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Upcoming shorts on TCM


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>>That makes 3 Chases in one week! TCM is the best!


>>also, unless I'm mistaken the schedule hasn't missed a short

>>since last week's showing of the Droopy toon Mutts about Racing.

>>I think we are finally getting to where we want the schedule to be.


That's encouraging!

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Last week there were three animated shorts that didn't appear in the

online schedule: "Mutts about Racing" (1958) with Droopy; "Calypso Cat,"

1962, Tom and Jerry; and "Rock-a-Bye Bear," 1953, with Barney Bear.


The following lists the gaps of 10 or more minutes between movies, as

computed by subtracting run times from allotted times of the movies. The

scheduled shorts are in all caps. Times are Eastern.



SAT 9/29

37 min 1:23-2:00 am

SCHED 1:27-1:48 am POKER AT EIGHT (1935) 21 min

24 min 5:06-5:30 am


SCHED 5:30-6:00 am -- FESTIVAL OF SHORTS #50 (2006) 23m

20 min 9:40-10:00 am

SCHED 9:49-9:59 am NEW ROADWAYS (1939) 10 min

24 min 5:36-6:00 pm


13 min 7:47-8:00 pm

17 min 9:58-10:15 pm

18 min 11:57 pm 12:15 am


SUN 9/30

10 min 3:50-4:00 am

14 min 7:46-8:00 am

22 min 9:38-10:00 am

24 min 11:36 am-12:00 pm

SCHED 11:37-11:50 am CHALLENGE OF CHAMPIONS (1966) 13 min

12 min 2:18-2:30 pm

10 min 5:50-6:00 pm

12 min 9:33-9:45 pm


MON 10/1

14 min 12:16-12:30 am

14 min 1:46-2:00 am

21 min 5:39-6:00 am

11 min 9:19-9:30 am

10 min 4:50-5:00 pm

10 min 6:35-6:45 pm


TUE 10/2

17 min 4:43-5:00 am

10 min 8:05-8:15 am

13 min 11:17-11:30 am

10 min 1:05-1:15 pm

10 min 3:35-3:45 pm


WED 10/3

11 min 12:04-12:15

14 min 1:46-2:00 am

26 min 5:32-6:00 am

11 min 10:19-10:30 am

25 min 4:05-4:30 pm

SCHED 4:06-4:17 pm --SO YOU WANT AN APARTMENT (1948) 11 min

12 min 6:03-6:15 pm

SCHED 6:12-6:15 pm -- THIS IS ... GERALDINE CHAPLIN (1965) 3 min

24 min 9:36-10:00 pm


THU 10/4

15 min 12:45-1:00 am

13 min 3:02-3:15 am

11 min 5:19-5:30 am

10 min 10:50-11:00 am

10 min 9:35-9:45 pm


FRI 10/5

11 min 4:49-5:00 am

22 min 7:38-8:00 am

25 min 9:35-10:00 am

SCHED 10:00-10:30 am -- FESTIVAL OF SHORTS #11 (1998) 22 min

14 min 11:46 am-12:00 pm

13 min 1:17-1:30 pm

12 min 2:32-2:45 pm

14 min 3:46-4:00 pm

23 min 9:22-9:45 pm


SAT 10/6

39 min 1:21-2:00 am

SCHED 1:25-1:50 am -- DAVID O. SELZNICK: YOUR NEW PRODUCER (1935) 25 min

11 min 5:19-5:30 am

SCHED 5:30-6:00 am -- FESTIVAL OF SHORTS #51 (2007)

11 min 5:49-6:00 am

25 min 7:35-8:00 am

SCHED 7:36-7:55 am OUT WHERE THE STARS BEGIN (1938) 19 min

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If you click on "Month Schedule" at the top of this page, you can find short films listed through Thursday, the 11th. A new window will pop up with the whole month's schedule; do a search using "short film". They even added a Tex Avery cartoon, "Ghost wanted", for this Friday (5th).



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Thanks for the tip about the "This Month" schedule, from which I extracted the following:


