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Upcoming shorts on TCM


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6/27 - 7/3: All times Eastern and subject to change -


6/27, 7:14pm EST - "Rhuma Rhythm"

6/27, 9:46pm EST - "Madero of Mexico"

6/28, 12:46pm EST - "Lest We Forget"

6/28, 7:47pm EST - "Stop, Look and Listen"

6/28, 9:31pm EST - "Lion Power"

6/29, 9:10am EST - "Lest We Forget"

6/29, 10:53am EST - "Show Business"

6/29, 4:19pm EST - "Ripley's Believe It Or Not #1"

6/29, 11:49pm EST - "Lions On the Loose"

6/30, 6:02am EST - "The Camera Speaks"

6/30, 9:33am EST - "Service With a Smile"

6/30, 5:38am EST - "Red Noses"

7/1, 5:40am EST - "Air Tight"

7/1, 7:46am EST - "So You Want To Be On the Radio"

7/1, 9:49am EST - "Milky Way"

7/2, 5:49pm EST - "Dixie Hails Gone With The Wind"

7/3, 10:35am EST - "The Knockout"

7/3, 12:40pm EST - "Donkey Baseball"

7/3, 5:04pm EST - "Emergency Doctor"

7/3, 9:45pm EST - "Electrical Power"

7/4, 12:18am EST - "Thrills of Yesterday"

7/4, 5:40am EST - "Maids A La Mode"

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Thanks for the info. I read your other posts and found out you work for TCM. I think it will help but could you please tell Sully what short was on after Macao. I'm not sure if it was a short he thinks he watch the wrong movie but I think he got the end of a short about football and gangsters but I didn't see it so I can't tell him. I don't think he knows about shorts because he said it wasn't Macao and he thinks it was a movie in it's place. but maybe you could put the short info in Hot Topics or general disscussion so more people will know about it.

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If I may I join the chorus of thanks for this post. That you all at TCM are taking the time to give us this insider info is a great gesture. Thanks Alot!


Now, who knows anything about these shorts scheduled to be shown Sunday, July 2nd after the Silent Sunday Night feature? What is their significance? I assume they are ealy attempts at talking pictures. Am I right?



BW-4 mins,


BW-10 mins,


BW-0 mins,


BW-8 mins,


BW-7 mins,


BW-9 mins,


BW-4 mins,


BW-10 mins,




Kyle In Hollywood

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I believe those were the shorts that were shown at the premiere of Don Juan; the first Vitaphone picture. Vitaphone was the new sound process that synchonized music and sound effects to the image. Many of those shorts feature some of the great classical musicians of that time. The violinist Mischa Elman plays Anton?n Dvor?k's Humoresque; Caruso passed the tenor baton to Giovanni Martinelli, and here he sings the famous "Vesti La Giubba" from Leoncavallo's opera I Pagliacci (the sad clown aria). Efrem Zimbalist was a great conductor, but now is known more as the father of Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. and the grandfather to Stephanie Zimbalist.


Looks like a cool series!

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7/4 - 7/8: All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change -


7/4, 12:18am EST - "Thrills of Yesterday"

7/4, 5:40am EST - "Maids A La Mode"

7/4, 7:46pm EST - "Fancy Answers"

7/5, 4:39am EST - "Flag of Humanity"

7/5, 7:50am EST - "Inklings"

7/5, 9:34am EST - "Live Ghost"

7/5, 1:41pm EST - "Glimpses of Florida"

7/5, 3:51pm EST - "Surf Bored Cats"

7/5, 5:36pm EST - "Going to Blazes"

7/6, 3:16am EST - "The Rock"

7/6, 6:08am EST - "Love Fever"

7/6, 2:04pm EST - "Ain't It Aggravatin'?"

7/6, 5:33pm EST - "Drafty Isn't It"

7/6, 5:46pm EST - "So You Want To Be a Salesman"

7/6, 9:33pm EST - "Hollywood Scout"

7/7, 3:48am EST - "Old Shep"

7/7, 11:46pm EST - "Portrait of an Actor"

7/8, 3:38am EST - "Catch as Catch Can"

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I would like to thank you on behalf of the Hal Roach fans for posting the times we can set the vcr od dvd player to record these shorts.The hottest topic on the TCM boards is TCM getting the Hal Roach library and by far, these(in my opinion) are your biggest collection of short subjects in the TCM library and we hope that TCM will treat and give great exposure to the HR library.


Thank you TCM for making me laugh again :-)



Will TCM be showing in the near future, the Charley Chase talkies?

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MGMWBRKO, that is execellent news and thanks for taking the time from your schedule to respond to my post.So far, TCM has shown shorts that wasn't shown, when the Roach comedies aired on the Hallmark Channel years ago and several of them I have never seen before.


In regards to the Charley Chase sound comedies(and if you may be able to answer this question)as a film historian and comedy researcher, the rarest Chase titles(from the sound era)that survive and is restored, is two of the 1929 releases, including "THE BIG SQUAWK" and one of the most sought after Chase talkies among his loyal fans, is "SNAPPY SEEZER" which co-stars Thelma Todd.


