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What Classic Star Needs A Book Written About Them?

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Actually, I remember reading the Truman Capote charge too.


Although IIRC, it was Capote himself who claimed this...and he had a long and colorful history of claiming sexual involvement with people he didn't know at all, or barely knew.


None of the legitimate Flynn biographers believe this for a nanosecond. Shoot, Flynn was much too busy chasing WOMEN to get involved with any men, even if he were so inclined. Which he wasn't. :P

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By far the most entertaining autobiography of a star I've EVER read is Errol Flynn's autobiography: "My Wicked, Wicked Ways". This book is HILARIOUS. Although it does have a couple of very grim passages that really tear your heart out too.


I see that you mention Errol Flynn as a favorite. If you are a Flynn fan, you simply MUST read this book.


I've recommended it to a couple of folks 'round here, and everyone who has read it found it highly entertaining.


However, do keep in mind that Flynn was not above 'stretching the truth' while telling his stories. These are not malicious lies or important misrepresentations or anything. In fact, most of these little fabrications make him look worse instead of better - Flynn was never shy about saying exactly what he thought - even about himself.


But Errol did have a tendancy to improve the comic value of any story - purely for entertainment purposes. And like I said, there is a very high level of entertainment value in this book.

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GingerRogers--there is a recent bio of the Bennett sisters. It's very good--I read it this past year. I can't remember the exact name of it, though...Their father was a well-known stage actor, and the book covers the careers of the whole family, with the most emphasis on Joan and Constance.


Sandy K


*after I posted, I see that moira already wrote an excellent sypnosis of this book--The Bennetts: An Acting Family. I should've read all the messages before replying!


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A FRANK MORGAN bio would be terrific! He came from a very large family I understand and I'd love to read more about his life with them, and how he entered show business and films.


Also, how about a bio on EDNA MAE OLIVER?


What I'd really enjoy reading is a book devoted to leading character people of the 30's and 40's -- an in depth work and not stuff rehashed from other sources.

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I'm with you on Edna Mae, Jack. TCM has done a short 5 minute bio on her but she was so amazing I'm sure a whole hour could easily be done. I especially liked her in 'Drums Along the Mohawk' with the indians and the bed, but I never saw her in anything I didn't get a kick out of. (never end with a preposition!)

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Yes, she certainly was a "Character". I haven't yet seen her in a film, and am looking forward to it.


Don't worry too much about ending sentences with a preposition, anne, or you might end up with this sort of bafflegab:


People who persist on using their cellular phones while driving is something up with which I refuse to put.


Correctness has its limits.

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I refused to believe any thing that the jerk wrote about Erroll. It is funny that

the stuff came out only after he was dead and could not defend himself. I just read about the incident where he was suppose to drup Olivia De Haviland on the Gone with the wind Train and he rapped her. That does not sound like a **** to me. I do not know if it is true but it is interesting.

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Linda Darnell HAS a biography out that is in print and available from most web booksellers (ie: Amazon.com).


Ann Sheridan has an academic book/study on her career but it's very pricey (around $75).


Olivia De Havilland has been the subject of two books (a FILMS OF book and a paperback career study that is wonderful) both published back in the 70's and not in print. Besides the SISTERS book that is a duel biography on her and Joan Fontaine, Olivia did write a memoir around 1961 about her life in France called EVERY FRENCHMAN HAS ONE. None of these books are that easy to find being they are all decades old but you probably can find them on ebay or book websites eventually.


Claudette Colbert has had two books on her life and I'm told there is one in the works right now by a film historian. I don't know who his publisher is or any details when it's coming out.

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Marsha Hunt wrote a autobiography/coffee table photo book about film fashions called THE WAY WE WORE. It is a very big book and pricey but I know one Marsha fan who has it and she loves it and did not regret paying the hefty price. I think it was $50 when it came out and if it's out of print now you may have to pay more - or less possibly.

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I'm a new TCM message board poster. I've just sold a book on the life of Robert Taylor to a California publisher & expect it on the shelves before next year's holiday season. I'm paying particular attention to his HUAC period.


I posted a thread elsewhere in this forum -- Any Robert Taylor Fans? -- & have given note as to his participation in that period. He did not call anyone a communist. Many don't realize that the actual Communist Party membership cards were produced during the hearings, which for all purposes showed those up who WERE members, ie, were communists, to be exactly that. Taylor was asked if anyone caused a ruckus during Screen Actor Guild meetings. He said there were a few people. He was asked for the names of those people, & he did name, at that point, Howard Da Silva & Karen Morley.


It's all a very divisive issue. The term "blacklist" was a double-edged sword. Card-carrying communists working in Hollywood prior to the committee mtgs blacklisted non-communists from working certain projects. All depends on what one believes in, really. Robert Taylor was a "Mom & Apple Pie" type American, in the same mold as Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Ward Bond, etc, etc, & yet he was the only one who's appearance was on film & announced ahead of time, creating a publicity nightmare. No one's ever satisfactorily explained why he was put in the position he was put in, & he was the only one. This ultimately, in many ways, blacklisted HIM into eternity. . . . There's so much more to this story than has yet been brought into the open.


Thx -- Linda Alexander

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