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Upcoming shorts on TCM

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Just in case anyone's interested, the serial Atom Man vs. Superman ended about 11:05am today, not 11:30. At 11:10, TCM showed the Hal Roach short "Benny from Panama (1934)", a musical comedy starring Eddie Foy, Jr. Unfortunately it wasn't in MGMWBRKO's most recent list.

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Since Atom Man Vs. Superman started, they've only been showing 4 parts instead of 5 like they did with the first Superman serial, and that is leaving about 15-20 minutes to fill. I guess they're doing it to spread the serial over 4 weeks instead of 3. Since there are only 3 chapters left next week, there should be at least 30 minutes to fill.

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I was curious to see that 1934 Ritz Brothers short (Hotel Anchovy), but found it pretty disappointing. For one thing, it was made by Educational Pictures, the bottom of the barrel in the early sound era.


The sets actually looked pretty good, although it was clear most of them were sets and not some sort of location shots. You could see walls and desks moving around as people bumped into them... I would expect real walls and hotel desks were sturdier than that.


The character actors were sub-par for comedy shorts, but the real problem was the Ritz Brothers themselves- a second rate, supposedly "zany"Marx Brothers imitators. But little they did was really funny.


They looked like song and dance men rather than comics, and none seemed to have a real comic persona. Wheeler and Woolsey were a lot funnier.

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I was able to record Benny but I missed the other one.I hope they show the shorts again because I missed alot of them Why are you asking? I personally do alot of recording for. my personal use but my DVD's hold 2 hours and I don't like to waste space say I like the shorts so I can finalize them.I would prefer to record them myself because I don't know what the rules are about dealing with other people.

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MaryS -


As long as we aren't exchanging money there isn''t a problem.


I recorded "Beauty And The Bus" and "Meeting the Challenge: International

Velvet" (1978) .


If you recorded Benny from Panama (1934) at SP or HQ speed I'd be interested in trading.


Please let me know.



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I recorded Benny in SP actually I got it because I recorded Superman then Cartoon Alley because the DVD in SP has 2 hours.that's why I have Benny .Would you want it separated because my recorder sets chapter marks every 6 min.Also another thing I noticed about the boards. Why don't some of the people on the boards get together and figure out what shorts they have because if TCM isn't showing them again maybe as a Community it would be better for instance I have99.9 % of Bargain Of The Century The Todd/Pitts short at least I think that's what it's called but I'm missing the last line I know ToddFan was asking about it. on another forum. I have Meeting but I'm interested in Bus.I'd be willing to send you Benny first

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12/5 2:05pm/11:05a- Visiting St. Louis 1945-9m-TT


Hi! Could this possibly be for 12/4 and not the 5th? St Louis Blues is scheduled for 12/4 at 2:15, but on 12/5 Rancho Notorious starts at 2, making more sense to show this short before St Louis Blues, esp with that start time. ????


As always, a million thanks for the time taken to list the shorts for us!


Ohhhhh also just noticed that the Tom Edison short will probably follow the movie, which is on this morning (the 4th).


And 5:48pm/2:48p - Seeing Hands 1943-11m-PSS would seem to be a companion short to The Miracle Worker, also on today. Yes, the dates must be wrong for these particular shorts.




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12/4 - 12/9, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


12/4, 1:26am EST - Copy

12/4, 7:48am EST - Servant of Mankind

12/4, 2:05pm EST - Visiting St. Louis

12/4, 5:48pm EST - Seeing Hands

12/5, 7:49am EST - Zimbalist and Bauer

12/5, 11:48am EST - The Hard Guy

12/6, 7:39am EST - Infantile Paralysis

12/6, 11:46am EST - You, John Jones!

12/6, 5:39pm EST - The Singing Nun (Featurette)

12/6, 10:48pm EST - World Famous Musical Hits

12/7, 10:36am EST - We're In the Money

12/7, 6:47pm EST - Every Sunday

12/9, 5:36am EST - George Hall and His Orchestra

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Please refer to my previous post for info on today's remaining shorts that were incorrectly listed for tomorrow.


I'm leaving out the acronym list this time to save space, they can still be found in my previous post.


I think Zimbalist & Bauer is one of the early Vitaphone sync-sound films. Can somebody confirm this?


12/5 7:49am/4:49a - Zimbalist and Bauer 1926-9m-M

12/5 11:48am/8:48a- The Hard Guy 1930-6m-drama (Spencer Tracy)


12/6 7:39am/4:39a - Infantile Paralysis 1944-?m-doc (Greer Garson)

12/6 11:46am/8:46a- You, John Jones! 1943-11m-WWII (James Cagney)

12/6 5:39pm/2:39p - The Singing Nun (Featurette) 1966-?m-MOD

12/6 10:48pm/7:48p- World Famous Musical Hits 2000-9m-M


12/7 10:36am/7:36a- We're In the Money 1933-7m-LT

12/7 6:47pm/3:47p - Every Sunday 1936-11m-M (Judy Garland)


12/9 5:36am/2:36a - George Hall and His Orchestra 1936-11m-M


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Did anyone get Sneak Easily Todd/Pitts or Kick-Off or Love Fever. Nobody I chatted with has . I've never seen Sneak Easily but I think that's the only Todd/Pitts I missed or did we all miss them.

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I am starting to love the Todd/Kelly shorts so much that I would buy a VCR tape of them....also Todd/Pitts - I will have to check this out...

The latest (Beauty and the Bus). Is this where they won a new car,a Ford Model A roadster ?, and proceeded to demolish it , scene by scene ???

This is better than AlBundy(Married with Children) quality humor, and we need more of this today....

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