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Upcoming shorts on TCM


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Well, it's still been 35 years or more since I've seen **** For Tat. When I set up my DVR to record it, I failed to notice that the most recent listing was in Central Time format, unlike the previous ones that were listed in Eastern Time. So even though I am in the Central Time zone, I made a one hour correction and thus recorded part of some Gary Cooper movie instead. Boy, do I feel stupid.


Looking to see if this film is available on DVD, I see that on Amazon I can buy a 19 minute DVD not formatted to play in the US for just $26.95- such a deal!


Looks like it could be another 35 years before I see this film again...

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First, I want to thank MGMWBRKO for listing the upcoming shorts, as well as the other posters for describing them in greater detail. Thank you so much! It's really helpful, since I love shorts and because of this thread, I can figure out when to set my dvd recorder so I don't miss them. I truly thank you for your time.


But I hate to be a bother, but is there any chance there can be some kind of Upcoming shorts discussion thread? Many times I check this thread before I go to work, and I just want to see the time listing so I can set my dvd recorder. I appreciate those who want to discuss the shorts (and I do like to read what everyone has to say!), but sometimes I just want to see what shorts are going to be on and not have to wade through the posts and/or pictures. I'm on a dial up and it takes forever to load up.


Also, the new influx of Eastern to Central posts are throwing me off. Maybe I'm just feeble minded, but seeing two sets of posts that are practically the same, really tend to confuse me.

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is there any chance there can be some kind of Upcoming shorts discussion thread? Many times I check this thread before I go to work, and I just want to see the time listing so I can set my dvd recorder.


I have been keeping a running listing of the shorts (for future reference) since the lists started. And each time I "copy" MGMWBRKO's newest listing and "paste" to my Word document, then print out an index card to keep by the remote. There are certainly other ways to do it, but you need to keep the 5-7 days listing handy, printed out. Life is good since last June! (That's when our "knight" rode in on his horse.)


PS - I second the view that CST listings are getting things too complicated. TCM is EST- (and EDT-) based; other zones have probably learned to cope with network listings long ago. -1, -2, -3 does it....

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Or any ONE time zone, as long as it is consistent.

I live in the east, and when I use e-bay, I know that I have to add three hours.


For TCM, eastern time is probably best, since it seems (as you said) to be their default time zone.


For the shorts, I copy the list into WordPerfect, then delete all but the eastern times.

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I've created another thread called Discussions about upcoming shorts, maybe some of the infomation could be put there and links could be sent there from the other one .

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Please use one time zone for the shorts. There is no need to mudddy up the water with multiple postings for every time zone possible. The listings have always been clearly marked EST or EDT and that will do. Whatever MGMWBRKO originally uses is all that we should use. I live in the central time zone and anyone who lives here should have long since learned how to convert from eastern (-1) or pacific (+2) time zones. If not they can get help elsewhere. With conversions being done by others, it is impossible to know if they converted correctly.


I also agree that pictures, although greatly appreciated, belong elsewhere (on another thread). Narrow band users that come here to quickly get the scheule wait a long time for these pictures to download. I live in an area where satellite or dialup is the only option and I certainly understand the frustration of waiting for things to load that you are not looking for. The advertisement where they talk about satellite internet being fast have apparently never seen wide band communication.

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2/8 - 2/12, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


2/8, 4:20am EST - The Calico Dragon

2/8, 7:35am EST - Swing High

2/8, 7:47am EST - Menu

2/8, 9:39am EST - Double or Nothing

2/9, 3:36am EST - Stop, Look and Listen

2/9, 9:02am EST - Mr. Blabbermouth

2/9, 2:59pm EST - Wrong Way Butch

2/9, 6:18pm EST - Story of a Dog

2/9, 9:47pm EST - So You Think You're Not Guilty

2/10, 9:03am EST - Quicker 'N A Wink

2/10, 5:19pm EST - Now You See It

2/10, 7:42pm EST - Sword Fishing

2/10, 10:11pm EST - Strauss Fantasy

2/11, 5:18am EST - Water Trix

2/11, 8:47am EST - Puss Gets the Boot

2/11 11:06am EST - Plan For Destruction

2/11, 7:48pm EST - Quiet Please

2/11, 9:47pm EST - Movie Pests

2/12, 12:20am EST - Mouse Trouble




(PS - please note that all shorts scheduled between 6am, Feb 1st - 6am, March 4th will be Oscar nominees or winners only!)

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I have really enjoyed MGMWBRKO postings since June 2006. For around four months I would look up shorts film information on the internet from those postings so I would know what I wanted to watch/record. Looking up this information sometimes took twenty minutes to an hour or more per week.


