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Upcoming shorts on TCM


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Well, I see some now, might as well post the info!


Tonight, (11th)After the Long, Long, Trailer at 10 PM EST

11:40pm [short Film] *Desi Arnaz And His Orchestra (1946)*

The multi-talented Desi Arnaz displays his love of music in this fun short.

BW-10 mins


12th, after the 6:00am the Big Gamble(1932)


7:04am: *Big City Fantasy* (1934)

BW-10 mins From a reviewer at IMDB...

The first 3 minutes of this Vitaphone Melody Master feature Phil Spitalny's orchestra playing popular music. The band's singer then fantasizes about her experience when she first arrived in America, looking for "Uncle Phil." As she wanders through the various ethnic neighborhoods of New York City (the Bowery; Hester Street; Mott Street; Harlem), music associated with each area is heard. She finally hears music from her homeland being played in a restaurant and is united with her relatives. Written by David Glagovsky {dglagovsky@prodigy.net}


After 8:00pm No Greater Glory* (1934)



9:22pm One Reel Wonders: *King For A Day* (1934)

BW-21 mins A Bojangles Robinson short, that has run before, and is cute


9:51pm *Fine Feathers* (1933)

C-9 mins (2 strip Technicolor???) A Pete Smith MGM Oddity Short Subject.


13th, after 2:30pm Maisie Goes To Reno


4:01pm [short Film] Short Film: One Reel Wonders: *Romantic Nevada* (1943)

C-9 mins A FitzPatrick Traveltalk



after 3:30pm Somebody Up There Likes Me


Short Film: From The Vaults: *Another Romance Of Celluloid* (1938)

A look at the movie making process and tour of studio stages.

BW-11 mins


15th(last one on the schedule as of 1:20 PM Sunday


after the 8:45am (est) Sabrina (1954)


10:45am *You, John Jones!* (1943)

John Jones (James Cagney) is on duty as air raid warden when he realizes how fortunate he is to live safely with his family while others around the world suffer from the war.

BW-10 mins

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16th AM EST after 8:30am National Velvet (1944)


10:35am [short Film] Short Film: One Reel Wonders: *Hollywood Scout* (1945)

BW-8 mins another Pete Smith short on animals



16th after the 11:00am EST film Tom Thumb (1958)



12:42pm *Wagon Wheels West* (1943)

BW-17 mins This sounds interesting, how many shorts have a murder in them??? Pretty good cast as well, Robert Shayne , Nina Foch, Charles Middleton, and Addison Richards



16th after the 2:30pm film Three Strangers (1946)


4:04pm [short Film] Short Film: One Reel Wonders: *Three On A Rope* (1938)

BW-10 mins (A Pete Smith film it appears)


16th/17th after the 12:00am est showing of Elephant Walk (1954)


1:46am [short Film] Short Film: One Reel Wonders: *Seeing Ceylon* (1953)

A tour of the British colony of Ceylon, today know as Sri Lanka. James A. FitzPatrick C-8 mins


early 17th after 2:00am movie Terror of Tiny Town, The (1938)


3:11am [short Film] Short Film: One Reel Wonders: *Three Chumps Ahead* (1934)

In this Todd/Kelly short, Thelma falls for a gentleman but Patsy has her doubts.

Cast: Thelma Todd, Patsy Kelly, Frank Moran, Eddie Phillips Dir: Gus Meins BW-19 mins


17th, After the 10:00am Big Clock, The (1948)


11:49am [short Film] Short Film: One Reel Wonders: *Story Of A Dog* (1945)

It's a dog's life in this short, man's best friend trains for the battle field and becomes a crucial part of the army.

Cast: Knox Manning BW-10 mins


17th After the 2:00pm Cat Ballou (1965)


3:50pm [short Film] Short Film: From The Vaults: *San Sebastian 1746 In 1968* (1968)

C-10 mins


17th after the 8:00pm est Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954)


9:51pm est [short Film] *Night Life In Chicago* (1948)

In this "Traveltalk," we learn about the high-lights of Chicago's night life.

Cast: James A. FitzPatrick C-9 mins


18th at 5:15am est [ Festival of Shorts #30 (2000)

TCM promotes two MGM Passing Parade informational shorts; "A Way in the Wilderness" (1940) and "Your Last Act" (1941).

C-23 mins, TV-G [Close Captioned]

5:44am [short Film] Short Film: From The Vaults: King Of The Duplicators (1968)

C-12 mins (A short on makeup artist William Tuttle)

18th/19th 12 AM EST

12:00am [silent] *Manhatta* (1921)

This silent documentary cameras capture the beauty and majesty of the New York harbor.

BW-12 mins,

12:15am [short Film] Short Film: *N.Y., N.Y*. (1957)

This experimental short chronicles a day in the life of New York City.

Dir: Francis Thompson C-15 mins, TV-G


19th after 6:00am EST] Search, The (1948)


7:45am [short Film] Short Film: One Reel Wonders: *In The Valley Of The Rhine* (1953)

This travel talk tours the Rhine River in Western Europe, stopping at various cities and attractions, including still-war-ravaged Cologne, the fertile wine country, and its proud musical heritage. This remains an interesting travel short in a recovering region, less than a decade after WWII.

