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I dig Chase, but am nevertheless conscious of his possible shortcomings (i.e. his possible bigotry), and it gives me pause . . .


There is a scene in one of his films in which, at one point, he is regarding another character as trying to bilk him, and Chase's character does this subtle bit whereby he delibrately evidences to the audience that he is is suddenly cognisant of the haggler's intent and notes the antagonist's profile (i.e. the fact that he has a large a nose and is, presumeably, therefore, Jewish) to the audience, and makes a concluding expression of something-along-the-lines-of: yep! it figures! since he's a Jew!


But Times are what they were (are), so I dismiss accordingly.



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I guess I must have been one of the lucky ones - re: Charlie Chase on tv. One of the Columbia (SC) stations back in the early '60s played Charlie Chase, Harry Langdon (yes!), and Andy Clyde - maybe others. I don't remember now whether they were Saturday mornings or after school, or what - hey, I was 12 or so at the time! - but I DO remember being tickled to death. This was in the day when "Yum Yum Eat-em-up!" was (unapologetically - who knew better?) a favorite expression of all of us kids (from the Borneo short of Little Rascals) and BEFORE the Three Stooges had much tv presence.


After all, I still remember seeing Bowery Boys (at night when my parents went with me, I think) and Three Stooges at the local picture palace, on Saturday mornings at least. We lived three blocks from downtown, and I probably saw movies 2-3 times a week. 25 cents to get in, 10 cents for popcorn (or candy bar, milk duds, caramel cremes, etc.), and 15 for a coke.


It's mind-boggling today to think what 8-10 year olds could do on their own in a mid-sized Southern town back then. As I PM'd Jack B the other day, we lived (in 1960) almost like Our Gang did in those shorts from the (early) '30s - we played anywhere on the block, with any of the other kids, and showed up at suppertime: Everything was cool, and no parents ever heard of worrying. And we probably got some of our fun ideas from those very Our Gang shorts - certainly in those early sound ones (never saw any silents until recently) they knew what real kids were like!


It really had not occurred to me that there was a generation (or two, three?!) who grew up not seeing those. On the other hand, I'd never heard of The Taxi Boys or The Boy Friends until this summer, here on TCM. Try to find a copy of Maltin's The Great Movie Comedians. I hope it's available, or that it will come out again. Mine is paperback from 1982 - ISBN: 0-517-54606X; I had a hardback copy I foolishly sold. He also put out Movie Comedy Teams and The Great Movie Shorts, which I don't have and should hunt for, but Chase, Langdon, Stooges, L&H and a whole bunch more are in the one I have. Happy hunting!

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10/3 - 10/8, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


10/3, 5:32am EST - "The City of Little Men"

10/3, 7:52pm EST - "Ryan's Daughter - Featurette"

10/3, 9:37pm EST - "The Sky Divers"

10/4, 1:42pm EST - "Water Wisdom"

10/4, 6:19pm EST - "World Famous Musical Hits"

10/5, 8:49am EST - "The Fighting 69 1/2th"

10/5, 3:36pm EST - "Give Us the Earth"

10/5, 5:48pm EST - "Portrait of an Actor"

10/5. 7:55pm EST - "Present With a Future"

10/6, 2:32am EST - "She Was An Acrobat's Daughter"

10/6, 7:47am EST - "A Penny A Peep"

10/6, 5:35pm EST - "Hot Spot"

10/6, 7:44pm EST - "Musical Masterpieces"

10/7, 4:33am EST - "Sea Spiders"

10/7, 7:34am EST - "Neighborhood House"

10/8, 12:03pm EST - "Meeting the Challenge"

10/8, 11:24pm EST - "The Future Is Now"

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Please, never ever leave TCM.

You have a devoted following here.


Among the new treasures coming up

for Chase fans, set your recorders for:

the very last Charley Chase short for Roach,

_Neighborhood House_.


10/7, 7:34am EST - "Neighborhood House"


If you've not yet visited

Yair Solan's Charley Chase site,

make a fast move over there and read more

about Charley, including notes on the

evolution of _Neighborhood House_

from feature film back to short subject.





For those who would like to let RHI know there's

interest in DVD releases of Charley Chase's sound

shorts, Yair includes a link for us to use:



Here's an enthusiastic viewer review

of _Neighborhood House_, at:



And a nice appreciation of Charley Chase

by John Larrabee at:


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The story I've been able to piece together on the Chase feature is as follows... The Hal Roach studios wanted to phase out of shorts around 1936 (as they did with Laurel and Hardy). Chase filmed a short feature, with a working title of It Happened One Bank Night.


Bank Night was some sort of trademark. As one history page notes:


The Depression era motion picture theatrical promotion know as "Bank Night" began in Delta's Egyptian Theater. Created by Charles Yaeger to stimulate lagging theater attendance, the first Bank Night occurred at the Egyptian Theater in March of 1933. Within four years the promotion, in which cash prizes were awarded to theater patrons, spread to movie theaters across America.


Apparently, Roach tried to get permission to use the name but couldn't. so, the 59 minute short feature was edited down to a 2-reeler. As the short is said to be brilliant, I seriously doubt the canard that it bombed in previews.


