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Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Star!

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Welcome to the boards, fasteddie. I guess the best way to survive the negative postings is to not take anything personal. Try to ignore provocative statements and show respect to other opinions even if you don't think you're getting respect yourself. The majority of posters are glad to have you here, so grow an extra layer of skin and enjoy yourself.



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Who is GarboManiac is he related To Greta Garbo? Did He know Greta Like Larry knows all the other stars? I would be fascinated to know his stories about this very reclusive woman! Why is everybody begging him to come back did he go on the same trip to Russia with that other story teller Larry ( A Nice Gentlemen from what I read) and are they best friends with a bond of knowing all these Super-Stars? Don't mind me it's my third day on these message boards and I'm just trying to catch up with all these strange stories I've been reading on these forums. I didn't thinkk that a "Classic" Movie web sites would have such strange and bizarre stories like I've been reading. There is more arguing and shouting and name calling then talk about Movies. I don't know if I'm ready for this type of insanity. I thought there were going to be more debates on who was more the classic actor..John Barrymore of Laurence Olivier, not the "Twilight Zone". Does anyone have a reason for this type of behavior? Thank YOU "FastEddie"



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> GarboManiac Get the hell on boards again or "BIG

> Eddie" And "LOUIE" THE LIP" are not only going to

> bend you like a pretzel, but throw you in the

> dumpster for the garbage men to pick you up to

> deposit you into the City Dump" :(


Wow, with all your pleading, cajoling, threatening, groveling & sniveling, tantrum throwing, etc., I can't figure out why he hasn't returned - I know I would. ; )


So you embarassed yourself (and had to split your personality yet again) by running up and down this thread with glazed eyes - telling all passersby and anyone that would listen that you killed the Hedy thread, made these boards a ghost town for a while and chased GM away.


Shane, Shane, come back...


LOL. That's just too much!


Rockyroads, thanks for sharing your breakdown with us it

was, as always, great entertainment.



Regards :)




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Message was edited by:


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> WHAT'S WRONG??????????????


I'm impressed with your mastery of technology.

There's a "new-poster" named fasteddie -

I'd appreciate it if you took him (off my hands) under your wing for a while

to teach him some of these advanced techniques.

He's driving me crazy with his incessant questions.


Been missing you lately Rock, pal -

hope everything's ok.



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I recently saw on Hedy Lamarr day Tortilla Flat with John Garfield and thought she was a very good actress. She had everything going for her beauty, acting and a good personality. No wonder Turner devoted a day to her in August it was most enjoyable.

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A a goodbye message from General Snarf:


Well it seems my work is done here.

By now I hope you've all connected the dots and know

that TMN/RR/FE/darins/mitchO are all the same sick creep.

A guy who's caused, fueled or been part of every single big

fight on these boards.

I apologize for my methods and hope that normal, decent

people can now understand what I was trying to accomplish -

to beat him at his own game of culpable deniability.

Slimy, I know.


If not, well, most of you have tolerated

the sniping, rants, tantrums, cursing, ill-tempered outbursts,

manipulations, threats, contentiousness - well I'll spare you the

entire list, but have tolerated his out-of-control

behavior on these boards for way too long.

I'd think you could put up with me for a couple of days.


Only a few had the courage to call him on his vile,

inexcusable behavior and I didn't see anyone else willing or able to expose him and the malicious games he's been playing.

There's power in numbers - stand up to this creep and

you won't have to see me again either.


I WILL return if necessary.


candy-coated, luvvy-dovey kissy smiles,


The General


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