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please help me find


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i have been looking for this movie forever,since i was a child when i seen it and never knew the title. i know it stared jane wymann and i think she was going thru a divorce and getting married again.but any way i think she was trying to make this man jealous by coming out of her shell.she got a leopard outfit and went to a party and got up and sang and danced and the line that she said was "honey this is where you separate the men from the boys''.I know this is a blk/white movie and maybe made in the 40's. i was just a kid when i seen it on the 9am movie. ive been dying to find this movie and hope that i can get it. if anyone has any info please send it to me @ mamawscrazy@yahoo.com. God willing someone will remember this movie also.til then i'll be waiting. thank you so very much!

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It sounds like Let's Do It Again (1953). That was a musical, and Jane Wyman did

sing and dance in this. I don't remember a leopard outfit, but I do remember that

she and the ex-husband kept doing things to make each other jealous.

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