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Upcoming shorts on TCM

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I love those MGM shorts that showcase 'upcoming' movies. They run about 30 minutes (or longer). TCM recently showed one called "Lionpower" (for the 67-68 season) after "Pretty Maids all in a Row".


I know one was shown awhile ago, that showcased the upcoming '63-64' season. It looked as though someone was turning pages of a book. If there's a huge lull between movies, I really wish it could be shown again. I found it interesting because it advertisted 'The Cincinnati Kid' starring Steve McQueen and Spencer Tracy.


Also, I love those Hollywood Hist-o-ramas. It's like a biography in less than 3 minutes!

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Mr. Shield, I bow to you! Thank you so much. Tell me that the female dancer shown is not Miss Keeler. Perhaps she was featured in a portion of the "You Gotta Know How to Dance" number, but the section shown in Six Hits and a Miss does not feature her and was cut out of Colleen? This explains why the opening credits of Six Hits and a Miss features "The Dancing Colleens"!


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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I knew Six Hits and a Miss had to be a combination of two different performances into one. I made such a speculation on another thread.


Do you have the Beau Hunks CDs of Hal Roach music? I haven't played mine in a long time. If I remember aright this group didn't use strings.

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"Do you have the Beau Hunks CDs of Hal Roach music? I haven't played mine in a long time. If I remember aright this group didn't use strings."


I have the two-disc set of the Beau Hunk's playing Leroy Shield's music for The Little Rascals. It features:


Ilone de Groot - violin

Tineke de Jong - violin, viola

Eelco Beinema - violincello

Alida Schat - violin

Ernst Grapperhaus - violin, viola

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8/22 - 8/27, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


8/22, 9:45pm EST - "Have You Ever Wondered?"

8/24, 5:46am EST - "Twenty Years After"

8/24, 7:15am EST - "Mouse in Manhattan"

8/24, 11:03pm EST - "Beautiful Brazil"

8/25, 7:49pm EST - "Let's Sing a Song of the West"

8/25, 9:49 pm EST - "Important News"

8/26, 2:05am EST - "Batty Baseball"

8/26, 4:05am EST - "Snow Time For Comedy"

8/26, 12:34pm EST - "Gym College"

8/26, 4:10pm EST - "Will Rogers Memorial Hospital" (Cary Grant)

8/27, 6:17pm EST - "Souvenirs of Death"

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When I go to the September 15 page, I don't see a "To Be Deleted". I do notice that the genre icon is missing on many of the; and of those without the icon, there's no description to the short... Maybe it was that's what was to be deleted, and they have been now?

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8/27 - 9/1, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


8/27, 6:17pm EST - "Souvenirs of Death"

8/28, 7:39am EST - "The Stupor-visor"

8/28, 9:37pm EST - "War Mamas"

8/29, 3:39am EST - "The Hotel Anchovy"

8/29, 5:38am EST - "Spotlight"

8/29, 7:26am EST - "Love Pains"

8/29, 9:48am EST - "Visiting Italy"

8/29, 2:04pm EST - "The Car That Became a Star"

8/30, 2:24am EST - "Wedding in Monaco"

8/30, 5:16am EST - "Some of the Best - 1949"

8/30, 7:41am EST - "Blackboard Jumble"

8/30, 9:44pm EST - "Where Eagles Dare" - Featurette

9/1, 5:48am EST - "Film Fun"

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I see what you mean. When you click on Schedule, then the September icon, and then the 15th, they appear like normal. When I checked this morning though (and again just now), I clicked on Schedule, then next month, and it opened up a new window with the entire month (which is what I usually print out). That is where some of the shorts say (To Be Deleted) after their titles. I don't know why it's on one schedule but not the other, but thanks for pointing me to the alternate route. Also, some of the shorts on the full-month schedule have synopses (e.g., La Jetee) that aren't listed on the day-by-day breakdown. How strange.

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Did anyone see James Stewart in Important News (1936) last night? Charles 'Chic' Sale was the lead of this cute little short (there's info on imdb.com for anyone who's interested) and I'm somewhat surprised that Stewart was in it, uncredited, given the fact that he'd already made a couple of other films at this point.


In any case, who was the uncredited boy? It certainly looked a lot like Jackie Cooper, who would have been about the right age (13-14) to play the part. Anyone know definitively?

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Yes, I was afraid that since there are going to be a lot of shorts being aired in September, as part of the regular schedule, we'd have to fend for ourselves.


I can't tell you how great it is to see a list of shorts posted here. I have successfully tivo'ed about 95% of them. It's been a lot of fun for me to see the comedy shorts in particular.



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9/1 - 9/6, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


9/1, 5:48am EST - "Film Fun"

9/1, 6:43am EST - "MGM Jubilee Overture"

9/1, 11:14am EST - "Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra"

9/1, 1:18pm - "Cairo - City of Contrast"

9/1, 5:37pm - "Syncopated City"

9/2, 3:51am EST - "On Location: The Great Waltz '72"

9/2, 7:38am EST "A Panic in the Parlor"

9/2, 9:40am EST - "Larry Clinton and His Orchestra"

9/3, 9:47am EST - "Annie Laurie"

9/4, 1:41am EST - "1925 MGM Studios Tour"

9/4, 4:32am EST - "Nostradamus Says So"

9/4, 5:49pm EST - "Visiting St. Louis"

9/4, 7:38pm EST - "Respect the Law"

9/4, 9:34pm EST - "March on America"

9/5, 5:46am EST - "Nickelette"

9/5, 8:14am EST - "The Happy Hottentots"

9/6, 5:26am EST - "The Battle of Gettysburg"

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I discovered this message board just this morning by accident, when it showed up on a google search. I must add my 'thank you' for posting upcoming shorts on TCM. Now I won't have to check to see whether there might be time for a short subject between films.


There is a particular short I've seen a few times on TCM that I would like to know more about. It is music short "from the vaults" rather than a one-reel wonder. Steve Forrest and Richard Anderson are part of a group of press people who arrive at the home of a rich lady played by Lana Turner. She appears at the top of a staircase, and as she descends it, she sings an off-the-wall song, with the men singing as a chorus. It appears to be a test shoot that was never used in a film. Anything you could tell me about this oddity would be appreciated.

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