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Any fans of Dolores del Rio - The Most Beautiful Woman on Screen!


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Any fans or admirers of Dolores del Rio? I hardly ever hear discussions on her maybe because she wasn't in many hits in Hollywood and I don't think she worked with many well-known legends but I at least thought her beauty would be a constant topic of dicussion. She was called "One of the Most Beautiful Women to Grace the American screen.?


I only seen very little of her films but read a lot about her being the most beautiful of Hollywood. I was reading a movie magazine from 1935 talking about how she sat alone and never had friends because people were so intimidated by her beauty, men and women. I think she had a perfect face and not too many could argue there then I see her in her later years and she still looks beautiful. Being Mexican held her back from getting substantial roles since Hollywood couldn't un-ethnic-ized her like they did Rita Hayworth. But she went back to her country and became a well-loved movie star of her country. I would love to hear more talk of her. Could any movie or TV star on the screen today play her in a movie? I doubt it. Well, maybe Eva Longoria. She's gorgeous but she would need extensive makeup done to look like Dolores. I hear Dolores was a humble, down to earth, and truly talented actress who didn't live through her beauty and didn't want others to base who she truly was and whether she was a good actress or not by her beauty. She cared highly about how she looked but not obsessively like Maria Montez. Dolores tried very hard to prove she could act just like Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Myrna Loy and Olivia de Havilland but being Mexican and beautiful kept her from that in Hollywood and she continued to be stereotyped because of her race and color but she attain what she wanted in her country.

I read how she was made to look lighter in her movies but in real life she was tan brown like most Mexicans are which was another problem she had in Hollywood since Hollywood had prejudice against people of color. I always found this ridiculous since tanning among white stars was (and still) popular yet Hollywood discriminated against naturally tanned people. It doesn't make sense!


Dolores was a friend of Marlene Dietrich, who thought Dolores was "the most beautiful woman in Hollywood".


Author Maggie Van Ostrand said of Dolores In a magazine interview, I was asked who had the most beautiful face of all time. I unhesitatingly answered, "Dolores Del Rio."

Not Garbo, Dietrich, or Elizabeth Taylor can compare with Dolores Del Rio. Though only five foot three inches in height, Dolores del Rio appeared to be tall on cinema screens all over the world. Sinuous and sensual, she was widely regarded as the female version of Rudolph Valentino.

Her ageless beauty and famous complexion were the source of envy among female colleagues in Hollywood. Today, we have plastic surgery and Botox, but Dolores Del Rio maintained her looks solely through a self-invented diet and exercise program, diligently followed.

There are many kinds of beauty, I know, but for traditional drop dead gorgeousness, no one has ever come close to Dolores Del Rio.


Another movie critic said, "Dolores Del Rio was SO striking in her looks, that it

took me a while to appreciate her acting ability."


Clark Gable was asked once what leading lady he would have loved to work with or with again and he said Dolores del Rio.


In Hollywood she had some hits but most popular and admired as one of the most beautiful women on screen. Orson Welles said she was the most exciting, beautiful woman he ever met (but he said that about other women too.) She has to be one of the most underrated beautiful women ever and very talented actress as well, believe it or not. Her skin, eyes, cheekbones, and hair were stunningly beautiful.

I hope when I'm older I look like how she looked in her 60's!!! She also gets my vote as most beautiful older star! How many women can claim that!? If you google her name and look in images you'll see some great photos.


Here's a link of some great pics. http://images.google.com/images?svnum=10&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=doloresdelrio&spell=1


TCM please show more of her movies. So I can applaud her on her acting instead of being superficial and applauding just her beauty. It's a huge injustice for her to be remembered just as beautiful. I don't want her to be looked at as shallow lacking substance and significance outside of beauty. Because she truly was a good versatile actress who just happen to be beautiful.


Any thoughts on her acting or beauty? I thought it would be nice to give her some due recognition.

