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stumped: boys in westerns


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I remember seeing a youngster in a b & w western who was breathing his last in a covered wagon, saying he "guessed he wouldn't see California." Circa 1945-1950. Then another young boy caught in a crossfire in a color flick with a Mexican or South American setting. Circa 1945-1955. Sorry, that's all I can remember but I am sorely bedeviled trying to recover these two films from the cobwebs of memory. Thanks for any clues or possibilities.

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The first movie sounds a little like Virginia City (1940) with Errol Flynn and an all-star cast. Randolph Scott is leading a wagon train of Confederate money out of Nevada so the South can continue fighting. Along the way, a young boy named Cobby (Dickie Jones) is ran over by one of the wagons. He later dies in the back of a wagon and is buried out in the desert. They aren't headed for California though. Even if it's not the right movie, it's well worth a look--if you can look past Bogie's moustache and accent!

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