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Need help finding movie


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Copied and pasted from a previous message::



I have been searching for this movie for a year now and i have had no luck in finding it. I watched this film about 10 years ago so i remember just a few parts from it.

Its about a mother and daugther relationship. The daugther (whos skinny and around 10 years old) wants to be a ballerina but they reject her from the school. I think because her shoes are tattered and horribly made. She lives with her mother and they live in a poor society in a small house.

Her mother works at home. One day she invites the neighbors to go to her birthday party but nobody shows up or the neighbors had a party but didnt invite the little girl and her mother. (the girl doesnt have any friends and is lonely). The mother gets mad and the town see her as a crazy woman.

It was around night time, when the mother returns home, drunk after partying with an older man at a bar. She comes home and starts dancing with her daugther. She swings her daugther until the girl becomes sick and tired.

There was a good camera angle shot showing the mother being happy while the girl was frigthened.

Well thats all the information i remember. Im not sure if this happened, but the mother might have been taken to a mental house.


I believe it was in black and white. Maybe from the 1950s to 1960s.

It was subtitled and i watched it in Canada so maybe it was a french movie but at the time i thought it was German. (I was young of course so i wouldnt know).

It could also be in Italian.


Any help is appreciated. Ive been searching for this and i really need help because it was so beautiful and well made. =) Thank you so much.

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