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the heirs of old hollywood films..what if???/


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I have been watching old films from the studio system,independent producers since i was a little girl in 1976. Many of those films and entertainers were the driving force that convinced me that i should do something in show biz. Now that i've arrived and carving out my niche in show biz.Im very dissappointed for two reasons that the industry that i adored as a little girl no longer exist here in hollywood,calif. Second the children,grandchildren of the great film stars of the 1930-1960's have abandoned their thrones. I was very fortunate to meet and befriend the son of THE KING OF HOLLYWOOD..the late clark gable. the son who was born after he passed away..we talked at length about my knowledge of the old guard. He said todays hollywood has no interest in children of old film stars of yester-year..alot of todays actors,actresses wouldn't make it today if the hayes code was still in affect..and if the studios weren't owned by a bunch of greedy bizness men who don't have a clue about film making,grooming stars to be and censoring the over saturated media...

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Gigi, you're so right. The Hollywood of old is dead.It started to die when the old studio system folded .What we know as studios today are just rental facilities for independent producers to use and aren't run by filmakers, but accountants and lawyers who only care about money. They open a movie on 4000 screens on the same day and if a film can't gross $100 million the first week, it's considered a failure and it's gone. The studios use to nurture a film, opening it in key cities then spreading it's release nationwide over the course of a few weeks and that gave it time to find its legs and for word of mouth to build.


In the old days, studios made films for all audiences. Today the "key" audience they seek out are teenage and young adult males who love films them loud, fast and sexy. If that's not your taste, good luck.


Sad, but true.

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Second the children,grandchildren of the great film stars of the 1930-1960's have abandoned their thrones.>>


I don't know if you can blame the kids and grandkids of Hollywood legends for not following in their parents footsteps.


Often, the stars themselves did not want their children going into the business as they knew it was a difficult life. They wanted their children to grow up and have normal lives.


Secondly, as often happens with parents who are larger than life, filling those shoes is very daunting and many offspring opt not to try to fill those shoes.


Being the child of a Hollywood star was not easy then and likely is not easy now. 12-18 hours on the set, rising early for make-up calls, working till dinner (only the really big stars had it in their contracts to be home for dinner and then they often had to return to the studio) so you didn't get to see much of mom and/or dad while they were making movies. You didn't have the normal life of everyday children unless your parents were like Harry and Olive Carey and lived out in the sticks.


Given a choice, I can certainly understand why so many shied away and found other professions. There are those who did follow their parents into the business but many of those found success behind the camera not in front of it.


It's all about choices and we shouldn't begrudge the choices they made because we didn't have to walk in their shoes.

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A lot of the respect and idolatry have faded.Used to be a studio would protect their 'stars' from bad publicity, unlike today.The studios knew that their stars had to be people to be looked up on.Now the ones who get all of the publicity are the deadbeats who are either going into rehab or getting out of it,what knid of example is that?Though it's definitely true that stars are only human like us, it's was better to pretend that they were on a level higher than we where we could live vicariously through them.

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