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Upcoming shorts on TCM


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Thanks for the schedule, and for the June Allyson films and shorts. One question: "Challenge of Champions" is listed for 4:45am on the 15th. Has "Journey for Margaret" (4am on the 15th) been replaced or moved? Just wondering if I should set my timer or not. Thanks.

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7/12 - 7/16, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


7/12, 5:43am EST - "The Greatest Gift"

7/12, 10:49am EST - "Game Warden"

7/12, 1:22pm EST - "Constance Bennett's Daily Beauty Ritual"

7/12, 5:48pm EST - "Strikes and Spares"

7/13, 3:06am EST - "Prisoner of Swing" (w/ June Allyson)

7/13, 1:47pm EST - "The Hard Guy"

7/13, 7:42pm EST - "Movie Pests"

7/14, 11:17am EST - "Cinderella Meets a Fella"

7/14, 7:20pm EST - "An Optical Poem"

7/14, 9:44pm EST - "Blackboard Jumble"

7/15, 1:44am EST - "Desert Regatta"

7/15, 7:37am EST - "There'll Always Be an England"

7/15, 9:33am EST - "High Gear"

7/15, 4:45pm EST - "Challenge of Champions" (Grand Prix featurette)

7/16, 9:20am EST - "All Girl Revue" (w/ June Allyson)

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For those who haven't seen them, let me recommend two of this Thursday's shorts - The Hard Guy (1930) starring Spencer Tracy (who exhibits his edge, early in his career) and Pete Smith's Movie Pests (1944), which was nominated for an Academy Award.

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7/16 - 7/21, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


7/16, 9:20am EST - "All Girl Revue" (w/ June Allyson)

7/17, 6:32pm EST - "You, John Jones!"

7/17, 7:32pm EST - "Purity Squad"

7/17, 10:54pm EST - "Professional Reporter"

7/18, 1:43pm EST - "Story of a Dog"

7/18, 3:41pm EST - "Phonies Beware"

7/18, 5:48pm EST - "A Letter From A Soldier"

7/18, 7:49pm EST - "Movie Memories #2"

7/18, 9:37pm EST - "Blood and Thunder"

7/19, 4:49am EST - "Lady, Play Your Mandolin"

7/19, 4:30pm EST - "Let's Talk Turkey"

7/19, 7:33pm EST - "Case of the 20% Federal Admissions Tax"

7/19, 10:47pm EST - "Stop, Look and Listen"

7/20, 1:49am EST - "The Movie Makers: Lolly Madonna War" - Featurette

7/21, 2:50am EST - "Infantile Paralysis: Greer Garson"

7/21, 4:16pm EST - "Screen Actors"

7/21, 6:17pm EST - "So You're Going On a Vacation"

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I was wondering if anyone knows more info about the shorts that are going to be shown? I really like the one reel wonders but there are only certain ones that I would like to record. Is there another webpage somewhere that details one reelers? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.



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'An Optical Poem' at 7:20 Eastern tonight is an abstract animated short by Oscar Fischinger, who was originally hired by Disney to film 'Fantasia.' He was fired when he produced a purely abstract film (part of the synchromism movement of the day) and Disney, as one might expect, preferred pirouetting hippos instead. Fischinger is one of the great Modernist avant garde filmamkers, rooted in Bauhaus and Russian Constructivist design principles. His films are available from Jack Rutberg Gallery in Los Angeles.

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Not sure if there's a site that has info on just shorts. Check the TCM Database first, and IMdB if it's not there. allmovie.com as a last resort, though I hate their new format. There's a great one on Monday, "You, John Jones!" from 1943. Stars James Cagney, Ann Sothern, and Margaret O'Brien. Probably (IMO) the best WWII propaganda short made. If I had seen it in the theater, I would have spent my life savings on War Bonds and signed up at the nearest recruiting station.

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I agree this is my favorite thread and you can not believe on how helpful this has been to my film library big time....


A question for you my friend, MGMWBRKO,


With the current showings of the classic Hal Roach Pitts/Todd, The Boyfriends curently airing on TCM, is the plan to show all of the titles from both series and the other upcoming Roach series?I ask this, because so far you have aired several shorts that didn't air on the Odessey Channel(now the Hallmark Channel)when Leonard Maltin showed the Hal Roach talkies several years ago.


