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Actors/Actresses behind the voice.....


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Both Garbomaniac and I decided that we might get a little life going from this thread, we're a little tired of the same ones all the time..........

Which actor/actress do you remember as having a distinctive voice either for being a nice or interesting voice or an annoying voice.

We'll start off w/ two distinctive (nice)voices; Walter Pidgeon and James Stewart.

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We've touched on this subject briefly on some other threads. My favorite actor voice is Burgess Meredith. Very dry, distinctive, and very pleasing. Along those lines I also like the sound of the voice of character actor Victory Jory (similar, but deeper than Meredith's). Other male voices I find distinctive and interesting are Edward Arnold, Robert Mitchum, Marlon Brando and James Mason.


Among the women, I think Shirley Booth had an unmistakable voice. K. Hepburn, of course. I like the sound of Rosalind Russell's voice, and also Claudette Colbert's and Veronica Lake's. There it's not so much the voices, which are very pleasant, as the way of speaking. And in that category, I love the way Eve Arden and Gypsy Rose Lee spoke - very unusual and interesting cadence to their speech.

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I've always thought Barbara Stanwyck had a distinctive husky type voice that I can always tell its her if I'm not watching the screen. Also, along these lines are actors' singing voices that sound different than you would imagine. I have caught some of the Frances Langford movies that have run this month. I was unfamiliar with her voice or singing voice and after hearing her sing in that low voice it didn't match her looks at all.

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You've made me remember that I think Ann Sheridan had an usual speaking voice. There was a quality to it I don't think I've heard in other actresses. I don't know how to describe it - maybe metallic, though not unpleasant. Perhaps it was the way her voice recorded electronically, since I never heard her speak in person. But I always know it's her speaking, without seeing her face.


Theresa Wright was another who is instantly recognizable to me - a sort of throb in the voice. Mary Steenburgen has it, too.


No one has yet mentioned Butterfly McQueen. I saw her on some talk show when she was much older, and the voice still had that little-girl sound to it. And what about Tallulah?

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Bogart baby, Bogart. He got that signature lisp in WW1.


Edward G. Robinson was pretty signature too.


I've always found Peter Lorre's voice hilarious. I'm laughing now just thinking about him rolling over in his grave screaming out, "You insufferable brute!"

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Sorry, cinemabuff64! I fell asleep! But, I got your goodnight this morning on the other thread! Ok, my contributions are, as we said, Eve Arden and Martha Raye.


Oh, and two more, Alice Brady and Isabel Jeans! If I heard them from across the room, I'd know them immediately!

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Some voices used to comic effect:

Eddie "Rochester " Anderson

Oscar Levant

Ned Sparks

ZaSu Pitts

Virginia O'Brien (is that who I'm thinking of? She had a very flat, expressionless way of speaking her lines)

Joan Davis

Mary Wickes

Joe E. Brown

Bert Lahr


It wasn't just what they said, it was the voices they used to say it.

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