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Upcoming shorts on TCM

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I missed the Charley Chase short and am very upset about it. (Although I did get Echo Mountain, and would be willing to trade).


I am really confused about what is going on. Aren't the shorts aired so that people will watch them? And in that case, oughtn't we to know when they will be on?


So then, why would TCM want to stop MGMWBRKO from providing a truly helpful and much appreciated service to us diehard shorts fans, in order to replace it with the half-baked method of tossing a few shorts into the regular schedule? It can't possibly be so time-consuming to post the shorts every few days.


Perhaps we could make a trade in kind: if the shorts thread will resume, we fans could undertake to fill in the information about them in the database.

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WE CAN TRADE...this is the kind of thing that is going to cause MGMWBRKO not to come back...you guys have no idea how much the copyright owners just LOVE to hear this...you want the network to give us an employees services to make this TABOO act easy for us. Once again, some of the people on this thread are gonna feel like the gang at the end of IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD...your riches shall be blowing away in the wind.


The enthusiasm of this thread has been wonderful, don't get me wrong...That alone has shown TCM how much the SHORTS are loved by their viewing public-but, making this a trading post and the announcing of how we are TAPING, TIVOing, DVRing of this material should not be announced. Be cool, man...OY!

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I'm so obsessed that I hate missing shorts, I feel like I'm missing rare treasures. I never was good at catching shorts in between movies. The schedule help me out a great deal. I would have never discovered the talents of Thelma Todd, Zasu Pitts, Patsy Kelly, Charley Chase without it. I would have missed all of the shorts. Did the short schedule listings start happening when TCM got ahold of Hal Roach shorts, and to make sure we view them, a schedule was listed, but now that's it's kind of over with Hal Roach shorts, TCM not particularly interested in posting a schedule anymore.


I'd say keep it private if you are trading or whatever. That's what PM's are for.

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On the morning of 9/17 LaughingGravy alerted us that there was room for a two reel short between The Elephant Man and Something Always Happens so that we might set our time-shifting devices.


And that's where TCM ran the Chase short.


Look ahead in the schedule at film lengths and programming blocks for twenty minute gaps. Two reel shorts may be found in those gaps. One reel shorts would be more of a hit or miss situation.


I got to see just the final 30 seconds of a Travel Talk for Washington State, one I hadn't seen before. Well, until next time . . .

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Another Charley Chase is coming:


25 September, 11:02am Short Film: One Reel Wonders: Sherman Said It (1933)

Dough Boy Charley Chase can't find his way out of France even though the war has ended.

Cast: Charley Chase. C-16 mins


It doesn't solve the problems, but it may help to ease the pain.

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Just keep checking the daily online schedule:



They don't seem to list everything there, but some new shorts appear now and then.

The only way to be sure is to record all 5+ minute gaps between movies.


Earlier today, TCM aired the 'ad' for the Benchley shorts. That was never listed, but I don't know whether they consider it a short. Either way, it is very funny.

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The following lists the gaps of 10 or more minutes between movies, as

computed by subtracting run times from allotted times of the movies. The

scheduled shorts are in all caps. Times are Eastern.


FRI 9/21

17 min 1:13-1:30 am (Mutts about Racing, 1958, Droopy Cartoon)

12 min 4:48-5:00 am

15 min 11:45am-12:00 pm

13 min 4:02-4:15 pm

15 min 7:45-8:00 pm

SCHED 7:51-8:00 pm -- A WORD FOR THE GREEKS (1951) 8 MIN


SAT 9/22

13 min 12:32-12:45 am

17 min 3:28-3:45 am

14 min 5:16-5:30 am

SCHED 5:30-6:00 am -- FESTIVAL OF SHORTS #50 (2006)

