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Upcoming shorts on TCM

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Agreed that Keg 'O My Heart wasn't the funniest short ever, but it had Billy Gilbert, a genuine funny man directing and starring and I guess it's a pretty obscure short rescued from oblivion for us to see and I'm thankful for it.Thanks to TCM we get to see them both great and not so great.

I like a lot of scantily clad babes in the shorts as well, and Thelma Todd wrestleing someone to the ground but I'm not gonna see someting like that every time.

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I love watching the Roach shorts, even when they aren't the greatest. It's illuminating to see a "family resemblance" in all of them. Laurel and Hardy were able to take the same basic building blocks of comedy to another level (often with many of the same actors).


Billy Gilbert and Leon Errol had their moments, but cannot carry a whole short in a starring role. So the interest in Service With a Smile is mainly in the chorus girls and the gorgeous period Technicolor.


I wish color looked this good in real life!

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Did anyone notice in KEG O' MY HEART the scene in which Billy Gilbert is discussing his revue with the census taker, and the census taker suggests that Billy Gilbert put on blackface makeup and do an act? Billy objects to doing this, then there is a cut to the stage with the girls doing a dance, then nothing more comes of the blackface suggestion. Looks like something was edited here. Maybe this was a three-reeler originally!

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I have a idea asuming you can look on the schedule for movies it can be chaged from E,C.P. Maybe somebody should say like I told Earthworm that Hot Money was after Arrowsmith then whatever time it is they'd know in their area when to look for the shorts.

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Another thing about "Keg O' My Heart" I noticed was that it seemed that a recreation of Leroy Shield's musical scores was used for this film.It's hard to say if there was an edit, since this film was never released to theaters and the film went through edits during the production.In the begining of the short, it was also weird to see the chrous girls singing, but it was silent with music to added to that scene.This could have been orignally filmed.Not much of a great short, but it's good to have from an historical purpose.

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To MaryS,


I would like to repond to your earlier post on which Charlie Chase talkies have been shown already from TCM.Since the Chase sound shorts premiered on TCM back in mid september, here is what was shown, in chronoligcal order of theatrical release.


Fast Work (30)

Looser Than Loose (30)

The Nickel Nurser (32)

Mr.Bride (32)

Arabian Tights (33)

Nature In The Wrong (33)

Midsummer Mush (33)

Luncheon At Twelve (33)

The Chases Of Pimple Street (34)

Southern Exposure (35)

The Four Star Boarder (35)

Manhattan Monkey Business (35)

Neigborhood House (36)


If I might have overlooked and not listed a short that was shown, then feel free(for other posters)to include it on my list.I believe Chase made 56 sound shorts from 1929 to 1936 with only 1929 and 1931, from the Chase sound era that has yet to air on TCM.In regards to the 1929 Chase sound titles, I think that only two Chase sound comedies(in both picture element and soundtrack)survive intact.There will be no Charlie Chase(and the other Roach titles)shown on TCM during Febuary, but will return in March.

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Well when did it air? I got up at 3:30 am (CT) to record it and it did not come on at 3:40 as I thought it was supposed to. I guess I miscalculated the time.




By now I guess you've read the other posts, too, but we had already established that 7:40 (the listings are by EST - later in the year by EDT) is/was 6:40 CST. You could have slept! Arrowsmith (and I could have checked my DVD from before - but I was pretty certain) was 99-100 minutes, so no problem fitting it in. There are many older movies whose timings are not correct; some longer, many shorter. By the time the shorts are posted, the TCM folk have had a chance to check and be sure what they're dealing with. That's one reason they're not scheduled ahead of time, to be more certain how much time there is to fill.


So, if you're in Central, add one hour to all the shorts listings; also, almost all the time the shorts are just a little later starting than listed. There is a little "safety" built in to the starting times (they also sometimes go a few seconds into the time for the next movie). Many movies start as much as a minute-and-a-half late - but SOME start 30 seconds or so early! So if you're not just letting a hard-drive run and editing later (as I do), leave at least a minute safety zone.


Hope that helps.


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2/1 - 2/8, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


2/1, 4:40am EST - This Is the Bowery

2/1, 7:46pm EST - Two Mouseketeers

2/2, 4:16am EST - Facing Your Danger

2/2, 6:04am EST - Merry Wives of Windsor

2/2, 11:47pm EST - One Droopy Knight

2/3, 3:45am EST - Goodbye, Miss Turlock

2/3, 7:50pm EST - Little Johnny Jet

2/3, 11:51pm EST - Rhapsody in Rivets

2/4, 1:38am EST - The Gay Parisian

2/4, 4:51am EST - Yankee Doodle Mouse

2/4, 7:17am EST - The Great Heart

2/4, 9:08am EST - **** For Tat

2/4, 4:03pm EST - Army Champions

2/4, 5:50am EST - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse

2/5, 11:50am EST - Jerry's Cousin

2/5, 7:51pm EST - Pigs in a Polka

2/6, 3:50am EST - Greetings Bait

2/6, 5:45am EST - The House I Live In

2/6, 8:03am EST - The Dot and the Line

2/7, 8:21am EST - Touche, **** Cat!

