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Concerts: Bing, Blue Eyes, or the King


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If you had a chance to go to a concert of one of these singers, who would you choose? Would anyone choose Bing?


I can't decide. I mean to hear Frank in the Tommy Dorsey years, or right after when his voice had that smooth, deep, and sad. Not that he didn't always have a beautiful voice, but I think it was best in those early years.


But Elvis put on the best show in the world, right?


I am sure some of you on here have been to a concert of one of these people. Any pertinant information about the experience?

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Depends on when:


I'd go see Bing in a concert given between 1931 and 1941.


I'd go see Frank in a concert given between 1944 and 1960.


I'd go see Elvis in a concert given between 1955 and 1962.


Never saw any of them in concert, but I did get to hear Count Basie and his Orchestra and Benny Goodman and his Orchestra, back in the 1970s.

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SINATRA!!! I became a fanatic late in life. My wife and I saw him in Vegas for the first time in 1989 for no other reason because we were "comped" (free). Needless to say, we were knocked out!! From that time, until his last performance in Vegas, we saw him again and again, sometimes going two or three nights in a row. I must have put various maitre D's kids through college with my bribes to get ringside tables!


What made him so special? Well, it was NOT about his voice! It was about his ability to convey the meaning of a song. Every performance was like an education!

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I recently turned on to Sinatra's In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning. Supposedly, that album is filled with mourning for his split up with Ava Gardner. To see him work through these numbers in a night club would be my ideal experience with those three singers.


What is everyone's favorite film musical performance of Bing, Elvis and Frank?


Bing: White Christmas in Holiday Inn

Frank: I Fall in Love Too Easily in Anchors Aweigh

Elvis: In Jailhouse Rock, the song he sings twice during the recording session. First he does the standard arrangement, and then he does the Elvis arrangement--what a great moment.

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When Elvis sang he was so intoo it, in a "hard" way. Very passionate and letting the entire world know.

When Bing sang, the atmosphere was like, say, New Years Day, and while every one else was partying, he was singing about how awe inspired he was with life. You know, that sort calm goose-bump inspiration hitting your heart. And then, sometimes he would do that in a lively way. You get what I'm saying?

When Sinatra sang, it was like he was in fairy land, had just asked a girl out, and she said yes. That sort'a dreaming look.

Of course none of this is ALWAYS true, but alot of it was.

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Frank Sinatra was the greatest interpretive musical artist of the 20th Century. I saw him three times in three different parts of the country, including, of course, Vegas, and, even when his age marred his performing abilities, he was the most magnetic, creative and humble performer I have ever seen.


Just listen to "Frank's Place" the standards channel on XM Radio..while the programmers continuously play great singers like Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, Crosby, Ella and the like, whenever I hear a standard performed by anyone else, I know that Frank did it better.


I also saw Elvis twice, the last time in March before he died, and he was reading the song lyrics off a page he held in his hand.

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Yikes! You've picked my #2, 3, and 4 favorite singers (Dean Martin being #1, Elvis 2, Frankie 3, and Bing 4). Though I do have an order for them, I couldn't chose between them. I think they all gave very unique and wonderful concerts (unfortunately I've never seen any of them), but I'd have to say it'd probably be a bit more entertaining to see Elvis or Frank live (given their live albums I have) over Der Bingle. I've noticed that, while wonderful, Frank isn't nearly as entertaining without Dean or Dean and Sammy with him, so with that in mind, I'd say Elvis, HOWEVER, I prefer the nightclub setting, and Elvis's concerts were generally larger than that. Toughest call ever.

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