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Best Introduction shot of a character

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I must add Claude Rains in Invisible Man. In a way, you could say he has three introductions:


-- As the mysteriously wrapped up figure in the beginning.

-- When he first shows that he is invisible.

-- At the end, when his death removes his invisibility and shows his physical features.

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Two excellent ones, Cee:


Another terrific one was when Gene Tierney first appears in the raincoat in LAURA. We've seen her character onscreen before, of course, but, for those who haven't seen the film, this "introductory entrance" has special significance.


Of course, as was the case with Garbo and Hayworth, given her looks, almost any entrance Gene Tierney made was special!


I kept trying to recall a "Best Introduction" scene from a Judy Garland movie, but really couldn't think of one. Then I remembered GIRL CRAZY when she first emerges from working under that broken down truck to the delight of a sunbeaten Mickey Rooney. Very nice, indeed!

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> Mae told George Hamilton and me that seeing her

> backlit like that started a trend with all the

> ladies. Even Lillian Gish demanded

> backlighting.....


> Anyone who tells me that Mae Murray couldn't act, and

> I tell them about this scene all done with no

> dialogue.


> Larry


Now I'd like to see the movie!!! Your description of that scene was a delight to read.


I also want to include my choice for character introduction: Marty Feldman as Igor in Young Frankenstein.

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I'd say that plenty of people are interested in the beautiful and intelligent Hedy Lamarr-you,for one,because you never miss a chance to take an unfounded cheap shot at her.


Maybe no one's that interested in Nina Mae McKinney,whom you never fail to work into a thread-right back atcha!

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Someone doesn't like the lovely Hedwig? Impossible! But I have to agree with daddysprimadonna about Myrna Loy in "The Thin Man". Just saw it again a few days ago and loved it. And thanks, GarboManiac, for sacrificing yourself for me at you-know-where. I'm forever indebted to you.

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Hi DPD & GM,


Actually, I don't think I'd know Nina Mae McKinney if I tripped over her. I sure as hell would know Hedy though.

That must tell you who's the star and who's the also-ran......


I have nothing against NMMcK and she may very well be a lovely person but she's is completely unknown to me.




Message was edited by:


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Same here,Larry. I don't have anything against NMM,but this poster has from Day One tried to browbeat people into liking her,when most of us just don't know anything about her. We've been accused of being racist for not knowing of her,even when we choose the beautiful Dorothy Dandridge or Lena Horne on our "favorites" lists. We're told that we only choose them because they meet "white standards of beauty". It couldn't possibly just be that we find them beautiful! It couldn't possibly be that we know our own minds, this poster tries to tell us what we think!


And to frost the cake,this poster has,under sundry posting names(including at one time "lamarr,hedy"),just laid into Hedy Lamarr. It's as if she has some negative obssession with her.I don't give a fig whether she likes her or not,but making false accusations,innuendos,and trying to browbeat other posters who do like Ms Lamarr is just over the line. If she's got a story,she should just come out with it,and stop with all the false allegations and baseless insults already.

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More of my favorites (and again dolly shots into the character):


Sean Connery in "The Wind and the Lion"


Harrison Ford in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"


Non dolly shot:


Bruce the Shark in "Jaws"

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Finally. a refreshing category about the movies.


I'll include the beautiful Debra Paget in both "Broken Arrow" and "Bird of Paradise".

Also Vivien Leigh on the porch in "Gone With the Wind", Ava Gardner in "The Killers", Harlow in "Red Dust", Gene Tierney in "Leave Her to Heaven", Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like It Hot", Joan Crawford in "Rain" and Tyrone Power in "Son of Fury", although Gable has it down pat in "Gone With the Wind".

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I thought of that first shot of Clark Gable in "Gone With The Wind",where the camera follows the staircase down to Rhett Butler,but I didn't post it because as many times as I've seen this movie,I wasn't sure that that was the first shot of him in it! (I hope they don't revoke my "GWTW" secret decoder ring!)

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