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Upcoming shorts on TCM

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Sorry - TCM does not have Home Video rights to

the Hal Roach library. Those are retain by RHI/Crown



Yes, that makes sense. However, what about all the others that you guys do own? 10-12 years ago, Turner issued the two Vitaphone sets and the two MGM Cavalcade sets. Even though a number of the shorts from these sets have appeared on DVD's as extras, they still command a pretty fair price and count amongst my most valuable possessions. Are there any plans to ever do this with DVD sets? If not, do you know what the issues are? Is it one of quality? Or maybe market? I, for one, would love to see some of those Vitaphones issued. Especially things like the Fatty Arbuckle shorts or some of the rare Melody Masters. Not to mention the early 2-color Technicolor shorts. Now there would be a great theme for a DVD. The Wonders of Two Colors. :-)

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I don't know why TCM would show an edited version of "September in the Rain" when TCM advocates authenticity and true to core? Besides, no kids are watching TCM. I would understand edits for CartoonNetwork or Boomerang where the market is generally kids, but the TCM channel? Are we in England, where we edit out all the Tom & Jerry smoking scenes, because it makes kids go into mommys purse and smoke cigarettes? I'm a little disappointed here.... Besides, TCM shows other racial and controversial shorts or movies uncut, what makes this one so special?

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I agree. It is puzzling. The cartoon should have been uncut...Anyways, over 27,000 views. It's pretty obvious shorts are a very popular TCM feature. MGMWBRKO, add me to the highly appreciative fans of this service.


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I assumed that as well Jhickman. It must be convenience that they would use the edited version. However it's a shame to deprive and suppress the original from being shown, especially to first time viewers! I guess a transfer is not so easy these days. Does anyone know what the format for TV airings are? Digibeta?

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> I assumed that as well Jhickman. It must be

> convenience that they would use the edited version.

> However it's a shame to deprive and suppress the

> original from being shown, especially to first time

> viewers! I guess a transfer is not so easy these

> days. Does anyone know what the format for TV

> airings are? Digibeta?


The digital stream over satellite is 480x480 MPEG2. Usually anywhere from 1400 to 2300+ kb/s.

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We work with what we get from Turner Entertainment Co (A wholly owned subsidiary of Warner Bros. Filmed Entertainment.). TEC and WB call the shots not us, they decide what get's mastered, re-mastered, etc. It's their library, we have no say.

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Update on my post from Wednesday night: 12/13 11:46pm/8:46p- September In The Rain 1937-6m-A (Note: this cartoon is usually cut for political incorrectness)


4 minutes, 36 seconds of it were shown tonight! Basically Jolson, and Fred and Ginger. I haven't gotten out my laserdisc yet to see what wasn't shown, but if the very beginning was an indication, then it's understandable....... Neat enough short, but "short" is operative here! :


Turns out (checked my laserdisc) that is one of the shortest cartoons they made, at about 5:45, so only one part was edited - Fats Waller and (kinda hard to tell but I think) Louis Armstrong, right after Fred and Ginger, before the closing shots, a little over a minute. Strange - Jolson in blackface, Aunt Jemima, ok; Waller and Armstrong (but also some very "outrageous" backup singers!), not ok?!


And, people, stay off MGMWBRKO's case: Where would we all have been since June without him? If you're (fairly) new to these boards, hold tight, sit still, take a breather - RELAX!!! and read all that has been going on in this (long in a short time) thread, before you start sounding off!

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I would like to say that with "the Nickel Nusrer", that is was an simple error when it was scheduled on the "shorts list" late last week when ti wasn't shown...I would like to say to you, MGMWBRKO, that I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to respond to this situation and I apperciate you in doing so.True to what you wrote, by saying that you don't have to post the schedule, but you choose to do so for the viewers and that means a lot to me and everyone else.Fans to get a little upset when a programming mistake happens, but sooner or later, you do show the films.


MGMWBRKO, you are a major help to TCM fans and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope that you can continue the great work my friend.

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There is one little question I have for you in regards to the TCM/Hallmark tv deal and I was wondering if this deal includes the Harry Langdon sound comedies? in which he briefly made for Roach during the 1929-1930 season.In the past decades and for some strange reason when a package of the Hal Roach sound shorts are put together for tv, the Langdon talkies are usually left out.

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Thanks for taking the time to post the shorts listing. I have been reading this thread for quite a while, and just registerd to add my voice to the people who appreciate the time and effort you have put into this endevor.



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Here's wishing the best of the Holiday season to MGMWBRKO. Listing the upcoming shorts available on TCM means a lot to a classic shorts buffs like us. Thanks for doing it over and over again! Please run some Joe Penner Vitaphone shorts some time, like WHERE MEN ARE MEN and HERE, PRINCE.