2/7, 10:47am EST - Good Will To Men

2/7, 12:46pm EST - It's Got Me Again!

2/7, 2;46pm EST - Prophet Without Honor

2/8, 4:20am EST - The Calico Dragon


(PS - please note that all shorts scheduled between 6am, Feb 1st - 6am, March 4th will be Oscar nominees or winners only!)


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Since only Oscar winners and nominees will be shown in February, are there any Roach shorts besides Laurel & Hardy's The Music Box that were nominated or won the Oscar??? Is there a list on the web listing the past nominees and winners for shorts???

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Laurel & Hardy's MUSIC BOX won the Academy Award in 1932. Their 1935 short **** FOR TAT was nominated and the Our Gang short BORED OF EDUCATION won the Academy Award in, I believe 1936. These are the only Academy acknowledged shorts from the Hal Roach studio I am aware of.

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<< PS - please note that all shorts scheduled between 6am, Feb 1st - 6am, March 4th will be Oscar nominees or winners only!) >> I'd forgotten that was the case. Awesome!


Thank you, merci, danke over and over again, for all the efforts in keeping us informed. Dang. I love this place.

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2/1 4:40am/1:40a - This Is the Bowery 1941-11m-JNPP

2/1 7:46pm/4:46p - Two Mouseketeers 1951-8m-TJ


2/2 4:16am/1:16a - Facing Your Danger 1946-10m-(Rafting)

2/2 6:04am/3:04a - Merry Wives of Windsor 1953-9m-M

2/2 11:47pm/8:47p- One Droopy Knight 1957-7m-A (Droopy)


2/3 3:45am/12:45a- Goodbye, Miss Turlock 1947-11m-JNPP

2/3 7:50pm/4:50p - Little Johnny Jet 1952-7m-A

2/3 11:51pm/8:51p- Rhapsody in Rivets 1941-7m-LT


2/4 1:38am/10:38p- The Gay Parisian 1941-20m-M


2/4 4:51am/1:51a - Yankee Doodle Mouse 1943-8m-TJ

2/4 7:17am/4:17a - The Great Heart 1938-11m-drama

2/4 9:08am/6:08a - **** For Tat 1935-19m-LH

2/4 4:03pm/1:03p - Army Champions 1941-11m-PSS

2/4 5:50am/2:50a - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse 1947-8m-TJ


2/5 11:50am/8:50a- Jerry's Cousin 1950-7m-TJ

2/5 7:51pm/4:51p - Pigs in a Polka 1942-8m-LT


2/6 3:50am/12:50a- Greetings Bait 1943-7m-LT

2/6 5:45am/2:45a - The House I Live In 1945-11m-WWII/M (Frank Sinatra)

2/6 8:03am/5:03a - The Dot and the Line 1965-10m-A


2/7 8:21am/5:21a - Touche, P*ssy Cat! 1954-7m-TJ

2/7 10:47am/7:47a- Good Will To Men 1955-9m-A

2/7 12:46pm/9:46a- It's Got Me Again! 1932-7m-LT

2/7 2:46pm/11:46a- Prophet Without Honor 1939-11m-drama


2/8 4:20am/1:20a - The Calico Dragon 1935-8m-A


acronym key:


CC=Charley Chase

CDNP=Crime Does Not Pay



EK=Edgar Kennedy

HM=Historical Mystery

JM=Joe McDoakes

JNPP=John Nesbitt's Passing Parade

LE=Leon Errol

LH=Laurel & Hardy

LT=Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies


MC=Musical Comedy

MOD=Making Of Documentary

PSS=Pete Smith Specialty

RB=Robert Benchley

RKOS=RKO Screenliner

TJ=Tom & Jerry

TK=Todd & Kelly



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Edited to correct "The Great Heart" A film about a missionary working in a Hawaiian leper colony.



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In the Roach shorts, the only problem is he kept trying to replicate the phenomenon of Laurel and Hardy, which of course was not possible. So, in the case of Keg O' My Heart, Billy Gilbert (the fat one) is paired with a skinny actor, even though they don't really have much chemistry together.


As to how they were filmed, it's possible they had only a rough sketch of an idea and fleshed it out as they were shooting. If something unexpected happened and it was funny, it stayed in. Maybe some of the dialogue was improvised.


The modern equivalent, of course, would be Curb Your Enthusiasm or Campus Ladies. We tend not to think of Laurel and Hardy as improv comedians, I doubt the word had even been coined back then; but that's in part just what they were.


But when Laurel and Hardy were involved, they were able to take these basic situations and make it into something more. Just noticed one of their later shorts on the new schedule; haven't seen this one in 35 years and I will definitely be looking forward to it.

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