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Old Movie Trailers


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I loved the previews! I would love to see more trailers! I once taped a whole group of, maybe 7, Jean Harlow trailers on TCM years ago. It is wonderful that they include trailers with the new DVDs on some of the movies released, but I wish TCM would just show more trailers throughout the day and before each film. I know they show some, but not enough, not the ones I want to see, and not as often as I would like.

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We have different tastes maybe in movies,


but i also like the old trailers,


epecially the ones on the Classic Sci-fis, and Horror Films


They were so dramatic,


they really made you want to see them.


Some of their DVD's show the old Trailers.


Whoever's voice they used gave you the chills.


Trailers these days are just bits and pieces of the movie and


sometimes they go ahead and give away too much information.



Trailers and the old Lobby Cards are great.

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Loved those old Sci Fi and Horror trailers! It would be great just to sit and watch a fifteen minute to half hour show on old 50's Sci Fi trailers. Then, Clark Gable or Greta Garbo trailers. A fifteen minute show on Horror trailers from the Thirties would be great, too! Just seems like an untapped goldmine!

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Well Garbomaniac,


i thought I was done with this but it just stuck in my mind and i'm determined to find something that will satisfy our interest


go to




It doesn't have a lot of classic films but there are a few


theres got to be a documentary out there some where that has more.

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Well, thanks for trying, Cris. It doesn't look like it will be very helpful. I did read the horror trailers, but one guy said it was "more research than it is worth." Whatever that means. So, I just moved on.


Maybe someday TCM will read this and puts some in the program!



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I love trailers too! I enjoyed the links already provided in the thread so far, hadn't see those before. Thanks for sharing them.


I have a few other places I check for trailers as well so I thought I'd pass those on here.


Seems to me I've spotted a trailer or two somewhere within this site. It's also a neat little treasure for full-length films (and shorts) sometimes! http://www.archive.org/details/movies


This one you can browse for trailers by era, genre, or title. http://www.videodetective.com/


And of course, here at TCM you can browse through movie clips and trailers.



I enjoy the "packaging" and promoting by trailers as much as the movie itself sometimes!

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I love trailers when they're done well. But I've seen too many from the classic vaults that don't even remotely represent the product they're selling. They're poorly edited and short on content, most of the time choosing to slap big lettering across the image they're supposed to be showing us that describes in words what we should be seeing by example first.


The irony, of course, here is that newer movies have better trailers but give too much away. For example - the trailer to James Cameron's Titanic literally tells the entire story of Jack and Rose from cute meet to watery defeat. Why sit through the full three hours when fifteen minutes suffices?!?

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Trailers from classic movies are almost invariably more fun to watch. It's true they didn't always give an accurate idea of the movie... whether this was accidental, due to the marketing department having only limited footage to work with, or the product of deliberate marketing, I do not know for sure.


But since most of us have seen these classics, that's what makes them so much fun! :)

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