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12/18 - 12/23, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


12/18, 7:49pm EST - Cherry Blossom Time In Japan

12/19, 6:40am EST - It's Your Move

12/19, 9:16am EST - A Cinderella Named Elizabeth

12/19, 1:29pm EST - On the Trail of the Iguana

12/19, 5:52pm EST - Operation Raintree

12/20, 3:03am EST - Alias St. Nick

12/20, 7:12am EST - The Audition

12/20, 8:51am EST - Vitaphone Pictorial Review #60

12/20, 4:32pm EST - Hollywood Newsreel

12/20, 9:37pm EST - Looking at London

12/21, 7:20am EST - An Optical Poem

12/22, 1:32pm EST - The Blue and the Gray

12/22, 4:17pm EST - Pest Control

12/22, 7:43pm EST - Flying Sorceress

12/22, 7:54pm EST - Loews Christmas Greeting

12/22, 9:56pm EST - Silent Night: Judy Garland

12/22, 11:46pm EST - The Night Before Christmas

12/23, 1:42am EST - Goodwill To Men

12/23, 3:15am EST - The She Story

12/23, 5:35am EST - What The Daisy Said

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"It's Your Move" is a remake of the lost Laurel & Hardy film "Hats Off".


12/18 7:49pm/4:49p - Cherry Blossom Time In Japan 1936-7m-TT


12/19 6:40am/3:40a - It's Your Move 1945-17m-EK

12/19 9:16am/6:16a - A Cinderella Named Elizabeth 1965-7m-MOD (A Patch Of Blue)

12/19 1:29pm/10:29a- On the Trail of the Iguana 1964-14m-MOD (Night of the Iguana)

12/19 5:52pm/2:52p - Operation Raintree 1957-5m-MOD (Raintree County)


12/20 3:03am/12:03a- Alias St. Nick 1935-10m-A

12/20 7:12am/4:12a - The Audition 1933-9m-M

12/20 8:51am/5:51a - Vitaphone Pictorial Review #60 1937-?m-

12/20 4:32pm/1:32p - Hollywood Newsreel 1934-9m-doc

12/20 9:37pm/6:37p - Looking at London 1946-10m-TT


12/21 7:20am/4:20a - An Optical Poem 1937-6m-A


12/22 1:32pm/10:32a- The Blue and the Gray 1935-doc-11m

12/22 4:17pm/1:17p - Pest Control 1950-9m-PSS

12/22 7:43pm/4:43p - Flying Sorceress 1956-7m-TJ

12/22 7:54pm/4:54p - Loews Christmas Greeting 1939-3m-(Hardy Family)

12/22 9:56pm/6:56p - Silent Night: Judy Garland 1937-2m-M

12/22 11:46pm/8:46p- The Night Before Christmas 1941-9m-TJ


12/23 1:42am/10:42p - Goodwill To Men 1955-9m-A


12/23 3:15am/12:15a - The She Story 1956-7m-

12/23 5:35am/2:35a - What The Daisy Said 1910-16m-silent (DW Griffith, Mary Pickford)


acronym key:


CC=Charley Chase

CDNP=Crime Does Not Pay



EK=Edgar Kennedy

HM=Historical Mystery

JM=Joe McDoakes

JNPP=John Nesbitt's Passing Parade

LE=Leon Errol

LH=Laurel & Hardy

LT=Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies


MC=Musical Comedy

MOD=Making Of Documentary

PSS=Pete Smith Specialty

RB=Robert Benchley

RKOS=RKO Screenliner

TJ=Tom & Jerry

TK=Todd & Kelly



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Of note to interested parties-


It's Your Move, the Edgar Kennedy two reel short was directed by Hal Yates, who also helmed the lost 1927 Laurel & Hardy short, "Hats Off". It was at the studios of Columbia, RKO and Educational that many craftsmen of the silent era found a new home to continue their film work. Now on the downslide of their careers, many of them refurbished old ideas and reused them. In "It's Your Move", Yates does a quasi remake of "Hats Off", complete with the steps used in Laurel & Hardy's 1932 Oscar Winning three reeler, "The Music Box".


I've always asserted that if a box set of the Laurel & Hardy Shorts would ever come to light, this Edgar Kennedy Short should be included as a bonus feature to give viewers a glimpse into what the lost short from 1927 might have looked like, if only in reference.


Of course, there are scores of instances where one film borrows from another film. How many times did Columbia reuse material or remake complete subjects. It seems that nobody bothered to check on the stealing from one filmmaker to another because these were poverty row films. The only one I can think of is Harold Lloyd. He took action on one of the Three Stooges shorts which was ripped off from one of his features. He sued Columbia and got in his settlement the equivellent to what the Stooges were paid the entire time they worked in shorts at Columbia. So, in essence, the Stooge Comedies broke even during their initial run in theaters. Clyde Bruckman strikes again. Strange but true.

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I just discovered this thread and I've got to thank all of you that post info on this sight. I love shorts and info on which ones will be playing is incredible. I won't miss nearly as many now. Again, thank you. This is why this sight and TCM are a movie lovers paradise!

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thanks for the update Bill, I have updated my post.


also thanks to Halroach16mm for the additional information. Those steps still exist in the Silverlake neighborhood East of Hollywood and were also used by the Three Stooges in "An Ache in Every Stake". There is even a plaque there commemorating the Laurel & Hardy connection.

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