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I can't help it I love beauty. I've been here quite a while and just doing my part giving someone some recognition. I'm not the only one obsessed with beauty. I knew I started too many threads but I just had to add a thread on Dolores who is rarely discussed. This isn't just about beauty but a thread about her and hopefully fans would respond with their thoughts. I don't know what a troll is or care. Could you point out where it says in the rules that there's a limit to how many threads could be started or that I couldn't discuss beauty of different types inward and outward?


I just express my feelings you can either read them or ignore them. If you get offended that's your insecurity because I only tell it like it is whether you want to believe it or not it can be proven. I guess some need thicker skin because if you get provoked just reading stuff you don't have to over the net you need help. If you have something personally to say to me, private message me or keep it to yourself don't try to change the topic of discussion. You got freedom on the net to read or not read what you want, just don't click on threads I start if you don't care or agree.

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I never called myself divawriter. What a liar you are! Outlandish racial accusations?Who did I accuse? All I said about Blacks treatment in movies were true the proof is in the past. So we truly know who needed help. I was telling the stories of many blacks in films so it's their racial accusation not mine. So you calling them a liar? You can't prove anything I said was false. You just don't want to believe it because maybe your the type. Your jealous of Dolores del Rio getting some discussion and not your Hedy Lamarr so you start something here to take the attention off the topic. Very clever. Your too pathetic to PM me to explain why you said what you said so you start something here why didn't you say anything before when I was talking race? Just waiting for the moment to start something, huh? I'll start another thread for us if your want to argue.

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Dolores Del Rio has always been one of my top 5 screen beauties and following are Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor, Hedy Lamarr, and Ava Gardner. Her Mexican productions are a sight to see. I don't understand Spanish but who cares when you?re watching her. Hubba Hubba! For an older woman she's a triple Hubba, Hubba, Hubba! ;)

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I have a list of "have to see" movies. Dolores Spanish movies are on my list. I watched Marlene Dietrich's German picture "Blue Angel" and I couldn't understand the language but who cares I understood the talent, passion, and emotions. I be trying to sing "Falling in Love Again" in German.


Still here Rocky? You sure are rocky in the head! Have fun typing to yourself!

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You hit the jackpot w/ me because when I was growing up in Houston there was a local spanish station and since my Mom is Puerto-Rican she would always watch the Saturday classics and lo and behold she introduced me to the very talented Dolores Del Rio. By the same token she did the same with Pedro Armendariz and another one but I forgot his name, I'll get back to you on that one.The spanish classics were just as glorious as the english ones and sometimes more so. I didn't even know spanish back then but I still was enthralled. Dolores always played down and out roles or romantic leads.I remember her very well and yes she was very beautiful.I figure I had the best of both worlds.

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Thanks for coming back on an actual title.All of this talk about latin actors reminds me of Jorge Rivero who played a cowboy in I believe a John Wayne movie in the sixties, does this ring a bell for you?He was so hot and manly!!Should definitely be put in the to swoon for category.

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Can you give us the names of the movies from your collection? I would like to buy a couple for my collection.Other latin actors worth mentioning are;Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante,Maria Felix,Katy Gurado ,a.k.a. the ex-Mrs. Ernest Borgnine.All of these were the greats of Mexican classics and are worth watching.

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Thanks for letting me/us know of her films. I like how she felt as though she wasn't too beautiful to play the down and out roles. I think through those roles she showed her true talent of acting. She could play seductresses and romantic roles perfectly but I think she's better in roles outside her comfort zone. How many other beauties would tone down a little for a role? I feel you can't be a beauty in every role that's not a true actress and Dolores could change her look but beauty still shows cause she just had it naturally. She played other exotic, foreign women besides Spanish women effectively also.


What Hollywood leading male would have been great with Dolores? Of course, I think Clark Gable and Dolores would have had great chemistry together. I would like to have seen her with Cesar Romero also.


