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Upcoming shorts on TCM


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Shorts that aired last night were -


Manhattan Monkey Business (1935) - Charley Chase


When Charley can't pay his bill at a restaurant, he is forced to become a waiter.



One Live Ghost (1936) - Leon Errol and featuring Lucille Ball as a maid!


Leon pretends he's dead to see how his family reacts to his untimely demise.



The New Audioscopiks (1938) - Pete Smith


A follow up look at 3-D motion pictures... (It's in black and white)



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I've only recorded "Bring 'Em Back a Wife" which aired recently thus far. I have all the Our Gang and L& H shorts. I'm trying to amass ALL the remaining Roach sound comedies, but the shorts I MUST have are any with Thelma Todd except: Whispering Whoopee, Chickens Come Home, Another Fine Mess, Unaccustomed As We Are, Hot Money, Top Flat, The Soilers, The Old Bull, Strictly Unreliable, Alum and Eve & On The Loose. Hellmark could certainly make all our lives easier and release all these in box sets. They'd make a fortune., however a Grand Shiek from one of the Sons of the Desert tents in CT told me they only bought the Roach library as a write off and has no plans to release these. What a DAMN shame!

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Thanks to TODDFAN and krazykat for the alerts (though I missed Friday's Charley Chase short, drat.)


Paging Mr. MGMWBRKO ... paging Mr. MGMWBRKO ... we need ya!


In response to a post in this thread requesting more information about the shorts

being listed: let's not get greedy. Be thankful that the times and titles are posted

and look up description, actor/actress info. on the IMDb.

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Yeah, color me disappointed too. I?d checked here for the schedule Friday and early Saturday but didn?t have time to do my own search and destroy mission. And of course I took one right below the belt (two in fact!). That?s what I get for my lack of extra effort, but heck there are so many times that TCM has a 20 minute gap between features only to leave me sitting there like a fool with remote in hand as they repeat the ?This Month? news, a ?TCM on?? star promo, and other miscellaneous previews. Oh well. TCM already consumes 23? hours of my day, if I really want to catch all the shorts I guess I?ll have to go 24.


What makes these two recent misses so painful is that they were exactly what I was working on this weekend ? grouping ?same subjects? together. I just finished transferring the Leon Errol shorts Good Morning, Eve! and Radio Runaround so that One Live Ghost would have fit in nicely. Likewise, I was trying to corral all the Charley Chase shorts shown recently and now I?ve missed Manhattan Monkey Business. As a wraparound to Cartoon Alley I did get the Pete Smith short The New Audioscopiks, which I can now bundle with two other Petie?s ? Audioscopiks and Third-Dimensional Murder (recorded some years ago) which TCM actually broadcast in real red-blue 3-D (I couldn?t believe my luck that day!). While I already had the Edward G.-based Thugs With Dirty Mugs WB cartoon, I did capture the Bars and Stars short (though I may end up granting it parole under the ?only catch what you can eat? credo ? hey, can?t keep everything). Thanks to Yancey for letting us know what we?ve been missing, although I?m wondering if in some ways I might not be better off remaining in the dark. Ouch!



By the way, Yancey, just a separate acknowledgement for your great ?Book of Lists? (so to speak), found somewhere among these threads some time ago, in which you detail all the various ?Star Stories?, ?Word of Mouth?, ?What A Character?, and other TCM episodes. This little shorts hunting and tracking must seem like child?s play to you for those lists really took some doing. Nice going! Thanks for sharing and keeping us all on the beam.

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busterchaney -


It's my pleasure... I cross over into the area of perhaps having too much time on my hands some days.


I'd be curious of where my collection would be if there had been tivo 25 years ago! - I'd probably have everything by now.


The shorts have always intrigued me, I think, because they've never been in the schedule. I've been surprised how many times over the course of several months the same shorts show up and some which haven't been seen in years - like the 3-D Pete Smith short you mentioned.


Still I get a kick out of every new short I see, along with all the great rarities from the 20's and 30's that will most likely be buried for years after airing. I can tell you two Bogart films that haven't been aired in at least three years - Isle of Fury (1936) and Big City Blues (1932) yet we've seen some of his better known pictures over and over. Makes me wonder when they will be seen. If that's the case when will we ever see some of the shorts that have been aired and missed.