Thanks MGMRKORADIO and a special thanks for airing "Hot News Marge" as that is one very funny one reeler..:-)

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In addition to the online resources

that we gravitate toward these days,

for background and more information

on the short subjects being aired on TCM,

let's consider an old-fashioned book, too.

It's there you will find the real gold.


Check out Leonard Maltin's

_Selected Short Subjects: From Spanky to the Three Stooges_

(De Capo Press, 1983)

from your library,

interlibrary loan a copy, or

even better,

buy a copy (since I bet you'll use it over and over)

from one of many online booksellers.


Type in this ISBN:



You will find histories and logs of short subject series

from all the Hal Roach entries

(Thelma Todd, The Boy Friends,

Charley Chase, Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang, The Taxi Boys)

to M-G-M

(The Passing Parade, Crime Does Not Pay, Pete Smith, etc.)

to Columbia

(Buster Keaton, very handy given the new DVD of

Keaton's Columbia shorts,

Harry Langdon, etc.)

and beyond.

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7/22 - 7/27, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


7/22, 7:49am EST - "Where Is Jane Doe?"

7/22, 11:19am EST - "Let's Dance"

7/22, 3:50pm EST - "White Peril"

7/22, 5:38pm EST - "Romance of Louisiana"

7/22, 9:48pm EST - "We Never Sleep"

7/23, 7:48am EST - "Movie Memories #1"

7/23, 11:49am EST - "Water Trix"

7/23, 3:41pm EST - "A Look at the World of Soylent Green" Featurette

7/23, 3:55pm EST - "Will Rogers Hospital Promo - Cary Grant"

7/23, 5:49pm EST - "Law and the Lab"

7/23, 9:40pm EST - "L.B. Mayer Ceremonies"

7/24, 7:20am EST - "Cartoons Ain't Human"

7/24, 9:19am EST - "This Theatre and You"

7/24, 6:16pm EST "Annie Was a Wonder"

7/25, 12:04pm EST - "Northward Ho!"

7/26, 11:32am EST - "Every Girls Dream"

7/26, 5:51pm EST - "Background Beat"

7/26, 7:44pm EST - "Crashing the Movies"

7/27, 5:41am EST - "MGM Pictures 1937 Convention"

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Let me echo others' thanks and appreciation for these posts.

I subscribe to the Now Playing guide and this gives me a more complete list of what's scheduled. An invaluable resource for me to be able to catch any of these shorts at all.

I've witnessed how this has quickly become a most popular thread.

Thanks again for providing this oft-requested info!


Best, J.

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7/27 - 8/2, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


7/27, 5:41am EST - "MGM Pictures 1937 Convention"

7/27, 8:04am EST - "Horse With The Human Mind"

7/27, 11:21am EST - "Heir Bear"

7/28, 2:19am EST - "Big Sur - Sandpiper" Featurette

7/28, 7:03am EST - "The Comedians in Africa"

7/28, 12:23pm EST - "The Soilers"

7/28, 2:21pm EST - "Ben-Hur: Behind the Scenes"

7/28, 7:54pm EST - "Hollywood Hist-o-rama: Rita Hayworth"

7/28, 9:43pm EST - "Forty Boys and a Song"

7/28, 11:39pm EST - "Andy Hardy's Dilemma"

7/29, 5:38am EST - "Looking at London"

7/29, 7:48am EST - "Seattle: Gateway to the Northwest"

7/29, 9:04am EST - "Water Sports"

7/29, 11:16am EST - "Million Dollar Nickel"

7/29, 5:41pm EST - "Old Hickory"

7/29, 7:52pm EST - "Meatless Flyday"

7/29, 11:39pm EST - "Too Many Women"

7/30, 7:54am EST - "Infantile Paralysis" (Greer Garson)

7/30, 9:49am EST "See Your Doctor"

7/30, 11:39am EST - "Dancing On the Ceiling"

7/30, 9:36pm EST - "Doctor's Orders"

7/30, 11:44pm EST - "Africa Speaks English"

7/31, 8:30am EST - "Hollywood Hist-o-rama: William Powell"

7/31, 8:36am EST - "Stars on Horseback"

7/31, 2:54pm EST - "Hollywood Hist-o-rama: Myrna Loy"

7/31, 11:34pm EST - "Movies Are Adventure"

8/1, 5:39am EST - "I Won't Play"

8/1, 11:19am EST - "Just Suppose"

8/1, 2:48pm EST - "You, John Jones!"

