon we should get back to Hedy !

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Alright Ice Fans,


And, Hedy takes the puck past Debra Paget and shoots it to Dorothy McGuire. It's then passed to Deborah Kerr who shots on the net but it is saved by Lana Turner!!!!!!

Edna May Oliver body checks Marsha Hunt and Ann Rutherford into the boards. Marjorie Main and Minerva Urecal have a knock-down drag-out fight.

Hedy steals the puck again from Merle Oberon and shoots it into the net.

Coach Greer Garson gives her her Oscar!!!!!!!


OK, folks back to Hedy Lamarr.........




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Hey Rocky,

No, I don't forsee any conflicts there.

I go in more for exhibiton type sports like X-Games & gymnastics.

I guess maybe being a Chicago fan I was disappointed too

many times as a kid? LOL. Usually I'll watch a few games per year.

There's a Cubs fan at work, he's always heckling the Sox fans.

Ah, those crosstown rivalries.

Best, J.

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Hi Snarfie,


A jetsetter -- that's funny!! No, I'm not a jetsetter; most of those people are vapid and vacant and sit around drinking and gambling and ****......

Although I do drink (socially & in moderation) and have gambled mildly (don't really understand some of it - roulette's my game), I don't **** around. All those social diseases don't interest me at all.


And, going on a jet plane now-a-days can get you killed!!!!!

Yikes, if I make to and from Russia in one piece and with all my baggage, I'll count myself lucky......



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Hey Larry,

Okay, so you're not a jetsetter.


> Yikes, if I make it to and from Russia in one piece and

> with all my baggage, I'll count myself lucky......


Yeah, that's practically over on the other side of the world!

I'm sure you'll be ok, but the luggage might be another story.


Russia's near where Hedy Lamarr's from - Austria.

Thought I'd try to make it relevant.



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Well, I guess this will be my last post on this thread until GarboManiac

returns. I know there's still good conversation to be had here but I just

feel like the heart and soul of this thread is missing

and it's just not the same. GM, come back soon!


Don't forget, Hedy Lamarr day is August 28th on TCM.


P.S. Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler was a real **** too!


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Hi Melanie,


I will have some blini & caviar for you, but a Faberge egg - well.......

If I attempted to bring one back, I'd probably be marked as a terrorist since the stupid security would think it was a bomb!


BTW, thanks for the great Hedy picture. That's her natural hair colour and eye colour as I remember her. Great!




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Hello Wonderful Lifesaver!!!


Can somebody please post the Hedy Schedule for August 28th on here.


Since my computer crashed last week, I cannot bring down the schedule ribbon at the top of the page.

Also, can some computer savvy genius please tell me how to get it (the movie schedule) back. I'm much too dumb to figure it out!!





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