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September schedule is online


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On Wednesday, September 27, An incredibly rare screening of 7 Keys to Baldpate will be take place. It stars Richard Dix in his first film for RKO after leaving Paramount.


I don't believe it's ever been shown on TCM before but if it has it's been 5 years or more.




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Foreign films dominate the September schedule including The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, Alexander Nevsky, Ossessione, Ashes and Diamonds, Knife in the Water, Death of a Cyclist, and Beauty and the Beast (1946).


Additionally, I found Breaker Morant, Chuck Jones Shorts, Golden Boy (1939), the Dick Cavett interviews with Mel Brooks and Robert Mitchum, Harold and Maude, Claudette Colbert & Paul Muni birthday tributes, September 15th Silents & Shorts including Star in the Night, Hud (1963), The Miracle Worker (1962), Stalag 17 (1953), and a Norma Shearer silent.

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Well, the only thing I cared about was that they took care of Garbo on the 18th! And, thank heavens, they did! Three documentaries are playing and along with Mata Hari, Camille, Susan Lenox, The Painted Veil, Queen Cristina and Two-Faced Woman. Wish they had thrown in a silent, but they did good! Thank you TCM!

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I was just looking again at the schedule online for September and was checking out the say for the 15th. They are showing nothing but shorts throughout the day, about 60 of them. Wow!




This is going to drive my DISH network TiVo-like thingy crazy with the recordings every few minutes.

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I just received my September Now Playing Guide and wanted to say again: it's going to be a great month!


William Holden is SOTM (Wednesday nights), September 15th is 24 hours of short films from great directors (including some from contemporary directors and lots of TCM premieres), designer Tom Ford is the Guest Programmer (9/25), 16 foreign films will be shown on Tuesday nights to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Janus Films, and Thursday nights will feature classic Dick Cavett interviews (except for 9/7 when an all new interview with Mel Brooks will kick things off).


Also, the back cover confirms that Child Stars will be the SOTMs in October, which will include an all new Robert Osborne Private Screenings that will feature Margaret O'Brien, Jane Withers, Dickie Moore, and Darryl Hickman.

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The bad news: It's a Paramount film. Paramount has been selling many of its titles to Universal, so I am not sure if Paramount owns the film still or if Universal does.


Chances are, Paramount doesn't know either.


It's too bad that one of the movies you want to see most is owned, one way or another, by the two studios who do the least with their libraries.

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