Cast: James A. FitzPatrick C-8 mins


19th after the 6:00pm [Drama] Patch Of Blue, A (1965)


7:49pm From The Vaults: *Cinderella Named Elizabeth*, A (1965)

BW-7 mins (about Elizabeth Hartman)


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20th after 9:30am est John Loves Mary (1949)


11:08am [short Film] Short Film: One Reel Wonders: Capital City Washington D.C., The (1940)

An installment of James A. Fitzpatrick's Travel Talks honoring Washington D.C.

Cast: James A. FitzPatrick C-9 mins


20th After the 5:30pm est Subject Was Roses, The (1968)


7:19pm est Short Film: From The Vaults: *Pat Neal Is Back* (1968)

C-8 mins


20th after the 10:00pm est Bringing Up Baby (1938)


11:49pm *Little Maestro* (1937)

BW-11 mins (A reviewer from IMDB)A silent, little man carrying a violin case wanders into the kitchen of a swanky nightclub looking for a meal. The chef takes pity on him and convinces the nightclub's owner that the man is actually a world-famous artist. The owner insists that the man perform for his customers. That's when the fun begins.


There are a few more on the 21st, but I am out of time!!!

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Here's an update on the proposed Charley Chase Columbia shorts DVD set.


It is still supposed to come out some time this year, and contain all 20 of Chase's Columbia shorts. Two additional shorts are tentatively scheduled to be included as extras. These are the two starring comedy team Smith & Dale, directed by Chase: "A Nag in the Bag" (11-11-38) and "Mutiny on the Body" (2-10-39).

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There are several rarely shown shorts coming up on TCM, a refreshing change from the same old repeats we seem to have been seeing.


On Thursday, March 26 they have two of the Van Dine Vitaphone mystery shorts scheduled: "Murder in the Pullman" (1932) and "The Week End Mystery" (1932), both starring Donald Meek and John Hamilton. Shorts from this series used to be run on TNT occasionally, but hardly ever on TCM any more.


Also later the same day is scheduled a 1945 MGM "Miniature" one-reeler called "Little White Lie". If that's ever been on before, I never saw it. It stars child actress Sharon McManus with Marta Linden and Donald Curtis. It's actually a sequel to an MGM "Miniature" short from the year before entitled "A Great Day is Coming" but as far as I know they've never shown that one before either.


And later on Thursday we get another rare one: "Hollywood Extra" (1936) - MGM. This is another that I've never seen on TCM before, although I was told it was run once a few years ago. It is the first of two MGM shorts telling the story of starlet Jane Barnes' attempts to get into movies.


Then on Saturday, March 28 another good rare one is listed: "Soaring Stars" (1942) - MGM. This is another in the MGM "Miniatures" series in which Sally Payne and Mary Treen attend some event and we get to see guest appearances by lots of stars. In this one we meet Ruth Hussey, Joe E. Brown, Freddie Bartholomew, Jackie Cooper, Edmund Lowe, Gail Patrick, John Carroll, and others.


Thanks TCM, for the shorts. Keep the rare ones coming!

And don't forget the Hal Roach shorts.



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> {quote:title=musicalnovelty wrote:}{quote}

> On Thursday, March 26 they have two of the Van Dine Vitaphone mystery shorts scheduled: "Murder on the Pullman" (1932) and "The Week End Mystery" (1932), both starring Donald Meek and John Hamilton. Shorts from this series used to be run on TNT occasionally, but hardly ever on TCM any more.


Has TCM ever shown any of the other Van Dine shorts? I would love to see them all:


The Campus Mystery (1932)

The Crane Poison Case (1932)

Murder in the Pullman (1932)

The Side Show Mystery (1932)

The Skull Murder Mystery (1932)

The Studio Murder Mystery (1932)

The Symphony Murder Mystery (1932)

The Trans-Atlantic Mystery (1932)

The Wall Street Mystery (1932)

The Week End Mystery (1932)

The Clyde Mystery (1931)

The Cole Case (1931)


We ought to petition TCM to have a Van Dine tribute that shows all the shorts!



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Yes, the two Vitaphone S. S. Van Dine shorts that were shown yesterday on TCM were very good, as all in that series are.

I agree it would be great if TCM would run them all, or put them all out together on a DVD, but I'm not sure how many they actually have "ready" for broadcast yet. I know that all the shorts in the series do exist, but I don't recall clearly any more how many or which ones were on TNT way back when.


But now that two were just shown, maybe that's a good sign that there are more to come.


By the way, a few of the Van Dine shorts are listed as being included as extras in the new Pre-Code DVD set.

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On Sunday night, March 29 at 11:33 P.M. eastern time TCM will be showing a rarely shown (if ever shown before) short.

"I Am an American" (Warner Bros., 12-23-44) is an entry in the Vitaphone Featurette series.

The cast includes Dennis Morgan and (according to IMDb) Gary Gray, Estella Mendieta and Mary Lee Moody.