If TCM airs a short and no one is there to watch it... You get the idea!


Keep smiling -



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If everyone keeps advertising the fact that they are recording and collecting these shorts, this thread may soon die a premature death, just as I fear TCM will become a premium channel because everyone keeps posting on these boards about their vast collections of recorded full-length DVD's. Technically, tain't legal. Just a hunch.

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patful -


Do you honestly think anyone involved in broadcasting isn't aware people are recording their material for later viewing? It's only been going on since, oh I don't know, 30 years? Since the first home recording equipment?


What do you think we're supposed to do with DVR's, TIVO's, Video Recorders?


If TCM and other stations were concerned about people recording their material don't you think they'd have stopped the companies that make them by now?


It's not the recording of it that's illegal it's reselling of it that's illegal and no one here is doing that. If they stop letting us know what shorts are coming up we can still figure out when they'll be shown the old fashioned way by looking at the TCM Guide and figuring out the missing time between features.


I've got a hunch too - that employees of TCM record material off the television to keep and watch at a later time like the rest of us.




Message was edited by:


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I tried to post these on Friday and Saturday, but Turner was having Network problems on it's internal computer system. I have come in on my day off (Sunday) to get these posted.


10/14 - 10/19, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:



10/13, 9:44pm EST - Black Cats And Broomsticks

10/14, 7:36am EST - Manhattan Monkey Business

10/14, 9:37am EST - One Live Ghost

10/14, 11:17am EST - The New Audioscopiks

10/14, 11:50pm EST - Thugs With Dirty Mugs

10/15, 4:48am EST - Bars and Stripes

10/15, 3:50pm EST - Around The World, Under the Sea (Featurette)

10/16, 1:33am EST - Movie Mania

10/16, 7:38am EST - Traffic With The Devil

10/16, 9:37pm EST - Changing of the Guard

10/17, 1:48pm EST - The Million Dollar Nickel

10/17, 9:51pm EST - Safety Second

10/18, 5:34am EST - Alaska Lifeboat

10/18, 9:36am EST - Mischa Elman: Humoresque

10/18, 1:33pm EST - Cash Stashers

10/18, 9:33pm EST - Women in Hiding

10/19, 3:36am EST - Mr. Blabbermouth

10/19, 7:17am EST - The Courtship of the Newt

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Yancey, I know everyone records for future viewing, I do it myself. That's legal, but is the collecting? Not sure. But if everyone records and keeps literally everything TCM shows, what's their incentive for keeping TCM once they finally have the entire library recorded? None. TCM and others sell DVD's to make money. They can make more money by making this a premium service. I'm ever fearful that they will. As for nobody selling TCM recordings, check eBay sometime for movies that have never been released on VHS/DVD, and only TCM shows, they're everywhere. And many people on these boards, usually newcomers, post offers through PM's to buy recordings that they've missed. Someone offered me money for a movie a few months ago, but I had already recorded over it. Would I have sold it or a copy? Not a chance. Where's my gold star, TCM? ;-) It just seems to me that more and more people here are talking about their collections, and if I owned the rights to the films, I'd get pretty upset. Hopefully they won't.


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I second that -- thanks, MGMWBRKO!


As for people collecting movies aired on TCM: I think if it's restricted to private use,

it's OK, or at least ethical. But as soon as selling or trading tapes/ DVD's comes into play, it's a problem. It's not really right and no one who enjoys classic movies should ever take a jewel like TCM for granted.


If it ever came to it, though, TCM is the only channel I'd gladly pay for.

Nothing could replace it.

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I hope thet show Nagger's Day of rest and Nagger Breakfast.. I only saw part of Day of Rest but I went to IMDB and they said the actor was the one who wrote Shine On Harvest Moon.She I think it would be a good compainion piece. I don't think you could record every movie on TCM because they have Premieres on one of The message boards they said they were restoring a Ginger Rogers movie I don't recall the name and others saw they'll always be movie not seen for a while. Plus with Blu-Ray who knows. I do like this forum. I do hope they keep replaying the same shorts. I know they had Todd's Bargain Of the Century but I missed the end but someone mentioned it in another forum but didn't know it was shown .So hopefully they'll either put them on DVD or replay them because you can tell how people are disappointed by missing them.I know this is the wrong forum but I wish TCM would show all movies at least twice which are not avaliable for purchase.I prefer the rare one. Remember London After Midnight the prolouge said the last print was destroyed in the 60's to bad nobody thought to make copies because now it's lost.I think TCM should show more lost (undiscovered)gems.Actually why did they keep showing Casablanca ect. People won't buy the DVDs if they can just record it themselves so I wish they'd show movies that aren't on DVD but this is the wrong forum for that discussion.

