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Upcoming shorts on TCM

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My best guess would be that whoever has been posting the shorts to the schedule is either out of the office (sick or whatever) or has (God forbid) been let go/reassigned. After I finally got next week's schedule to come up (it didn't want to, for 4 tries), there are none listed.


So, unless somebody comes in over the weekend as a special thing, we won't know anything till at least sometime Monday. And, yes, there are several "appropriate" gaps before then, including around 30 minutes after the first silent tomorrow night.


I second the cry, "Come back, MGMWBRKO!" Uttered with the "Shane" pleading! This has gone from the busiest thread on the site to moribund, with so little to anticipate. And almost every short I have clicked on for info has had nearly nothing to offer - MUCH more available by going to imdb.com - shameful....


But, at least they're being shown - and where else would we go?


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After LaughingGravy gave the heads up I went to one or the other online guides where I found information for the shorts after Rollerball and The Princess and the Pirate.


The online guides I use are TVGuide.com and TVplanner.comcast.net. These need to be customized by zipcode and service. Obviously TCM is providing this information to these services.


Following Shopworn there is a listing for Angel of Mercy (1939) #5 in the JNPP series. Leonard Maltin describes this as "the story of Clara Barton. Later used virtually intact as Flag of Mercy. Originally to have been a Carey Wilson short." Maltin's description of Flag of Mercy (1942) JNPP #30, mentions this is "a reissue of Angel of Mercy with new framework footage relating it to America's involvement in World War Two."


There are no more shorts yet showing in the schedules before the Val Lewton programming.

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Angel of Mercy (1939) aired after Shopworn (which I thought was great-Shopworn that is).

The Screen Writer (1950) aired after Johnny Belinda.

Mouse In Manhattan (1945) (Tom and Jerry) aired after The Miracle of Morgan's Creek.


I'm very disappointed the short schedule isn't up.



Terry Wallace


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from titantv.com


TUE 1/15


6:00-6:15pm following THE UNFINISHED DANCE

YOU, JOHN JONES! (1943) 6:01 PM, 14 min

A World War II Civil Defense worker (James Cagney) in the U.S. imagines

how the war is impacting countries overseas and how the devastation would

affect his young daughter (Margaret O'Brien). Ann Sothern. Directed by

Mervyn LeRoy. Narrated and written by Carey Wilson.

Cast & Credits: James Cagney, Ann Sothern, Margaret O'Brien



WED 1/16


5:46-6:00pm following LONG VOYAGE HOME


Entry in the "Traveltalks" series visiting San Francisco, with stops at

the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge and the

Palace of Fine Arts, which was built for the 1915 International



9:44-10:00pm following FOOTLIGHT PARADE



THU 1/17


7:34-8:00PM following HOTEL RESERVE

HOTEL ANCHOVY (1934) 7:36 PM, 24 min

Miss Whitney's bankrupt hotel is for sale; she hires the Ritz Brothers to

keep guests in for appearance's sake. They do so and manipulate rival

bidders in slapstick fashion.

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Another thanks, EStefanik for posting these. I always look forward to You, John Jones!, and had a feeling it would be shown on O'Brien's birthday.


And thanks for the titantv.com link, Jeff. Sorry I missed it during the holiday madness. It's in my Bookmarks now.

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I know a lot of you are fanatics for shorts like myself so I thought to help some of you out by listing what shorts will be airing this week that I found on one of the online tv schedules.