It may also be true that the studio didn't think Chase could carry a feature- few comedians could, and even L&H's features are in general not as good as their shorts.

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10/8 - 10/13, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


10/8, 12:03pm EST - Meeting the Challenge

10/8, 11:24pm EST - The Future Is Now

10/9, 9:49am EST - Rambling Around Radio Row #1A (Ramon & Rosita)

10/9, 7:38pm EST - Arabian Tights

10/9, 9:47pm EST - Seeing Hands

10/10, 1:19am EST - Glimpses of Florida

10/10, 3:41am EST - Inflation

10/11, 3:49am EST - Filmmaking On the Riviera

10/11, 6:02am EST - Movie Album #1

10/11, 9:40pm EST - A Thrill For Thelma

10/12, 3:03am EST - 42nd Street Special

10/12, 7:33am EST - Nurse To You!

10/12, 11:38am EST - Good Morning, Eve!

10/12, 1:36pm - EST - Phantoms, Inc.

10/12, 3:27pm EST - Heart to Heart

10/13, 5:39am EST - Duck Soup to Nuts

10/13, 5:56am EST - American & British War Heroes to Visit L.A.

10/13, 9:44pm EST - Black Cats And Broomsticks

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Regarding _Neighborhood House_,

which airs on TCM early on Saturday, 10/7:


Chase biographer Brian Anthony

[in Scarecrow Press' _Smile When the Raindrops

Fall: The Story of Charley Chase_ (1998),

well worth interlibrary loaning as

well as purchasing for your collection]



"The film was extensively previewed during April, 1936, and

Roach ordered some cuts. The final version came in at

55 minutes, and trade reviews were good to excellent.

Only _Variety_ panned the film....


... Distributors, many of whose theaters had their own

bank nights, did not find the implications humorous.

Any suggestion that their contests were rigged would have

to be eliminated. They let Roach know fast, and he

capitulated. The film was cut by 40 minutes. Much of what

is left is from the first three reels.... [t]he picture was so

hastily cut that a dialogue sequence featuring Charley and

Harry Bowen simply had a chunk of footage removed

from the middle, creating an awkward jump cut. The gangsters

were eliminated, as well as the free-for-all that ended the

original film. The title was changed to the more geneirc

_Neighborhood House_, and references to bank night were

played down in the advertisements. But even then theaters

didn't want to show it.


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Gee, three Charley Chase shorts in 5 days!


Saturday, 10/7, 7:34am EST ?

Charley Chase?s _Neighborhood House_ (1936)

with Rosina Lawrence & Darla Hood.

Charley?s farewell at the Roach lot.


Monday, 10/9, 7:38pm EST ?

Charley Chase?s _Arabian Tights_ (1933)

with Muriel Evans.

Charley in the desert.


Monday, 10/9, 9:47pm EST -

_Seeing Hands_ ,

a good WWII Pete Smith short from the 1943

period about a lifelong blind man?s

ability to be self-sufficient.


Tuesday, 10/10, 1:19am EST -

_Glimpses of Florida_,

a FitzPatrick Travel Talk


Wednesday, 10/11, 9:40pm EST -

_A Thrill For Thelma_,

not a Todd short

but a 1935 _Crime Does Not Pay_ entry

with Irene Hervey and Robert Livingston.

The third short in the series, directed by Edward Cahn.


Thursday, 10/12, 7:33am EST ?

Charley Chase?s _Nurse To You!_ (1935)

with Muriel Evans, Billy Gilbert and Clarence Wilson.

Charley?s been given 6 months to live.


Thursday, 10/12, 1:36pm - EST -

_Phantoms, Inc._ (1945),

a _Crime Does

Not Pay_ entry on phony spiritualists.


Friday, 10/13, 5:56am EST -

_American & British War Heroes to Visit L.A._,

which sounds intriguing.

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I definitely appreciate the shorts listings being added, but I'd like to make a suggestion. I'd like to see more information on the actors or characters that are in the shorts for those of us who might not recognize a short just by the title. Also if the shorts are cartoons, it would help if you told if it was Looney Tunes, MGM, etc. and what characters are in them. Thanks!

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> I am wondering if there is a way to find out the next

> time the Chuck Workman "100 Years at the Movies"

> short will be aired. It's one of my favorites and I

> ALWAYS seem to catch only the last half of it, by

> accident.


I second that emotion! MGMWBRKO? Anyone?

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Seeing the Charley Chase talkies the past couple of weeks, has been wonderful to see and TCM has given Chase excellent exposure the past couple of years, so TCM has been great for Charley.


I do hope on the next schedule, that TCM, shows some "Taxi Boys"(and of course, more Chase) two reelers, since they only showed one so far.

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> I do hope on the next schedule, that TCM, shows some

> "Taxi Boys"(and of course, more Chase) two reelers,

> since they only showed one so far.


Seems you musta missed a couple -


9/23 - The Taxi Boys - Call Her Sausage 1933

9/25 - The Taxi Boys - Bring'Em Back A Wife 1933

10/6 - The Taxi Boys - Hot Spot 1932

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