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Colleen Moore


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Was Colleen Moore more popular in silents or early talkie? I believe her prime was her silents. She was a Flapper along with Clara Bow and Louise Brooks. Colleen Moore and Louise Brooks had the same bob hair style, so who popularized it first?

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote of her: "I was the spark that lit up Flaming Youth, Colleen Moore was the torch. What little things we are to have caused all that trouble".

It's said that her and Clara Bow was the personification of Roaring Twenties. Anyone agree? I'm new to her work. Is she as good as Clara Bow?

Could someone recommend a good movie of her's? Thanks

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Colleen Moore was already pretty famous around the world, before anyone had ever even heard of Louise Brooks, and very few people likely knew who Clara Bow was either. Sadly many of her films have been lost, or have chunks missing from them! Such is the case with her smash hit comedy ELLA CINDERS (1926).


Miss Moore was indeed a very big Silent Star! She was making a whopping $12,500 per week, plus a large percentage of the profits on her films by the Mid 1920's! Now just think of what kind of a sum that would be equivalent to today! She had great charisma on screen, a vibrant personality, and she was a wonderful pantomimist!


TCM has run at least one Colleen Moore film, this would be the World War One drama LILAC TIME (First National, 1928), with Gary Cooper. My information says this title did air on TCM, a couple of times between 1996, and 1998.


This must have been the rarely seen Thames restoration of the film, because I am pretty certain that they did not air the seriosly degraded looking print found on the Critics Choice Video release? Unfortunately, I did not have TCM until May of 1999, and since then I have never seen this picture run on the station at all! Not even once?


I would love to see it shown again, because this was a very big Silent film, which produced the haunting melody, and popular standard "JENNIE I DREAM OF LILAC TIME" from it's original theatrical score! Both with recorded music, and on the scoring sheet's that were provided to theaters. Since the film was released in two versions! Silent, and also with a recorded musical and effects track.

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Here is some more info for Colleen Moore fans: she was good friends with King Vidor. She also wrote a very good autobiography (I'm sorry but cannot recall the title). She was famous for her creation of miniature doll houses. One of her doll houses is at a museum in Chicago; I believe it is the Museum of Science & Industry. I don't know if it is still an exhibit there but I know it was there in the 1960s & 1970s. I also think I read in her book that she felt she was the first with the bob haircut. I, too, would be very interested in seeing her "Ella Cinders" and "Lilac Time."

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