Wednesday 5:50pm Cavalcade of San Francisco 10 mins 1940 TravelTalks short

Wednesday 9:45pm Impression of the Merriest Musical of 1938 15 mins 1938



Thursday 7:35pm Hotel Anchovy 25 mins 1934 - Ritz Brothers Comedy



Friday 11:30am Alice In Movieland 1940 30 minutes - Musical

Friday 1:30pm Constance Bennett's Daily Beauty Ritual 15 min`1937

Friday 5:45pm Command Performance: Strictly G.I.15 min 1943 - Lana Turner, Judy Garland, Betty Hutton, and Bob Hope

Friday 9:50pm Great Lady Has An Interview 10 min 1954

Friday Night 1:41am The Hard Guy 19 minutes 1930 - Spencer Tracy drama



Saturday 9:52am Quiet Please! 8 min 1945 - cartoon

Saturday 2:06pm On Location with Fame 24 minutes 1980

Saturday 5:45pm Things We Can Do Without 10 minutes 1953 Pete Smith Speciality

Saturday 5:55pm John Wayne Bio 5 minutes 1962

Saturday 10:07pm Tyrone Power Biography 8 min 1962

Saturday Night 2:18am Night Infantile Paralysis - Greer Garson 12 min 1944

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Since TCM is now in the midst of "30 Days of Oscar", you won't be seeing any Hal Roach shorts unless they won or were nominated for an Academy Award. Not until March, at the soonest.


They did show Laurel & Hardy's "The Music Box".

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Notice that two Dogville shorts, Hot Dog (1930) and College Hounds (1930) are included in Festival Of Shorts #7 scheduled to be shown twice in the coming days. The first showing is in the early morning hours of 3/8 between Rat Pfink and Only Angels Have Wings. The second showing is in the early morning hours of 3/11 between King Lear and Keep 'Em Rolling.

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Error in Schedule?

It looks like there may be an error in the schedule for March 24. (all times quoted in PT) The short "Dancing on the Ceiling" is scheduled at 2:03 a.m. just 18 minutes into the 92 minute feature "Dancing Lady". I would suspect that the short will run some time between 3:10 and 3:30, before "Sadie McKee" starts.


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This is just my opinion, but TCM is not very awesome when it comes to the Roach shorts. If they're still waiting on more Charley Chase shorts from Hellmark, they could at least go back to playing Thelma Todd & Pitts/Kelly or The Boy Friends while they wait. I missed ALL of those shorts because I started collecting too late for those.


And I missed the recent broadcast of the Thelma Todd/Zasu Pitts short because I stopped coming here for a while, as nothing was being played!! I love those Todd/Pitts shorts. Ugh.


> {quote:title=LaughingGravy wrote:}{quote}

> That and where did all of the short film discussion go? This thread used to be so lively.


The Roach shorts seem to get the most attention, yet TCM is playing everything but. It's been going on nearly half a YEAR now without seeing any.

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I usually look at this thread when I'm notified of new posts, but I think that the thread dried up because of two factors, when shorts began being posted in the schedules instead of here, and the shortage of Roach shorts being aired.

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Does anyone know anything about the short that ran just before A Bill of Divorcement this morning (12 May, 6:55 a.m.)?


Tiptoe Thru the Tulips (1929) was scheduled for 5:24, but Till the Clouds Roll By was still on at that time.


This one did not look or sound like Tiptoe Thru the Tulips: basically, it was a troupe of ballerinas dancing (in beautiful early color), and turning into swans (sort of) at the end.

At the very beginning, you could see a few members of the audience, in fancy dress; at the end, there was applause (black screen). No title, no credits, no nothing.


It was a "From the Vault" short.

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It appears that the ballet number was titled Tiptoe Through the Tulips. Through GoogIe found a review of the 3-disc DVD edition of *The Jazz Singer* on the DVD Movie Guide site (http://www.dvdmg.com/jazzsinger.shtml). Here is the relevant excerpt:


"Next we get *Gold Diggers of Broadway Excerpts*. The 15-second and 43-second area offers two segments of this ?lost? early talkie. We get ?Tiptoe Through the Tulips? and ?Finale?. Or we?re suppsed to see those. If you activate ?Tip Toe?, you?ll see ?Finale?, and _if you select ?Finale?, you?ll find a ballet clip from The Rogue Song._ Warner Bros. will correct this on future pressings and replace your copy if you get the wrong one."


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