Here is a review of the short from the movie Trade Paper "The Exhibitor", November 15, 1944:


This historical short produced by Gordon Hollingshead, and written and directed by Crane Wilbur, shows the arrival in America of such foreigners as the Vikings and the Pilgrims. The film follows two Polish peasants, a boy and a girl, who become Ohio farmers, naturalized citizens. Comes the Civil War, the head of the family goes to fight for his country, and loses an arm, Years later, there is a family reunion. Six grandsons are in the war in Cuba, and only two return. These Poles become ranch owners, scientists, judges, surgeons, priests. In World War I they go to fight again. Then comes World War II, and the present generation of the Polish immigrants in war work again to take up arms. Dennis Morgan makes a rousing, stirring speech on I Am An American Day. This covers too much ground for the footage allowed, although it gets across its message of tolerance toward the foreign born. Good rating.

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The short "Soaring Stars" (MGM, released 4-25-42) was a fun ten minutes. It was shown in its original sepia color. It was another of MGM's Galaxy of Stars shorts in which Sally Payne and Mary Treen (or sometimes it was Joyce Compton) would attend an event and meet (or try to meet) all the movie stars there.


In "Soaring Stars" Sally and Mary are at Santa Anita Race Track and as usual are after autographs of the stars. Among those present are Irene Hervey, Allan Jones, Jean Parker, Richard Arlen, Bob "Bazooka" Burns, Freddie Bartholomew, John Carroll, Jackie Cooper, Bonita Granville, Ruth Hussey, Gail Patrick, Edmund Lowe, and Joe E. Brown.

There is a sub-plot going on in which Ruth Hussey has lost a valuable bracelet. Before long Sally and Mary are suspects. But all ends happily with the help of a balloon.


One thing that made this short unique was the fact that it's actually a remake of an earlier similar short. In 1934 Louis Lewyn (who produced so many of these types of shorts) produced "Hollywood Gad-About", released by Educational Pictures in which a star (Mary Astor) also loses her jewelry, and a balloon is involved.



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One of the fun and very unique things about the 1934 Educational Pictures short "Hollywood Gad-About" involves Mary Astor.

After her lost jewelry is recovered, Astor, who has played opposite some of Hollywood's most popular leading men, ends up in the final scene with a most unlikely partner... Arthur Housman!

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A tip for shorts fans:

On Saturday morning, Sept. 19 after the movie "Sons of the Desert" there will be time for a two-reel short. As of now, there is no short listed on the schedule. But many of us were caught unprepared when TCM showed the Charley Chase short "Four Parts" totally unannounced on Sept. 3. So it could happen again Saturday morning.

So stay tuned after the movie, and we could see another Chase short or other Hal Roach short. It would be the perfect spot to run a Charley Chase short after this movie, in which he also appears.

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Okay, false alarm on the possibility of a rare short after the movie "Sons of the Desert" on TCM this morning. But at least we were ready just in case. It would have been the ideal time for them to have run a Charley Chase or Laurel & Hardy short.


But did anyone catch the connection: why they showed the one they did? It was one of the early Pete Smith shorts, one of the "Sports Champions" series, called "Throttle Pushers" (released April 1, 1933, the last entry in that series). Since, when TCM programs shorts as fillers between movies they like to choose a short that has some connection to the feature either just ended or the one about to start, I think the connection that they may have been going for this time was that "Throttle Pushers" was directed by Jules White. He had nothing to do with the Three Stooges feature "The Outlaws IS Coming" but that's the movie that followed the short, and the name Jules White is certainly tied to The Three Stooges in other ways. It's hard to see any other connection between a short about auto racing and either of the movies "Sons of the Desert" or "The Outlaws IS Coming".


That short "Trottle Pushers" was actually one of the very last Jules White worked on at MGM before going over to Columbia where as they say, the rest is history.


Come on, TCM, why do you seem to be holding back on the Roach shorts? This would have been the perfect time to have shown one.

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I see they are running another SS. Van Dine mystery with Donald Meek!

*The Week End Mystery (1932)*


Running after.....

*3:45am [Romance] Tempest (1982)*


*3:58am [short Film] Short Film: Content (Short, Trailer, etc.): Week End Mystery, The (1932)*

*BW-16 mins*


E.S.T. I am pretty sure they mean 5:58 AM, not 3:58 AM.


Then several Constance Bennett films run.

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Hope one of you guys can help out! Last month in October, there was a short shown one morning; i caught it in the middle but don't know the title or who was in it. In the short, the characters were apparently trying to get rid of some unwanted visitors. They performed bizarre vignettes in order to do so: in one, a woman was heavily padded with an enormous bosom and bottom and she performed odd chicken-like movements. In another, two characters pretended to be in a rowboat and actually rowed across the carpet. The guests didn't know what to make of these strange scenes. There was also something else going on in the kitchen, where a woman and man acted out strange behavior, believing each was trying to cause harm to the other. A policeman was corralled and brought inside to clear up matters.


I hope someone can help me out on this! Thanks!

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