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Upcoming shorts on TCM

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OUTSTANDING to see the list of upcoming shorts! Thought they weren't listed anywhere- so it is wonderful to see this posting!!

Am very interested to see the short Goodbye Miss Turlock (1947) & give others advance knowledge of it-- who would appreciate this movie>

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8/8 - 8/11 , All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


8/8, 5:45am EST - "Every Sunday"

8/8, 7:49pm EST - "Woody Herman and His Orchestra"

8/9, 2:18pm EST - "Carnival In Paris"

8/9, 6:04pm EST - "World Famous Musical Hits"

8/9, 9:46pm EST - "MGM Jubilee Overture"

8/9, 11:48pm EST - "Mexican Police On Parade"

8/10, 4:08am EST - "Jimmy Fund - Debbie Reynolds"

8/10, 7:31am EST - "Mighty Hunters"

8/10, 10:51pm EST - "Hollywood Hist-o-rama: John Garfield"

8/11, 5:40am EST - "Gem-Jams"

8/11, 9:48pm EST - "Slick Hare"

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Thank you for posting the list of upcoming shorts! I subscribe to the Now Playing guide and I've always wished they would publish the shorts as well. Thank you so much for posting these!


The one thing: I wish TCM would show the movies that go with the featurettes. For instance, "The Moonshine War". I'd love to see this movie--mainly because I'm a fan of Patrick McGoohan (Number 6!), so seeing the featurette is like a little teaser of a movie that's not being shown.


But besides that, thank you for posting these!

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8/11 - 8/16, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


8/11, 5:40am EST - "Gem-Jams"

8/11, 9:48pm EST - "Slick Hare"

8/13, 3:35am EST - "Plan For Destruction"

8/13, 5:32am EST - "Lion Power"

8/13, 7:43am EST - "This Is the Bowery"

8/13, 5:46pm EST - "Donkey Baseball"

8/14, 3:49am EST - "The Sunshine Boys" Featurette

8/15, 7:33am EST - "Big City Fantasy"

8/15, 12:36pm - "Flirtation Walk" Featurette

8/15, 4:47pm EST - "Lambchops"

8/15, 10:24pm EST - "Giovanni Martinelli: Vesti La Giubba"

8/16, 4:32am EST - "Six Hits and a Miss"

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My profoundest gratitude for these listings. Glad I didn't miss too many after they started. I didn't know about the forum till a couple of weeks ago. I've tried to find DVDs of Todd/Pitts, as well as The Boy Friends - no go. "Hallmark" shows at the end, but apparently they haven't been issued. Does anybody have good news about their availability? I got about half the T/P ones (so far, if more are to be shown), but only four of the BF shorts (again, so far). I had never even heard about The Boy Friends till a little over a month ago - and I'm a retired school teacher, not a teenager!

Thanks for any help.


If you're looking for more info on these shorts, try these:

http://www.vitaphone.org/boyfriends.html and


Their home page will lead you to LOTS of things you might not know about. Have fun!

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Got a tip while on another thread --

If you haven't already seen it, check the TCM schedule for Sept 15-16.

24 hours of shorts! All kinds, from silent comedies through patriotic and foreign, from 6 AM to 6 AM! Wow. My thanks to deadendkid for tipping me off on this one.

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A question for MGMWBRKO or any other "insider" out there: has the schedule for "Behind the Camera: The Shorts Circuit" on Sept. 15 been finalized? TCM's online listings suggest that some of the originally-scheduled titles are being replaced.

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8/16 - 8/22, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


8/16, 4:32am EST - "Six Hits and a Miss"

8/16, 4:19pm EST - "In the Land of Diamonds"

8/16, 9:45pm EST - "Love On Tap"

8/17, 7:06am EST - "The Old Bull"

8/17, 8:54am EST - "Hollywood Hist-o-rama: Carole Lombard"

8/17, 10:23am EST - "Masks and Memories"

8/17, 3:21pm EST - "Maid For a Day"

8/17, 5:05pm EST - "Hot News Margie"

8/17, 10:48pm EST - "Weather Wizards"

8/18, 6:03pm EST - "The Emergency Case"

8/18, 10:44pm EST - "The Crazy House"

8/19, 11:30am EST - "Amalfi Way"

8/20, 1:35am EST - "Darkness Into Light"

8/20, 5:45am EST - "The King of the Duplicators"

8/20, 2:09pm EST - "Operation Raintree"

8/21, 3:10am EST - "Salute to the Theatres"

8/21, 7:47am EST - "The Jonker Diamond"

8/21, 4:18pm EST - "After Autumn: Douglas Fairbanks Jr."

8/22, 8:01am EST - "Private Lessons"

8/22, 12:10pm EST - "Let's Sing Grandfather's Favorites"

8/22, 4:07pm EST - "Platinum Blonde"

8/22, 9:45pm EST - "Have You Ever Wondered?"

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I recently watched Six Hits and a Miss (it's included on The Man Who Came to Dinner DVD) short. Does anyone know the names of the singers in this group? Does anyone know Ruby Keeler's affiliation with this short?

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Yes, that's definitely the group's name. They sang in a bunch of musicals for Twentieth Century-Fox and MGM. They're in Babes on Broadway and the "I Got Rhythm" number in Girl Crazy among other flicks. I was hoping to discover the individual names of the vocalists.


The second question was derived from the opening credits of the short which acknowledges "Ruby Keeler and Paul Draper for their contributions", but it doesn't state what the contributions were. IMDB says that Miss Keeler is one of the featured dancers, but I believe this is incorrect; at least the dancer doesn't look like Miss Keeler.

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