I was reading online her first two husbands were gay and she could possibly have been bi-sexual and her and her partners just married to keep up appearances to hide their actual sexual oreintation. Her first gay husband committed suicide and she had a nervous breakdown over that. Rumor has it Dolores and Dietrich and Anna May Wong had a fling. Later, her affair with Orson Welles ended when he fell for younger Rita Hayworth and she had a breakdown over that plus her husband divorced her after that. She went back home to Mexico. I didn't know she had many law suits against her from wives and husbands for supposedly ruining marriages.

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I enjoyed the Mexican series last year. I recorded half of all the series. Since were in the midst of DVD box sets of classic stars, wouldn't it be nice to have a DVD collection of Dolores Del Rio? By the way, you can also add dancing to her talent; she danced divinely in "Wonder Bar!"

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Dolores was a magnificent beauty, I think almost every would agree to that. She was actually very popular in Hollywood, she went to all the best "A" list parties, there are tons of photos of her at this party and that one in the old movie magazines and in movie books. I think everyone was impressed by her grace and poise. I haven't read any of the books just about her but there are two with excellent chapters on her MORE FABULOUS FACES and the fairly recent THE POWER OF GLAMOUR. I have her LA OTRA on DVD and unfortunately it's in Spanish without subtitles so I can't quite understand but she is still just as stunning at 40 in this picture as she was in her early silents in her early 20s.


And I think she is underrated actress. Her EVANGELINE silent is about the most moving love story I have ever seen. Such a heartbreaking tragedy. This is Garbo material and here Dolores equals any performance Greta ever did along these lines.

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> Dolores was a magnificent beauty, I think almost

> every would agree to that. I haven't read any of the books

> just about her but there are two with excellent

> chapters on her MORE FABULOUS FACES and the fairly



> And I think she is underrated actress. Her

> EVANGELINE silent is about the most moving love story

> I have ever seen. Such a heartbreaking tragedy.

> This is Garbo material and here Dolores equals any

> performance Greta ever did along these lines.


Three or four years ago I bought an interesting book (on Amazon.com), that is kind of a sociological overview of Dolore's career, titled "The Invention of Dolores del R?o", written by Joanne Hershfield, classified as Film/Race and Ethnic Studies. Also available secondhand from marketplace sellers at that site, I noticed the existence of a book titled "The Films of Dolores del R?o". Last but not least, there's a very comprehensive collection of three slim paperback books, titled simply "Dolores del R?o" volumes I, II and III, by David Ram?n. It's written in Spanish though.


I agree with you in that "Evangeline" is one of the most beautiful and romantic Silents ever filmed. One of the very first Silents I watched and enjoyed thoroughly. A masterpiece.


It's great that TCM has the rights to many of Dolores' 1930s RKO Radio produced films. I have yet to see her in "Flying Down To Rio"and I'll buy the Astaire-Rogers Vol II Collection in order to do so.


Dolores has also been one of my favorite actresses of all time, she was so classy, beautiful, elegant, talented, sympathetic towards others, she was part of certain intellectual circles in Mexico, had social consciousness, etc. Diego Rivera dis a wonderful painting of her and so other artists.


I enjoyed her performance in "Bird of Paradise" with Joel McCrea. Such a sexy picture and they have so much chemistry onscreen. She was ravishing too in "Wonder Bar" and "Madame Du Barry".


I'd love to see her in "Trail of '98", "Resurrection", "The Bad One" and "Girl of the Rio", "Ramona", "Gateway of the Moon" and "Journey Into Fear". Have not seen most of her Mexican, Argentinian and Spanish films, and it's a shame because I live in a Spanish speaking country and I have easier access to those pictures.


Dolores never aged, never looked her age, she looked fabulous until her death. She led a healthy life. She was great in later films such as "The Fugitive" (such a poetic masterpiece), "Once Upon a Time", as Omar Sharif's mother, "The Flaming Star", as Elvis Presley's mum, "Cheyenne Autumn", one the most elegant Native American Ladies ever....


Paramountt. I've been wanting to buy "Four Fabulous Faces..." and "More Fabulous Faces,,,", bot by Larry Carr, for a long time. Are they really good, or their value lie on the beautiful photos? Thanks for the feedback.

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