Then in October 2006 LaughinGravy, who mentioned doing this same research, began posting that annotated information, thus saving other shorts fans much time and effort. LaughingGravy also converted Eastern time into Pacific time and added this information for those of us in this time zone.


I appreciate that MGMWBRKO and LaughingGravy are serving the rest of us through their labor of love. They deserve our praise.


Certainly glitches may find their way into any project that humans set their hands to. Sometimes the listings may not look correct, and sometimes there are mistakes. Let's be gracious in our comments.


Sometimes errors are from another source. Now Playing usually has a number of errors each month. Some have been mentioned on these Forums. Yesterday the Sunset Blvd. listing was off by two and a half hours. That made other programs to seem to be listed at a wrong time. By looking at the timing of other surrounding programs it was possible to see the Now Playing error.


Others have suggested checking the TCM website schedules for final programming information.

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I didn't even notice that LaughinGravy was converting to Pacific time. I used the original for show times and LaughinGravy's for information. I guess that what I was trying to say is that we should have one (or two with LaughinGravy's valuable research) for the schedule. The confusion factor there for a while was getting overwhelming. We were spending more time discussing time zone conversions than the shorts.

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"Puss Gets The Boot" is the first Tom and Jerry cartoon and has unfortunately become controversial due to the character known to TJ fans as "Mammy Two Shoes". This toon has been edited twice, once replacing the character completely and again by re-dubbing her voice. Hopefully, TCM will show us the original version that actually won the Oscar.


2/8 4:20am/1:20a - The Calico Dragon 1935-8m-A

2/8 7:35am/4:35a - Swing High 1932-10m-PSS

2/8 7:47am/4:47a - Menu 1933-10m-PSS

2/8 9:39am/6:39a - Double or Nothing 1936-21m-MC (Phil Harris)


2/9 3:36am/12:36a - Stop, Look and Listen 1967-10m-Comedy

2/9 9:02am/6:02a - Mr. Blabbermouth 1942-19m-WWII

2/9 2:59pm/11:59a - Wrong Way Butch 1950-10m-PSS

2/9 6:18pm/3:18p - Story of a Dog 1945-10m-WWII

2/9 9:47pm/6:47p - So You Think You're Not Guilty 1950-10m-JM


2/10 9:03am/6:03a - Quicker 'N A Wink 1940-10m-PSS

2/10 5:19pm/2:19p - Now You See It 1947-10m-PSS

2/10 7:42pm/4:42p - Sword Fishing 1939-10m-doc (Ronald Reagan as narrator)

2/10 10:11pm/7:11p - Strauss Fantasy 1954-10m-M


2/11 5:18am/2:18a - Water Trix 1949-9m-PSS

2/11 8:47am/5:47a - Puss Gets the Boot 1940-9m-TJ (PC alert, see note above)

2/11 11:06am/8:06a - Plan For Destruction 1943-22m-WWII

2/11 7:48pm/4:48p - Quiet Please 1945-7m-TJ

2/11 9:47pm/6:47p - Movie Pests 1944-11m-PSS


2/12 12:20am/9:20p - Mouse Trouble 1944-7m-TJ


acronym key:


CC=Charley Chase

CDNP=Crime Does Not Pay



EK=Edgar Kennedy

HM=Historical Mystery

JM=Joe McDoakes

JNPP=John Nesbitt's Passing Parade

LE=Leon Errol

LH=Laurel & Hardy

LT=Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies


MC=Musical Comedy

MOD=Making Of Documentary

PSS=Pete Smith Specialty

RB=Robert Benchley

RKOS=RKO Screenliner

TJ=Tom & Jerry

TK=Todd & Kelly


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RE: Current discussion of thread content.


I think the real problem in this thread is too much discussion unrelated to "Upcoming shorts on TCM".


I would prefer to have this thread be a discussion of the short film schedule (& include time zone info) while discussions of the films have their own individual threads or perhaps have a Laurel & Hardy thread, a Thelma Todd thread, a Pete Smith thread and a Tom&Jerry thread etc.


What we really need is a moderator to monitor this forum and set up rules for thread content.


Message was edited by:


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Couldn't there be an Upcoming Shorts thread where the shorts are posted, with no commentary at all, and then a separate / parallel Commentary thread?

or even two parallel threads: one to discuss the schedule and make requests, the other to discuss the films and actors.


And I've been wondering why the shorts schedule doesn't have a link on TCM's home page. I didn't know about it until a month or two ago, and I must say that I am very grateful to the people who take the time and trouble to post these films. I realize that it's more of a last-minute type of schedule than the one for the feature movies; all the same, lots of people want to know when various shorts will be airing. And it's very helpful to know how long they are, and into what category they fall.

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