8/1, 7:49pm EST - "What's Your I.Q.?"

8/2, 12:09am EST - "Moscow in Madrid"

8/2, 4:04am EST - "Searchers For a Special City"

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A few months ago I posted the following question:








No one responded. Might you be able to find out the answer?


P.S. Thanks for all the information you continue to provide. It's greatly appreciated!

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MGMWBRKO, Please show some of the Vitaphone shorts listed below in the near future.

I believe everyone would enjoy them. Their so nostalgic and would bring enjoying entertainment from a by-gone era. Some of these forgotten talents never appeared in full length Hollywood films. Sometimes these shorts are more entertaining then the full length movies. I remember seeing some of the shorts below on TCM in the past, 6 or 7 years ago and would love to see them again. Most are just 8, 9, or 10 minutes long but packed with excellent entertainment. Please consider.


20,000 Cheers for the Chain Gang - a wonderful short that is a spoof of "I Am A Fugitive From a Chain Gang."

Rambling 'Round Radio Row #1 (1932) - The Boswell Sisters

Rambling 'Round Radio Row (1932/I) - Harry Barris, Sylvia Froos, Loyce Whiteman

Rambling 'Round Radio Row (1934/II) - Vera Van

Broadway's Like That- Ruth Etting, Humphrey Bogart, Joan Blondell

Mirrors - 1934 - Vera Van

Seasoned Greetings - 1933 Lita Chaplin and Sammy Davis Jr.

Paree, Paree - 1934 starring a young Bob Hope

Passing the Buck - 1932 - Nina Mae McKinney

Swing Cat's Jamboree (1938) - Louis Prima and his Band

Frances Carroll & 'The Coquettes' (1940)

Roseland - Ruth Etting

Masks and Memories - Lillian Roth

The Audition - 1933

Syncopated City - 1934

Forget-Me-Knots - 1938

The Policy Girl - Mitzi Mayfair

Oh, Evaline! - 1935 - Hal LeRoy

Picture Palace - 1934 - Hal LeRoy

Tip Tap Toe - Hal Leroy and Mitzi Mayfair

Use Your Imagination - Hal LeRoy and Mitzi Mayfair

Rambling 'Round Radio Row (1934/III) - Rose Marie, Morton Downey

Rambling 'Round Radio Row #4 (1932) - Rose Marie

aka "Rambling 'Round Radio Row"

Rambling 'Round Radio Row (1933/I) Charles Buddy Rogers, Harry Rose

Rambling 'Round Radio Row (1933/II)

Rambling 'Round Radio Row (1934/I)

I'm Much Obliged - 1936

The Gem of the Ocean - 1934

Words and Music - Ruth Etting

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8/2 - , All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


8/2, 4:04am EST - "Searchers For a Special City"

8/2, 12:05pm EST - "Hollywood Hist-o-rama: Marx Bros."

8/2, 7:47pm EST - "Opry House"

8/3, 3:38am EST - "Over the Counter"

8/3, 5:31am EST - "Sealskins"

8/3, 8:22am EST - "The Daffy Doc"

8/3, 7:47am EST - "Black Cats and Broomsticks"

8/4, 4:50pm EST - "The Vanishing Duck"

8/4, 9:54pm EST - "Gangster Film Festival Trailer"

8/4, 12:10am EST - "Hollywood Hist-o-rama: Gregory Peck"

8/5, 5:51am EST - "Porky's Duck Hunt"

8/6, 1:47am EST - "So You Want To Keep Your Hair"

8/6, 3:47am EST - "Wild Boar Hunt"

8/6, 7:42am EST - "The Dirty Dozen" Featurette

8/7/, 2:20am EST - "Redd Fox Becomes a Movie Star" Featurette

8/7, 7:39am EST - "Coffins On Wheels"

8/7, 11:18am EST - "Circus Today"

8/7, 10:21pm EST - "Moonshine War" Featurette

8/8, 12:08am EST - "Oklahoma Outlaw"

8/8, 2:17am EST - "Joaquin Murrietta"

8/8, 5:45am EST - "Every Sunday"

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