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Help needed for title of black and white foreign film


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A long time ago, late at night, I was watching TCM and one of those not-so-famous films came on. It was a black and white, either French or Italian film. I mostly remember the plot, but I think it was filmed sometime between 1950-1970. The film was in French, but the more I think about it the more I can't remember if there were English subtitles or not.


The two main characters were a young, French, male photographer with dark brown hair and a young, French woman with long dark brown hair who modelled for him at his apartment throughout the film. He was very much in love with her, but she was the typical, vain, French girl playing hard to get. The plot thickened when I discovered that the two were being spied on. By being involved with this woman, the photographer was putting himself in unknown danger. They were being watched.


I can't seem to remember how it ended, but it was a beautiful film and I can't remember what it's called. If anyone knows what the hell I am even talking about, please fill me in on what you know. Thankyou!

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It wasn't "Breathless". The relationship between the photographer and the model was much more modest, and her hair was long and brown. There wasn't a lot of police action either as seen in the trailer. Also, the photographer and the model never really left his apartment. I don't recall seeing them "out and about". Thankyou for the suggestion, though. I greatly appreciated the feedback.

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>There wasn't a lot of police action

>either as seen in the trailer.


What do you mean by trailer? I would love to help out so i need some clarification on that. It seems like a great movie too. What year did you see it? Maybe i could find a schedule of it.

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Thankyou. I appreciate your enthusiasm for helping me.

I saw this movie last year...I want to say either late summer or fall.

I don't recall much police action in the movie as shown in the trailer for "Breathless". That was the trailer I was referring to. The film was in black and white and either in French or Italian. I don't remember any subtitles to be honest. The two main characters were a young French/Italian male photographer and this pretty young thing that modelled for him. She would come over to his place and wear different things, while he just snapped away at her all day. The dialogue was quiet/hard to hear. The film would transition between inside his apartment, the people/police that were spying on them, ang glimpses of the street outside the photographer's apartment. You only saw it when the model was crossing the street to go to his apartment. She had should-length brown hair and was very quiet throughout most of the film, but the photographer was in love with her anyway. If I can give you any further information that will help you to help me...let me know. Thankyou.

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