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Who's the most prettiest actress of classic Hollywood?


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We've discussed and debated the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood but who was the most prettiest, cutest, adorable actresses of Hollywood? The girl next door type, the actress girls would love to look like and guys would love to marry. Someone who's looks aren't threatening but admirable. The All American Pretty Girl Type that girls could really relate to and see themselves in and admire and would like to look like instead of looking beautiful.


I always found


Nancy Carroll

Evalyn Knapp

Marjorie White

Maureen O'Sullivan

Ruby Keeler


as the most prettiest in classic Hollywood. Never can pick just one!

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Helen Kane was the cutest little plump thing.


There was times Joan Blondell was pretty then sometimes beautiful.

Ann Dvorak, I'm glad someone mentioned her, she was very pretty and there was a few photos I've seen of her where she looked gorgeous. I think Blondell and Dvorak were like chameleons they could change their looks for different movies.

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Jane Wyman fits my definition of girl-next-door pretty, others are young Judy Garland and the 50's era Debbie Reynolds. Claudette Colbert and Audrey Hepburn were a bit glamourous for girl-next-door, but I think "pretty" applies to them better than "beautiful".

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The Grammar Police are here!


"most prettiest!" Isn't that combining a comparative with a superlative? Using two words with the same job? Well, I guess I am just the most analest about all that stuff! And, I still think Hedy Lamarr is the mostest prettiest of all!

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Good job, Garbo!


That's another merit badge for you... ;-)


Knowing your comparatives from your superlatives means you must've had your Wheaties this morning...


Be on the lookout for split infinitives - they're nasty little things...


Oh, back on topic...


Joan Leslie

Priscilla Lane

Bonita Granville [i seem always to get - no split infinitives for me - those last two confused...]


Message was edited by:


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That's your opinion Garbomaniac and your entitled to it.

This board is for discussing ours and other's tastes, likes and dislikes.


If this was a grammar, spell check forum I would care about how I type but sometimes my hands typing have a mind of their own.


I wanted to add also

Alice White

Alice Faye - sometimes she could be gorgeous

Marsha Hunt

Jean Arthur


Linda Darnell could make herself look cute, pretty, gorgeous or beautiful depending on what the role required. Nevertheless she was always stunning.

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> I'm certain that this should read: 'the more prettierest'.

> Right!!


Right on!! After all, concert pianists concertize. And flight attendants ask if we'll be beveraging before deplane-ing. So why shouldn't actresses be more prettierest than ordinary people? They have that enabled alien rite (thanks, spelling checker), irregardless!




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Almost forgot... I think Hedy is the more prettierest. She was smart, too, but not such a fine actress. In movies, as in real life, personality counts for a lot. So even though Hedy wins top honors for looks, overall I prefer Garbo, or Blondell, or even Hepburn. Looks fade; personality endures.


On the other hand, I would rather look at photos of Hedy than any of the others. If she had possessed the acting ability of Garbo or Hepburn, we would have referred to her time in Hollywood as the Hedy era.




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