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Eternal Gratitude for an answer (re: Sunday June 18, approx 11:45am)

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Was anyone out there watching TCM on Sunday June 18, at about 11:45 am, after The Kissing Bandit, but before The Champ? TCM aired a short documentary segment on some musical film (from the 60's, it seemed), and I was mesmerized. My young niece and nephew were visiting and I was unable to catch the title of the work, much to my chagrin. I have been consumed with finding out what it was for what seems like ages now! (only about a day and a half)

The musical starred a gorgeous and charming young actress (with a British accent) who had talent like I have never seen (I was born in 1981, so all of the time I gaze to the past to see true Art.). The director was an energetic man, and the music was like some 30's ragtime jazz or something of that sorts. (it was a set-piece, I believe, whatever it was) The documentary was superb, and I fell in love with it. With dancing, dazzling stage props, and incredibly whimsical features, this work is magic.

If anyone can help me, I would be delighted. Please, I must find out what the film/musical was, as I cannot leave it to chance that I might find out anytime soon without help. I thank you.... -AP

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Hi, now, remember this is for eternal gratutude. The film the documentary was about was "The Boy Friend", a 1971 movie that was an homage to old musicals, directed by Ken Russell, and the actress was Twiggy, the famous fashion model from the 1960s. I'd love for them to show the movie on TCM. (The original stage production in the 1950s was the show that brought Julie Andrews from England to Broadway for the very first time.)


An interesting sidenote: there was a very tall dancer in the movie named Tommy Tune. He would go on to become a famous Broadway director and star, and he would star later with Twiggy on Broadway in "My One and Only".

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A hundred thousand thank-yous, and eternal gratitude, indeed! So The Boy Friend is it! I cannot wait to see it, maybe we could suggest it to TCM... I cannot get that documentary out of my head and thanks to you, I have an answer! I shall never forget your help! Thank you again...

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