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Upcoming shorts on TCM


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9/13 - 9/18, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


9/13, 5:47am EST - "The Story That Couldn't Be Printed"

9/13, 7:45pm EST - "Sportsman's Memories"

9/13, 11:50pm EST - "Game Warden"

9/14, 5:35am EST - "Trial By Trigger"

9/14, 5:36pm EST - "Plan For Destruction"

9/14, 10:14pm EST - "Lion Roars Again"

9/15, 1:47am EST - "On Location with FAME"

9/15, 5:14am EST - "Goodbye Mr. Chips" (Exhibitors Preview Reel)

9/15 - 9/16, 6am - 6am (please consult the TCM program guide)

9/16, 7:33am EST - "Ladies Last"

9/16, 11:15am EST - "Home Early"

9/16, 4:15pm EST - "Challenge of Champions"

9/16, 9:37pm EST - "Give Us the Earth"

9/17, 1:46am EST - "Challenge of the Wilderness"

9/17, 3:48am EST - "Bargain Madness"

9/17, 11:38am EST - "Pony Express Days"

9/17, 7:47pm EST - "Pat Neal Is Back"

9/18, 3:50am EST - "On Location" The Great Waltz '72"

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> I have a copy of the Crime Does Not Pay short

> (fair recording).


> Here are the ones I'm looking for:


> I missed these shorts recently:


> The Old Bull (8/17)

> Beautiful Brazil (8/24)

> Cairo-City of Contrast (9/1)

> Visiting Lisbon


> Any chance you have any of these?


> Do you have TiVo or what kind of recorder are you

> using and at what speed?


> I have other Crime Does Not Pay shorts , if

> you need them.


> Thanks,


> wallace


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9/18 - 9/23, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


9/18, 3:50am EST - "On Location" The Great Waltz '72"

9/18, 9:32am EST - "Jimmy Fidler's Personality Parade"

9/18, 6:16pm EST - "Heroes at Leisure"

9/18, 10:48pm EST - "Meeting the Challenge"

9/19, 5:39am EST - "Operation Raintree"

9/20, 7:34am EST - "Darkness Into Light"

9/20, 11:18am EST - "San Sebastian 1746 in 1968"

9/20, 7:21pm EST - "The Hoaxsters"

9/21, 12:59pm EST - "The Easy Life"

9/22, 2:05am EST - "Quaint St. Augustine"

9/22, 5:33am EST - "Case of the 20% Federal Admissions Tax"

9/22, 8:50am EST - "The Grand Dame"

9/22, 1:19pm EST - "The Rainbow Pass"

9/22, 3:32pm EST - "The Nickelette"

9/22, 3:47pm EST - "Nine O'Clock Folks"

9/22, 5:42pm EST - "Hot Dog"

9/22, 7:47pm EST - "All Eyes on Sharron Tate"

9/23, 1:39am EST - "Tell-Tale Heart"

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Glad to see that "The Case Against the 20% Federal Admissions Tax On Motion Picture Theatres" (the full, corrected title) will be shown early on Friday.


For those who haven't seen it, this "From the Vaults" treasure is a snapshot of the state of the motion picture industry in the early 1950s, as seen from the exhibitors' point of view. At the time, motion picture theatres were closing at a high rate because, the exhibitors argue, theatre owners had to pay a tax on gross ticket sales, before any business expenses could be deducted.


This short (23 minutes) was made to be shown to members of a Congressional committee that was considering various changes in tax law, to persuade them that this tax was unfair. The best thing about the film is the interviews with the real hometown folks who owned and operated movie theatres in the midwest.


This film was never meant to be seen by the general public. Thanks, TCM, for exhuming it. If you can't get up at 5:30 ET, be sure to set your VCR or DVR.

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9/23 - 9/28, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


9/23, 1:39am EST - "Tell-Tale Heart"

9/24, 11:38am EST - "The Nickelette"

9/24, 1:49pm EST - "Black Cats and Broomsticks"

9/24, 8:14pm EST - "Jasper National Park"

9/25, 5:41am EST - "One Good Turn"

9/25, 9:20am EST - "Matinee Idle"

9/25, 10:47am EST - "Mashienblick"

9/25, 12:19pm EST - "Little Journeys to Great Masters"

9/25, 1:38pm EST - "Nature in the Wrong"

9/25, 5:50pm EST - "Crashing the Movies"

9/25, 7:34pm EST - "Bring 'Em Back a Wife"

9/26, 9:15am EST - "Beautiful Brazil"

9/26, 1:11pm EST - "Movie Memories #1"

9/27, 2:42am EST - "Hollywood Wonderland"

9/27, 12:20pm EST - "Aqua Antics"

9/28, 5:01am EST - "Radio Runaround"

9/28, 8:07am EST - "Chases of Pimple Street"

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Not to mention Billy Gilbert and Leon Errol...


We've wanted to know the upcoming shorts for years now and in no time at all this has become THE most followed thread on the TCM Board! Over 10,000 views and counting!




