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Old classic comedy with bus full of children careening steeply downhill


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while the driver struggles heroically to keep it on the road. When they reach bottom the children squeal with glee "Whee! Let's do it again!!" It was all just a fun thrill ride to them. I think the driver was a major screen star of the era - like a Cary Grant type.


I only remember this scene and cannot remember the movie title or actor that drove the bus. I seem to remember that it was on a South Pacific type island or something.


Any ideas what the title is to this film and the actor I am thinking about?



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Good try but we have "Father Goose" and it is not the one I'm looking for. It is kind of like that in my memory though. I can just remember the struggling bus driver trying to keep the bus on the rough and steep dirt road (the brakes went out) and the little kids all bouncing around and loving it. When they get to the bottom of the hill and the bus finally stops, he is hunched over the wheel (white knuckes and all) and the kids are yelling, "Whee!! Let's do it again!!" It was a cute movie and I'd love to see it again.


Keep trying!! :-D

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Thanks Vallo but I still don't believe that is the one. I read the movie description and it makes no mention of lots of children or anything like that. It talks about winning a sports car and trying to make a new marriage work.


Hmmm....I wish I could give more details but this is all I remember.

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"The Longest Hundred Miles" with Doug McClure. The scene you describe is the only one I recall. Haven't seen it in 35 years.


P.S. Here's a user comment from IMDb.


Have not seen it for years..., 12 October 2002

Author: ee2836 (ee2836@yahoo.com) from Oklahoma, USA



I haven't seen this movie for about 30 years, but I believe it was probably one of the better movies showing a frantic escape from the brutal Japanese occupation of the Philippines. Doug McClure is very good as the GI who really does not want to get caught up with a bunch of civilians...especially kids while running from a dangerous enemy. Ricardo Montalban is great as usual. Don't remember much else, except the scene where the brakes on the bus failed and the kids acted like it was a big rollercoaster, saying "That was fun! Can we do it again?"


Well worth viewing.


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