10/3 WED

4:06 PM Short Film: So You Want An Apartment (1948) BW-11 mins

6:12 PM Short Film: This Is...Geraldine Chaplin (1965) BW-2 mins


10/5 FRI

10:00 AM Festival of Shorts #11 (1998): Tell-Tale Heart (1942) BW-22 mins

2:34 PM Short Film: Ghost Wanted (1940) BW-8 mins


10/6 SAT

1:25 AM Short Film: David O. Selznick: Your New Producer (1935) BW-24 mins

5:30 AM Festival of Shorts #51 (2007): Service With a Smile (1934). C-19 mins

7:36 AM Short Film: Out Where The Stars Begin (1938) BW-19 mins

5:43 PM Short Film: Nostradamus Iv (1944) BW-11 mins

7:51 PM Short Film: Sean O'Casey: The Spirit Of Ireland (1965) BW-8 mins


10/7 SUN

1:49 PM Short Film: Land of Tradition (1950) C-9 mins


10/8 MON

1:17 AM Short Film: Five Locust Sisters, The (1928) BW-5 mins

1:30 AM Silent Short: His Last Game (1909) BW-13 mins

1:45 AM Silent Short: Ball Player and the Bandit, The (1912) BW-12 mins

9:42 PM Short Film: Football Headliners (1955) BW-16 mins


10/9 TUE

10:39 AM Short Film: Jimmie Fidler's Personality Parade (1938) BW-20 mins


10/10 WED

9:46 PM Short Film: Streamlined Swing (1938) BW-9 mins


10/11 THU

2:39 PM Short Film: So You're Going To Be A Father (1947) BW-11 mins


10/12 FRI

5:31 AM Short Film: Trial By Trigger (1944) C-21 mins

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Thanks for that list. I got lucky on the Charley Chase, since the buffer on my hard drive machine caught what I didn't know about in advance. My brain and body have been on overload from 4 days+ of the Gene Autry marathon. I now only need 3 of his movies, and at least one will be shown in October (on Westerns Channel, of course).


Anyway, back to the "reel" subject. It's kinda maddening the way the B/W vs C listings have gone to the dog. Many more wrong than right (especially with movies TCM is premiering - and the designations will probably remain now they've been assigned). Yeesh!


Which leads to: "OUT WHERE THE STARS BEGIN" on Saturday morning should be a real treat. I checked IMDB the other day (when I saw it listed), and they say it has brilliant color footage (backstage type, etc.) of lots of WB scenes, sets, costumes, etc., we've always known only in B/W.



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I would love to see TCM give us a full and accurate schedule of upcoming shorts. Anticipation of upcoming shorts is a major factor in the overall viewing experiance. The situation where there is 'potluck' in when the shorts appear should be a thing of the past.

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Here is tomorow's schedule (Friday 10/05/06)and there is three twenty + minute breaks in between features.


7:38am-8am (22 min.gap)

9:35am-10am (25 min.gap)

9:22pm- 9:45pm (23 min.gap)


As of this writing, TCM has no listings for these time slots and there's a very good chance, a Charley Chase comedy short will may pop up, so set your recorders for these times my friends.

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For the lucky members who read this forum and live in the Los Angeles area......

"A Tribute to Charley Chase" will take place on Friday October 19th. at 7PM in Tarzana. The evening will feature films from Chase's career from 1924 thru 1940. Chase collectors will be displaying rare memorabilia, posters, lobby cards, scripts and photos and memories. The film program will feature some rare Chase films that aren't available on video. The evening is to benefit Actors For Autism, an organization dedicated to children achieving their dreams.


Reservations are required and can be made at 818-705-1600. A great opportunity to see classic Charley Chase on the big screen and to meet other Charley Chase fans.

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There are two slots this morning (Oct 6th) .....


7:37 was "Out Where the Stars Begin," which was listed in the schedule and about which I already wrote: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0293892/fullcredits#cast

There is an extensive cast listing there, but not a word about the teenage tour guide. He looks familiar, but can anyone give his name?


No shorts (just promos, etc.) after "To Be or Not to Be."

What about 9:22 last night? Anything?


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Nope, nothing last night during the 9:22pm slot, but I was surprised that TCM didn't show any shorts during those three 20 plus minute gaps yesterday.I just hope that the Charley Chase shorts will show upon the online schedule in the coming days and weeks, since I'm a huge Chase fan and getting every single short is very important to me, since Hallmark has no plans on releasing the Chase talkies on home video.

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Seriously...have you ever really stopped to think that your constant announcing that you are recording and collecting TCM's material probably caused the network to pull the plug on the MGMWBRKO postings we had hear, huh? I have written this before, but why don't you get it? If you are doing it-KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! WHY (WHY) do you need to announce it to the world that you are COLLECTING the films??? Have you any idea how much the copyright owners do NOT like to hear it? The very people who "worshiped" MGMWBRKO are probably the ones that forced him/her to go BYE-BYE. I thought this forum was to discuss the shorts themselves...not become an unofficial trading post.

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But since VCRs have been in common public usage for at least 25 years now, and TIVO, DVR and DVD technology have been in full swing for at least five or more, don't you think that someone would have to have been living on another planet not to realize what's going on?


BTW: It's mentioned way down the thread, but just for the record, Charley Chase in Skip the Maloo! (1931) followed Heroes Island.


After all this blood, sweat and tears trying to nail these Roach shorts, no doubt Hallmark will some day issue a nicely packaged DVD "Collectors Box Set" of all of them, so all of this turmoil will have been unnecessary. Heh Heh.

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I don't know if this is a factor in why the shorts are being listed at least in part in TCM's schedules and also in cable guides, but I've also noticed that short programs that are less than 30 minutes are also being listed on the TV Guide for Charter Cable for other channels as well. I've noticed it on other movie channels, along with the Disney channel, and also in pre-game and post-game shows for sports on different channels. It could be that the sources for all channels have been improved in TV listings to where they are more accurate for short programs, not just for TCM, but for other channels as well.

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