Thanks MGMWBRKO for keeping us up to date!




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Please repeat Call Her Sausage. I was able to watch it I never heard of the Taxi Boys before but I don't see this one on your list shown after Crowd Roars and please repeat the Boyfriends and Todd shorts I missed some of them and so did other veiwers. Thank You.

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Here are some shorts I would love to see:


Late Laurel and Hardy, esp. The Fixer Uppers and **** For Tat (circa 1934-35)


I have not seen these since the days of the Clark Theatre in Chicago. This theatre is mentioned in the Warren Zevon song Excitable Boy. Until the early 1970s, they ran two different films per day, every day of the year. In the days before TCM, it was a movie lover's dream.


It's unfortunate that L&H stopped making shorts, as they were the perfect medium for the team. They made many good features, but IMHO never again reached the heights of some of these later shorts.


Robert Benchley


When I was about 10, a local station used to run these. Years later, I made a special trip to MoMA just to screen The Treasurer's Report, but the copy they had was incomplete...


More Charley Chase, especially The Heckler.


The only time I ever saw The Heckler was maybe 25 years ago, when the late film historian William K. Everson screened it at the Film Center of the Art Institute of Chicago. Unless TCM can show this stuff, there's practically no way for anyone to see it.

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Good links/site for descriptions, lists of shorts. This is how I knew which ones of the Boyfriends and Todd shorts I was missing - also titles, so I could relate to the upcoming shorts lists:


>> http://www.vitaphone.org/taxiboys'>http://www.vitaphone.org/taxiboys'>http://www.vitaphone.org/taxiboys'>http://www.vitaphone.org/taxiboys <<


>> http://www.vitaphone.org/chase <<


>> http://www.vitaphone.org/todd <<


>> http://www.vitaphone.org/boyfriends <<


And, of course, you can get to that home page >> http://www.vitaphone.org << for all sorts of information.


Hope this helps all y'all as much as it has been helping me!!


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The Vitaphone site has helped me enormously in compiling studio filmographies. Too bad the guy never responds to e-mail. Several of the links on his site all take you to the same page, so you can't access the lists for some shorts' series. But the information that's there is extremely helpful. I only wish he went past the pre-code years.

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Who said he was underrated? It's more like he was simply unknown.


Out of the vast number of shorts made in the 20s, 30s and 40s, only a small fraction were ever shown on television. When you get beyond the Three Stooges or Laurel and Hardy (both of whom Chase worked with), you'd hardly know these films even existed.


Chase was extremely inventive... I hope TCM eventually shows the shorts he made for other studios besides Roach. The Heckler, one of his last, is fantastic, but outside of a small number of film buffs, nobody's seen it since 1940.

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9/28 - 10/3, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


9/28, 5:01am EST - "Radio Runaround"

9/28, 8:07am EST - "Chases of Pimple Street"

9/29, 9:10am EST - "Infantile Paralysis - Greer Garson"

9/30, 4:46am EST - "Weekend in Hollywood"

9/30, 11:13am EST - "Hollywood Hist-O-Rama: W.C. Fields"

9/30, 1:42pm EST - "Along the Cactus Trail"

9/30, 3:36pm EST - "Paree, Paree"

9/30, 5:37pm EST - "Pastoral Panoramas"

10/1, 1:51am EST - "Flea Circus"

10/1, 6:34am EST - "Oliver! - Featurette"

10/1, 4:03pm EST - "MGM Jubilee Overture"

10/2, 1:15pm EST - "Woody Herman and His Orchestra"

10/2, 4:26pm EST - "Slapsie Maxie's"

10/2, 6:48pm EST - "Victory Quiz"

10/2, 7:50pm EST - "Bubbles"

10/3, 5:32am EST - "The City of Little Men"

10/3, 7:52pm EST - "Ryan's Daughter - Featurette"

10/3 9:37pm EST - "The Sky Divers"

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Underrated, unknown... one thing's for certain: Charley Chase was a brilliant comedian. Chases of Pimple Street ranks right up there with Laurel & Hardy's shorts.


The point about his movies not ever having a presence on television is a good one.

If they had, he'd be much better known today.

He's amazing in that both his silent work and his talkies were outstanding.


Looking forward to seeing more.

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The only way I knew of Charley Chase were his appearances in L&H films. I knew by way of that he had a career but if he wasn't on TV you didn't see him. I wish, if possible, they could be listed in the regular schedule like they have done with L&H. If we don't stumble on him we may not get to see any of them.


I just discovered in the L&H book I'm reading he even directed some L&H shorts. He did it under the name of Charles Parrott.

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I agree his lack of exposure on TV didn't help, however, like I said, he never settled on one definitive character like L & H, Chaplin etc. In any event, it's great know his work is being acknowledged by TCM. His shorts along with Thelma Todd's, Taxi Boys, Boyfriends hopefully being released on dvd someday are the holy grail on my desired dvd list. Boxed sets with involvement by Leonard Maltin would be a godsend!!!

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