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Concerning if recording programs on TV is legal, there was a case called the "Betamax case" that went before the Supreme Court in 1984 in which they ruled that home recording for personal use is legal. The movie industry fought it at the time, but if it hadn't happened the home video industry very well might not have happened.


Something else to think about is that many of the shorts that TCM carries mat NEVER be released on DVD, and may only be shown once or very rarely. If we don't record them, we may never see them again.

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Before cable TV and home video, people had practically no opportunities to see any of these early movies.


There were some Laurel and Hardy shorts on TV, and of course the Three Stooges have always been shown, but not too many others. I saw some Benchley shorts on a local station about 40 years ago, and haven't seen them since.


The only reason I ever saw even ONE Chase short (The Heckler) more than 20 years ago, is that the late William K. Everson screened it at the Art Istitute of Chicago's film center.


Around 1981, some Keaton silents were screened in NY at a film festival. I ran into Gene Siskel somewhere and asked him if there was any chance these would be shown in Chicago. He simply shrugged his shoulders and said, "I doubt it, since there's really nowhere for them to play."


When I wanted to see the 1928 Benchley short The Treasurer's Report, I had to make a special visit to the Museum of Modern Art in NY, where they screened it for me. Even then, the print they trotted out wasn't complete.


There are still films I have only seen once, decades ago, at film festivals or at Chicago's late, lamented Clark Theater. Home video, DVDs and TCM are a godsend for anyone interested in old movies.

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...there was a case called the "Betamax case" that went before the Supreme Court in 1984 in which they ruled that home recording for personal use is legal.


Yes, there was, and it's still valid. BUT --- that refers to our taping (DVD-ing) for our OWN use, to watch later, etc. It is NOT legal to make a copy for someone else, whether free or sold. There was (later) a Senate committee hearing in which "Ol' Strom" - if you have to ask, you're just TOO young! - and Jack Valente (ditto), regarding lending your copy to someone, neighbor or such, to watch. Valente basically was left sputtering.....


So, play it safe here, please. Any "negotiations" should be through PM's, not on these screens. And you might visit any film shows - even if their titles seem not your particular genre of filmdom - as there is ALL sorts of memorabilia to be found at these. One such in the near future is the Western North Carolina Film Fair near Asheville (right on I-40) the second week in November. Check them out online.

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10/19 - 10/19, All times Eastern, approximate and subject to change:


10/19, 7:17am EST - The Courtship of the Newt

10/20, 9:45am EST - Porky's Cafe

10/20, 2:32pm EST - Four Star Boarder

10/20, 7:50pm EST - Black Cats and Broomsticks

10/20, 9:04pm EST - Magic on a Stick

10/20, 11:47pm EST - All Eyes On Sharron Tate

10/21, 1:41am EST - Poltergeist (Featurette)

10/21, 7:40am EST - Vaudeville Reel #1

10/21, 9:48am EST - Things We Can Do Without

10/22, 2:02am EST - Pest Control

10/22, 10:48am EST - From Liverpool to Stratford

10/22, 5:40pm EST - Coffins on Wheels

10/23, 1:47am EST - Goofy Movies #6

10/23, 4:50am EST - How To Train a Dog

10/23, 7:21am EST - Sunday Round-Up

10/23, 11:48pm EST - Hollywood Scout

10/24, 7:38am EST - City of Little Men

10/24, 5:47pm EST - A Really Important Person

10/25, 6:03am EST - Desert Regatta

10/25, 9:48am EST - Take a Cue

10/25, 3:48pm EST - La Gazza Ladra

10/25, 7:38pm EST - Tell-Tale Heart

10/26, 5:34am EST - Hollywood Goes To Town

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