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Beauty in later years?

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Submitted for your approval: Charlotte Rampling. She was born in 1946. I saw her do a nude scene in a 2000 French film entitled "Sous le sable" (Under the Sand). Unless there was some Academy-Award-caliber CGI being used, it's apparent that at the age of 54 she's as attractive now as she ever was when she started making movies in the mid-sixties.

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JAMES GARNER. Are you serious???


The man's had serious health problems over the past fifteen years or so and doesn't resemble the handsome leading man he once was. In fact, I never thought I'd live to see the day when someone with the looks of James Garner would begin to resemble an actor like Ed Asner.


MURPHY'S ROMANCE was 22 years ago and he was already in his late 50s. I saw him in a commercial lately and if they hadn't revealed his name I wouldn't have known who he was.



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I agree about Audrey Hepburn, she had great genes.She managed to keep her lithe figure and her glowing eyes, she was the epitome of grace and elegance.


Another actress that I would like to mention is Raquel Welch, she is like wine, gets better with aging.

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Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas looked great in that last movie that they did together. Of course Kirk Douglas looks a lot older now. Paul Newman of course looks great.

Sophia Loren and Ann Margaret looked great in "Grumpier Old Men".

Elizabeth Taylor looked great at times until just here lately. Gloria Swanson was supposed to be playing a washed up silent star in "Sunset Blvd." , but she was only 50 in real life and she actually looked great. Not that 50 is the least bit aged, but she had a great figure and looked very tight, for that day and time. Plastic surgery wasn't all that it is today of course, so she held up very well.

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