I ask you MGMWBRKO, will these two extremely rare 1929 Chase sound comedies, be included, once the other Roach film library airs within the next few months?


LOL. Please show these two comedies in the future TCM. :-)

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I want to thank you for letting us know about the upcoming shorts.


This is invaluable information for all of us who keep a sharp eye out for the times in between the features.


We've been asking for this for a long time!


Kudos and many thanks!



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Speaking of comedy shorts in TCM's holdings, how about the Roscoe "Fatty"Arbuckle sound shorts he made at Vitaphone from 1932 to 1933.Since Arbuckle is making a major comeback with today's audiences(dvd collections, month long screen tributes)how about TCM capitalize on Arbuckle with airing his Vitaphone shorts?I have had TCM for eight years and I have only seen on of his shorts(Buzzin Around) on TCM and will we be seeing any of his sound shorts anytime soon on TCM?

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Krazy -


I have asked this same thing a while ago along with all the Three Stooges related shorts that come under the MGM - Vitaphone umbrella.


I'd love to see an hour each Saturday or Sundayt morning devoted just to shorts. I don't think that's a lot to ask.



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7/8 - 7/12, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


7/8, 3:38am EST - "Catch as Catch Can"

7/8, 9:17am EST - "Important News"

7/8, 11:03am EST - "Asleep In the Feet"

7/8, 11:51pm EST - "Assault and Flattery"

7/8, 3:40pm EST - "Island Windjammers"

7/8, 11:39pm EST - "Gypsy Sweetheart"

7/9, 7:34am EST - "Alum and Eve"

7/9, 11:43am EST - "Who Killed Who?"

7/9, 5:39pm EST - "A Gun In His Hand"

7/9, 9:45pm EST - "Heavenly Puss"

7/9, 11:54pm EST - Hollywood Hist-o-rama: Eric Von Stroheim"

7/10, 7:37am EST - "One Track Minds"

7/10, 5:12pm EST - "To The Coast of Devon"

7/10, 10:05pm EST - "Oliver! - Featurette"

7/11, 5:36am EST - "Tour of the Bounty - Featurette"

7/11, 5:48am EST - "I Love My Husband, But!"

7/11, 7:20am EST - "Hot News Margie"

7/11, 8:50am EST - "Opening Night"

7/11, 6:55pm EST - "Jimmy Fund - Debbie Reynolds"

7/12, 5:43am EST - "The Greatest Gift"

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MGMWBRKO- I want to thank you so much for showing what shorts are coming on. The past few years I've been asking why the shorts weren't in the schedules. I'm glad your here posting the showing of shorts. You don't know how much I and many others truly appreciate it. I'm a huge fan of musical Vitaphone shorts featuring singers, dancers and groups who aren't known today but popular in their time and through these shorts they got to introduce their new songs and dances with a short story built around it, they were kind of like a MTV music video. I love discovering new gems. It was like a treasure happening to tune into TCM and seeing a short and scramming to find a blank VHS or DVD to record. It gave me a rush but it's better seeing what's coming on and to be ready for it since I usually always got the last end of a short.

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"Hot News Margie" is going to air on Tuesday?Cool, I thought that was a very funny short and now I can get a chance to tape it..Thanks MGMWBRKO for showing this extremely rare Vitaphone comedy one reeler and special thanks for taking the time to put out the the schedule and keep up the great work.


But here's something weird, in all the years I grew up watching the Hal Roach sound films, on regular tv or cable, one Roach sound series that usually get's left out on any tv roster, is the Harry Langdon comedies he made for Roach between 1929 to 1930.Langdon's earliest sound work he made at Roach, is not that great, compare to his great silent work, but his sound shorts are enjoyable and should be seen on TCM, now that they have the Roach library in their line-up.


I agree that TCM should have a weekly Roach series, but TCM will be adding the other Roach(Charley Chase, Taxi Boys, etc, etc)this fall and hopefully we can see a series of the classic Roach films.

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Dear fellow Ladies and Gents on TCM,


Greetings! I haven't looked into this for years, and I need to find certain episodes for my collection. Does TCM still show Our Gang / The Little Rascals shorts from the Roach and MGM years? If so or not, do you know how or where I can find them?




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7/12 - 7/16, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


7/12, 5:43am EST - "The Greatest Gift"

7/12, 10:49am EST - "Game Warden"

7/12, 1:22pm EST - "Constance Bennett's Daily Beauty Ritual"

7/12, 5:48pm EST - "Strikes and Spares"

7/13, 3:06am EST - "Prisoner of Swing" (w/ June Allyson)

7/13, 1:47pm EST - "The Hard Guy"

7/13, 7:42pm EST - "Movie Pests"

7/14, 11:17am EST - "Cinderella Meets a Fella"

7/14, 7:20pm EST - "An Optical Poem"

7/14, 9:44pm EST - "Blackboard Jumble"

7/15, 1:44am EST - "Desert Regatta"

7/15, 7:37am EST - "There'll Always Be an England"

7/15, 9:33am EST - "High Gear"

7/15, 4:45am EST - "Challenge of Champions" (Grand Prix featurette)

7/16, 9:20am EST - "All Girl Revue" (w/ June Allyson)

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