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Need title of scary castle movie from the 1960s


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The movie that I'm thinking of aired on TCM within the past year. It stars and Italian actress who plays a newlywed. She and her husband visit his ancestral estate, where murders and weird things are occurring.


She investigates every noise and scream, despite being told to stay in her room. Eventually, she discovers that the "monster" who is killing everyone is actually her husbands father who became deformed after being forced to undergo inhumane experiments by some of Hitler's followers.


One specific scene is of a woman with a cage over her head. Inside the cage is a hungry animal that starts feeding off her. (It wasn't as gory of a movie as we see today, but it sure was creepy.)


Any help will be appreciated.

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Maybe its a Mario Bava movie. I found this synopsis on IMBd. If this isn't it, you might try a search of Bava movies.


Plot Summary for

Orrori del castello di Norimberga, Gli (1972)

A young man, Peter, returns to Austria in search of his heritage. There he visits the castle of an ancestor, a sadistic Baron who was cursed to a violent death by a witch whom the Baron had burned at the stake. Peter reads aloud the incantation that causes Baron Blood to return and continue his murderous tortures

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I found it! The movie is known as "Horror Castle," "Virgin of Nuremberg," and some other foreign titles! It stars Rossanna Podesta and Christopher Lee. (Don't ask me how I forgot Christopher Lee!)

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