28 min 7:32-8:00 am

SCHED 7:48-8:00 am -- NOSTRADAMUS IV (1944) 11 min

17 min 9:43-10:00 am

16 min 10:59-11:15 am

10 min 2:05-2:15 pm

15 min 5:00-5:15 pm

10 min 10:05-10:15 pm


SUN 9/23

12 min 1:48-2:00 am

13 min 5:47-6:00 am

15 min 8:00-8:15 am

SCHED 8:06-8:15 am GLIMPSES OF KENTUCKY (1941) 8 min

19 min 9:41-10:00 am


19 min 11:41 am-12:00 pm

14 min 2:16-2:30 pm

12 min 5:48-6:00 pm

21 min 7:39-8:00 pm

SCHED 7:42-7:57 pm -- THE FUTURE IS NOW (1955) 15 min

47 min 11:13 pm-12:00 am

SCHED 11:27-11:59 pm -- 1925 MGM STUDIO TOUR (1925) 32 min


MON 9/24

14 min 1:46-2:00 am

13 min 3:32-3:45 am

14 min 5:46-6:00 am

17 min 11:43 am-12:00 pm

23 min 1:37 pm-2:00 pm

SCHED 1:38-1:46 pm -- PAT NEAL IS BACK (1968) 8 min

19 min 3:41-4:00 pm

23 min 5:37-6:00 pm

SCHED 5:38-5:48 pm CALLING ON COSTA RICA (1947) 10 min


TUE 9/25

12 min 12:18-12:30 am

12 min 4:48-5:00 am

12 min 7:33-7:45 am

29 min 11:01-11:30 am

SCHED 11:02-11:18 am SHERMAN SAID IT (1933) 16 min

11 min 12:34-12:45 pm

18 min 3:42-4:00 pm

SCHED 3:43-3:52 pm -- MEETING THE CHALLENGE (1978) 9 min

21 min 5:39-6:00 pm (Calypso Cat, 1956, Tom and Jerry Cartoon)

14 min 7:46-8:00 pm


WED 9/26

11 min 2:49-3:00 am

16 min 4:44-5:00 am

11 min 8:04-8:15 am

19 min 12:41-1:00 pm (Rock-a-Bye Bear, 1952, Barney Bear Cartoon)

17 min 2:13-2:30 pm

SCHED 2:21-2:30 pm -- POETRY OF NATURE (1939)

13 min 4:17-4:30 pm

14 min 5:46-6:00 pm


10 min 7:50-8:00 pm

27 min 9:33-10:00 pm

SCHED 9:38-10:00 THE REAL MCCOY (1930) 21 min

14 min 11:16-11:30 pm


THU 9/27

11 min 4:49-5:00 am

11 min 6:04-6:15 am

SCHED 6:15-6:40 am THE PLOW THAT BROKE THE PLAINS (1936) 25 min

20 min 6:40-7:00 am

SCHED 6:49-7:00 am -- MENU (1933) 10 min

12 min 6:18-6:30 pm

11 min 7:49-8:00 pm


FRI 9/28

10 min 1:05-1:15 am

18 min 5:12-5:30 am

SCHED 5:13-5:23 am -- FACING YOUR DANGER (1946) 10 min

12 min 9:48-10:00 pm


SAT 9/29

37 min 1:23-2:00 am

SCHED 1:27-1:48 am POKER AT EIGHT (1935) 21 min

24 min 5:06-5:30 am

SCHED 5:30-6:00 am -- FESTIVAL OF SHORTS #50 (2006) 23m


Message was edited by: EStefanik on 9/26/07

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Thanks for the heads up! Charley Chase rules! If I spend a little too long on the TCM schedule, my old computer crashes from to much activity on the page.


Are you using internet explorer as your web browser??? If so, try downloading Mozilla's browser. It's safe, and faster on some web sites. I found this out on a baseball forum/blog from the Atlanta paper. All their posts are in a row, and when there are 800 posts, using IE was terrible! 5 minutes to refresh the page, and I couldn't go into my inbox, or anywhere else on the web, the computer was frozen solid. Others had this problem as well. So, downloaded Mozilla, and now when there are 800+ posts it takes 30-40 seconds.

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It seems TCM throws in some shorts in the schedule at the last minute. I swear I check the schedule everyday and today I didn't see the Charley Chase short in the schedule that came on this morning but I see it now after it aired. I missed that. I can't check the schedule every hour.

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"It seems TCM throws in some shorts in the schedule at the last minute. I swear I check the schedule everyday and today I didn't see the Charley Chase short in the schedule that came on this morning but I see it now after it aired. I missed that. I can't check the schedule every hour."






Oh my lord, did I miss a SECOND Chase short in the past few days? :-( I've been at work all day today, so I missed today's short. Ugh.

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Mozilla browser, Excellent Idea, Thanks

What I have been doing to avoid crashes on this old dial-up is bring up TCM's printable monthly schedule and peruse that with no problems.


TCM is 'THE' Quality movie channel


How about that Charley Chase short 'Sherman said it' 1933 where Charley gives us a couple of songs and a little dance! He was a triple threat man



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