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Growing up in the '60's/'70's, "classic" movie viewing was limited to television (four channels-including PBS) and, if you were lucky, a revival movie house...So, to get my fix, I spent a lot of time in the public library perusing the movie section. I'm not proud of it, but I destroyed many books (gulp!)-cutting out photos for my scrapbook. (As a result of my "juvenile delinquent" behavior, I have a fabulous and fragile scrapbook!)

My favorite book about movies has to be "Alternate Oscar" by Danny Peary-from the early '90's. He gives a year-by-year breakdown of Oscar winners/nominees-his choices for other worthy candidates-extensive reviews of performances-trivia, etc. The research that went into this book (along with his "Cult Movies" books) is staggering!

Any recommendations on books about movies?

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> So, to get my fix, I spent a

> lot of time in the public library perusing the movie section.


Ah, I can relate there! :D Now libraries have the DVDs, so we can still catch those films TCM doesn't show often.


The out of print They Had Faces Then by John Springer is my all-time favorite, lots of photos I haven't seen anywhere else and short summaries and bios of even the most obscure actresses of the 30's. All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing! by the same author (also out of print :() is a good read on the movie musicals with plenty of pictures. More Fabulous Faces (once again, out of print) focuses on the looks of Dolores Del Rio, Myrna Loy, Carole Lombard, Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn - the original Four Fabulous Faces (which I haven't seen) has Garbo, Dietrich, Swanson and Crawford, so that's one I'm still looking for. Getting to something newer, I recently read Conversations with the Great Movie Makers of the Golden Age, it's highly recommended in this corner. :)

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